George Harrison, pictured, whose childhood home is going up for auction this month

George Harrison is pictured. His childhood home goes up for auction in this month 

George Harrison’s childhood home where the Beatles rehearsed in their early days is going up for auction for £160,000.

When Harrison was six years of age, the Harrison family moved in to the house at Upton Green in Speke in Liverpool.

The terraced home was their residence for 12 years. It is where John Lennon and Paul McCartney held their first rehearsals.

Omega Auctions will handle the sale. It expects that the 3-bedroom house would be purchased by someone who wants to convert it into a museum.

An interested buyer may also apply now for a blue plate for the property. The subject of the blue plaque must be deceased for at least 20 years. Harrison passed away in November 2001.

In 1949, their six-year-old son George moved in with Harold and Louise Harrison to the small council house.

It was near where Paul McCartney lived together with his parents.

McCartney and Harrison met in 1954 while they waited for school buses. McCartney encouraged Harrison to form a band.

Harrison auditioned to John Lennon’s skiffle group, The Quarrymen. The group was known by the name The Beatles after Lennon and his schoolmates left in 1959.

The Beatles were regular rehearsal partners at Harrison’s house in those first years.

Ringo Starr didn’t join the group until 1962 when the Harrisons left the house. This was the same year that the Beatles rose to stardom.

Harrison's family lived in the house in Upton Green, Speke in Liverpool until 1962. It has a lounge, kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms, a bathroom and a family-sized rear garden

The house was home to Harrison’s family from 1962 until 1962. It includes a large living room, kitchen, and dining area, along with three bedrooms and a full-size rear yard. 

The shed outside the house. Omega Auctions, handling the sale, expects the three-bedroom property will be bought by someone hoping to turn it into a museum

Outside the shed. Omega Auctions is selling the property. They expect someone will buy it and turn it into an art museum. 

Harrison has many pictures of Harrison both inside and outside of his property. Some of these photos still have some features that were there when Harrison lived there.

Matthew Kermode and Edna Kermode bought this house in 1983 from Liverpool City Council. Linda Kermode, Linda’s daughter, put it up for sale in 2014. It was then purchased by the current owners who also own other Beatles homes.

Number 25 Upton Green has had a complete renovation but still has original doors, a bath and sink and outbuildings that have the doors and décor from George Harrison’s time.

The outside shed of the house. There is also a large kitchen dresser unit the owners found in the outbuilding that would have originally been in the kitchen when the Harrisons lived there which will be included in the sale

The house’s outside shed. The owners also found a large unit for kitchen dressing that was originally in the house when the Harrisons lived there. This will be part of the sale

The Harrisons also owned a large, wooden kitchen dresser unit that they found in an outbuilding. This will be part of the sale.

It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Paul Fairweather, Omega Auctions’ auctioneer, said that it was an honor to be able to sell the property which had played such an integral role in the Beatles’ early careers.

George will have learnt to play the guitar here, and it is amazing to look at the photographs of them gathering in that house in the early 60s.

Those who end with the childhood home of George Harrison, pictured, could now apply for a blue plaque for the property. To be eligible for one, the subject of the plaque has to have been dead for 20 years and Harrison died in November 2001

Those who end with the childhood home of George Harrison, pictured, could now apply for a blue plaque for the property. A person must be deceased for at least 20 years before they are eligible. Harrison passed away in November 2001.

Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison in The Quarrymen, the skiffle band they were in before becoming The Beatles

Paul McCartney (John Lennon), George Harrison and George Harrison are in The Quarrymen. They were a skiffle band that they played before becoming The Beatles.

‘We think it’s a steal at £160k, especially with the Get Back film due out soon and the option coming up to apply for a blue plaque at the property. It’s going to be amazing.

Omega Auctions Dan Hampson added that this is a rare opportunity to purchase the home where George spent his childhood and which played a crucial role in helping The Beatles succeed.

This investment opportunity is great, regardless of whether you plan to stay there or rent it out to others.

By 1959 Lennon's school friends left the group and by August 1960 the band were known as The Beatles. Ringo Starr did not join the band until 1962, just as the Beatles rocketed to international stardom

The group was known by the name The Beatles in August 1960, after Lennon and his schoolmates had left. Ringo Starr was not a member of the Beatles until 1962. This coincided with the Beatles’ meteoric rise to global stardom.

The current owners purchased it from auction with the intention of creating a museum. We agree with them.

They also have three other properties in which the Beatles once lived. Although they are huge Beatles fans and collectors, they have shifted their focus to the present.

“With the Peter Jackson documentary out now, they felt it was a great time to market.

“We anticipate a lot more interest.” The Beatles memorabilia market is seeing a resurgence in interest.

On November 30, the property will be for sale.