A lip-filler doctor recalls some of her most unusual requests, including treating a male who attempted to expand his penis with Vaseline injections and then treating an infected Lip EXPLODING from ‘rotten fish-smelling’ pus

  • An anonymous UK lip-filler doctor revealed her most bizarre requests
  • Remember how the patient’s infected lips ‘exploded’ from fish-smelling pus 
  • Many claim to treat clients under the age of 18 and others use the same needle for different clients

A lip filler doctor has revealed some of her ‘weirdest’ requests – from treating a guy who had used Vaseline to inject it into his penis to an infected lip exploding ‘rotten fish’ smelling pus over her top.

The anonymous doctor, from the UK, who claims an injector on London’s Harley Street can make over £100,000 a year, admitted that she’s often questioned what some people are doing to themselves. 

Recalling one particular occasion where she put a tiny needle into a patient’s infected lip, she told Refinery 29 UK: ‘The patient was in severe pain and the infection was draining from the cheek area, so this whole mass of infected filler was trapped in her face right down to the lip.’

“As soon as I put the needle in, it popped up and exploded. It literally exploded on top of my head and bit on my chin. Fortunately, it was far from my mouth. The pus was mixed with old filler and it left behind a white paste-like substance. 

An anonymous lip filler doctor, from the UK, has revealed some of her 'weirdest' requests - from treating a guy who had used Vaseline to inject it into his penis to an infected lip exploding 'rotten fish' smelling pus over her top. Pictured, stock image

The UK’s anonymous cosmetic surgeon has spoken out about some of the most unusual requests she receives. This includes treating a male patient who used Vaseline for injections into his penis, and treating infected lips that explode with rotten fish-like pus. Stock image

However, despite the nauseating procedure that smelled of “rotten fish”, the expert stated her client felt relieved because she was out of pain immediately. 

After reading an article online claiming Vaseline could increase the size of his penis, the lip-filler doctor explained to her that this was her worst experience. 

The professional, who was shown the lumps on the patient’s intimate area, told how the skin was an ‘absolute state’ and had expanded due to the Vaseline which was stuck in the tissue and reacting to it.

“Partially it had been infected while part of it had died, so it was dying,” she said. He said that he believed the skin tissue had been bruised, but was actually dying. Another odour was evident in the surrounding area. He was taken to hospital immediately.

She also acknowledged that clients do turn her away “a lot” and referred to one adult entertainer who demanded that Cupid be taken off of her lips. 

The expert said that the woman would like her top lip to be as full as a doll. But she refused, because that is against her policy.

The professional revealed how some lip filler doctors treat under 18s and even use the same needle on different clients. Pictured, stock image

A professional shared how many lip-filler doctors treat patients under the age of 18 and used the same needle to treat different clients. Image taken from a stock photo

The doctor of lip fillers wanted to emphasize the dark side of beauty and revealed that many injectors will work with under-18s.

Even telling how she asked the mother of one daughter if she would book her for lip filler, she claimed that she became defensive after she received a clear ‘no’.

According to the expert, some people may use fake products. 

Elsewhere, she told how she has often seen sex in exchange for treatments on Harley Street and remembered how she was once propositioned herself.

The client asked her if she knew of any other payment options, and she told her that she had come to an agreement with the last doctor who did lip fillers. 

The lip filler doctor, who has celebrity clientele, also recalled how she was once left gobsmacked after being contacted by a star’s agent who revealed their fee was  £8,000.

The idea that celebrities would have to be paid for their services was laughable and she confirmed to her assistant that they were turned away. But she said that A-listers don’t have the same cheeky nature and will often prepay or send Christmas cards.