Gary Lineker asks David Beckham about his lucrative World Cup agreement with Qatar

David Beckham is facing renewed pressure over his lucrative World Cup deal with Qatar after Gary Lineker blasted the desert kingdom’s woeful human rights record.

Lineker slammed the dictatorship in a clear attack. 

Beckham was asked about his decision to be a cultural ambassador in the Emirate, which is known for persecuting gay and trans persons, but he said that it wasn’t something he would do, but that it’s his business.

David Beckham is facing renewed pressure over his lucrative World Cup deal with Qatar after Gary Lineker blasted the desert kingdom's woeful human rights record

David Beckham faces renewed scrutiny over his lucrative World Cup agreement with Qatar. Gary Lineker has criticized the poor human rights record of Qatari desert kingdom.

The BBC Match Of The Day broadcaster stated that Qatar would never buy him at any cost. “Will you do anything for Qatar during the World Cup?” Absolute not. I would not accept any payment they want.

Beckham’s intervention will strike a blow. Beckham was last month challenged by Amnesty International for his opinion on the “deeply concerning” situation in Qatar. This country also discriminates against women, migrant workers, and other minorities. Ironically, Beckham and the duo teamed up together in 2009, to help launch England’s unsuccessful bid to host 2018 World Cup. Russia was the winner.

Beckham (46) is not the only prominent figure in football who has been criticised for being silent. 

Despite entreaties from human rights groups, players including England captain Harry Kane – who has supported campaigns against homophobia and racism – have so far resisted calls to publicly condemn the abuses. 

Lineker and other TV pundits have also been invited to participate in the coverage of Lineker’s finals, which will last for a month. Gary Neville is likely to be ITV’s pundit. He turned down an opportunity by The Mail on Sunday. 

Neville, however, discussed Qatar’s neighbor Saudi Arabia on last week’s podcast. Saudi Arabia is ruled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who chairs the group responsible for taking over Newcastle United.

Neville highlighted the country’s “terrible” human rights record and pointed out that there is a gay man in Saudi Arabia currently being held. Neville added, “They have to make these things better as part of their transition into English football.”

Neville (46 years old) also recommended that the Premier League, UK Government and the UK Government ‘get around’ the table to make sure Saudis are treated ‘properly’. He didn’t mention Qatar however.

Beckham was the subject of widespread criticism after MoS published details about a number of meetings that he attended in Qatar. The MoS also revealed promotional footage.

Lineker (60), said yesterday in an interview that he knew it was corrupt when he awarded Qatar the World Cup. Although we shouldn’t go, it is happening.

“Will you support Qatar World Cup? They’re violating too many of the fundamental human rights.