THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!” Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes future teammate George Russell is leading widespread criticism for the infamous rule change that allowed Max Verstappen sensationally to win the F1 title at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

  • Max Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 title in the final lap
  • In controversial and dramatic circumstances, he overtook Lewis Hamilton
  • Nicholas Latifi’s crash caused a 10 second lead for the Brit before safety cars.
  • The race director Michael Masi was then content to change his mind about a regulation
  • Verstappen was abruptly side-by-side with Hamilton.
  • Hamilton quickly lost the race to Hamilton in the last lap thanks to Hamilton’s soft tyres. 

George Russell, Formula One driver, was the subject of a lot of backlash. However Max Verstappen won the World Championship title after he finished the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix lap.

Hamilton’s Mercedes future teammate, Verstappen, was stunned by the rule change that allowed Verstappen suddenly to make up a lot of ground over leader Lewis Hamilton and then to win the championship.

Russell wrote: “THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!”!

Lewis Hamilton's future Mercedes team-mate George Russell has led the backlash of the circumstances which allowed Max Verstappen to steal the F1 title from the Brit (pictured)

George Russell, Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes future team-mate and Mercedes driver has helped to reverse the events that allowed Max Verstappen (pictured) to win the F1 championship.

Verstappen benefited from a hugely contentious decision from race director Michael Masi

Michael Masi, race director of the Racquets in America made a highly contentious decision for Verstappen.

“Max has been an exceptional driver and has enjoyed an extraordinary season. He deserves my greatest respect, but the events of this past week are unacceptable. What we just witnessed is beyond comprehension. 

Mercedes tweeted, “There are not words.”

Piers Morgan said: “I don’t understand what I just saw, but it cannot be right. Hamilton was robbed. #F1′ 

Jermaine Jenas, a former footballer said that despite how much I love @F1, there is so much they must do! This was complete theft for @LewisHamilton. 

Several pundits, journalists and public figures expressed their shock and anger on Twitter

Twitter was used by many journalists, pundits, and public figures to express their surprise and anger.

Jonathan Liew said, “This happens when a sport turns itself into scripted entertainment. Rules stop being rules. “The only guide principle is that which sells the product,” said Ed Aarons, a journalist. Talk about manufacturing drama…’

Presenter Dan Walker added: ‘Whoever you wanted to win… that is an absolute farce of a finish #F1Finale’.

Micky Hazard was a Tottenham former midfielder. The organisers must be embarrassed for changing the rules that made the F1 season more disgusting. A user commented: ‘Congratulations Michael Masi, who has decided the F1 world championship title’ 

Many racing enthusiasts took to Twitter after the race to voice their disapproval and anger.

And scores of fans vented their frustration at the situation on Twitter, some alleging 'cheating'

Numerous fans took to Twitter to vent their anger, many claiming that they were cheated.

One replied, “The FIA just committed armed robbery upon Hamilton. This was unacceptable. It was not even allowed for all lapped Cars in the fleet to unlap. They only allowed the lapped Cars between Hamilton and Verstappen. 

A second tweeted: ‘I’ve never been more disappointed with the F1 – the best driver won…. No they didn’t…. Someone who was lucky enough to have an incident win the contest. It was a joke F1, it was a joke. #FormulaOne #F1Finale #F1’

Another stated that F1 was popular because of ‘Drive to Survive’. Therefore, the governing body decided to end the race solely for entertainment. Blatant cheating can defeat the most successful driver in F1’s history.

Fourth: “I’ve never witnessed anything so dubious in sport.” This is a complete ruse, with another commenting: “FIA all season was a joke.” Michael Masi must be thrown out immediately.