After being attacked by a group of balaclava-clad youths with a hammer, a gay couple said that they were afraid to again hold hands in public after their terrifying experience.

Ryan Winnard, 21, and his boyfriend Max Green, 18, were approached by the gang of men in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, at around 8.15pm on Tuesday.

They hurled homophobic remarks at the couple while they were holding hands. Then they attacked them and tried to leave.

Max got hit in the Ryan was punched on the back of Ryan’s head. In the horrible attack, a hammer was used to smash into your body.

Ryan Winnard (pictured), 21, and his boyfriend Max Green, 18, were attacked by a gang of balaclava-clad men in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, at around 8.15pm on Tuesday

Ryan Winnard, 21, and Max Green (18), were both attacked in Radcliffe by a group of men wearing balaclavas on Tuesday at 8.15pm.

Ryan from Salford suffered a severe injury to his nose, and also a cracked cheekbone. Max sustained a serious injury to the top of his head.

Ryan shared his thoughts about the incident: “Me and boyfriend were on our way home from Grandparents and we heard some lads walking by.”

‘We were holding hands and they started shouting over at us calling us f*****s and gay boys.

“We walked on as if we didn’t intend to start any conflict with them.

“Before it was even known, we saw about five to six young men in balaclavas running towards us.”

“They attacked us and started punching, kicking, and hitting us in the knees with their hammers. 

Max was hit in the back of the head while Ryan was punched and attacked with a hammer in the horrific assault. Pictured: Ryan's injuries after the attack

Ryan, from Salford, suffered a broken nose and a fractured cheek bone (pictured) from the terrifying attack, while Max suffered a deep abrasion to his head

Max received an injury to his back from Ryan, who punched Max with a stick and then attacked him with the hammer. Ryan sustained a fractured cheekbone (pictured right and left).

After the terrifying ordeal, Ryan and Max (both pictured) do not think they will ever be able to hold hands in public again

Ryan and Max, both pictured above), don’t believe they will ever again be able hold hands in public.

Ryan said that a number of their items, including a mobile phone, their bank cards, keys and a Canada Goose coat, were stolen in the attack.

He said, “I remember them telling Max that he should empty his pockets. They then came over to me and beat us up for our Canada Goose jacket.

They then stole my purse, key, bags, shoes, bank cards and keys.

Ryan claimed that he called 911 shortly after, but it took more than 2 hours before emergency personnel responded.

Ryan stated, “I called the police and ambulances and waited around for more than 2 hours.”

“It’s one those occasions where you could be laying on your back, unable to stand up.

“They have been great, but not when we were in need of them.”

The couple aren’t sure if they will be able hold hands again in public after the ordeal. 

Ryan stated, “I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to ever walk around Radcliffe again.” It’s unlikely that I will ever again be able, in public, to grasp my partner’s hand.

“I shouldn’t have to be afraid of my boyfriend holding my hand.

Ryan (pictured) said that a number of their items, including a mobile phone, their bank cards, keys and a Canada Goose coat, were stolen in the attack

Ryan (pictured) stated that several of their personal items were stolen during the attack, which included a cellphone, their bank cards keys, and Canada Goose coat.

“It is one of those unexpected things you didn’t think could happen, but it did.”

Ryan, who shared details about the attack through social media said he was overwhelmed with the response.

He explained that his mother was shocked to hear about the tragedy. 

“I am overwhelmed by all the help we have received. Everybody is just trying to help us.

Greater Manchester Police said they were notified of a robbery on Tuesday at 8.25pm.

According to a spokesperson for the force, “Enquiries revealed that around five to six men, dressed in balaclavas approached two male victims before attacking them. Then, they stole their property, including a telephone.”

According to the report, “The men also suffered verbal abuse from this group.” Investigations are continuing and no arrests were made.

Anybody with any information is asked to contact the police at, or call 101 and quote incident 2795 from 23/11/21.