Webcam model Lauren Hunter Daman, 27, accidentally shot herself in the vagina earlier this month, a police report revealed

Lauren Hunter Daman (webcam model), 27-years old, accidentally shot herself in her vaginal area earlier this month. A police report confirmed the incident.

A Georgia woman working as a webcam model for multiple adult sites accidentally shot herself in the vagina earlier this month, a police report chronicling the bizarre incident reveals, in what a witness says was a pornographic video gone horribly wrong.

Lauren Hunter Daman from e-girl, aged 27, accidentally shot the 9mm weapon while in her room alone on November 9. This was while many of her housemates were present at the home. 

After receiving an incidental gunshot wound report, officers arrived at the Thomaston residence around noon. 

Upon reaching the scene, Upson County Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Wall saw an EMS worker standing outside the home of the victim clutching the pistol and a bullet casing.

The paramedic notified the officer that ‘the female had shot herself in her vagina, accidentally,’ the report reads.

Daman was in stable but not severely injured and was taken to the Upson County Sheriff’s Office.

Daman, who resides in the small-town of Thomaston, Georgia, works as a webcam model for the popular pornography site Chaturbate, where users 'tip' performers for requested sex acts. Her housemate told police that she was likely filming went the gun went off

Daman lives in Thomaston and is employed as a model on Chaturbate’s pornography website Chaturbate. Here, users can ‘tip’ their performers to perform requested sex acts. According to her housemate, she likely was filming when the gun went off.

A police report filed after the November 9 incident states that a paramedic, who arrived at the scene before police, told responding officers that Daman 'had shot herself in her vagina, accidentally'

According to a police report, a paramedic arrived on the scene prior to police and told officers that Daman had accidentally shot herself in the vagina.

Police were then called in interviews with the other residents of the home, three in total, and two other present went the shot went off.

Jordan Allen, one of Jordan’s female housemates and the gun owner, said to deputies that he heard the shot while he was cooking. This shed light on the mystery of how it could have happened. 

According to reports, Allen ran into Daman’s room after hearing the gun go off. He found Daman with blood running down her legs. 

Allen stated to police that Daman, who was bleeding from his body when he saw him entering the room, told him She accidentally shot herself, and she profusely apologised.

Allen then led the officers to the occupation of his housemate.

The report states that Allen stated to cops that Daman has subscribers on “Chatter”, and she also said that she makes sexual videos herself, and is paid by people for the privilege. 

Allen informed the police that Allen believed that she was filming a video when the gun went off.

Daman's social media profiles reveal that the woman has at least one young child - an infant

Daman was carted off to the Upson County Sheriff's office after the incident, and was subsequently transported by helicopter to the Macon hospital. She was reportedly released earlier this week

Daman’s social media profiles reveal that the woman has at least one young child – an infant

Daman, who was in stable condition when officers arrived but was medevacced to nearby Macon to receive treatment, reportedly gave cops a conflicting account of what led to her unfortunate injury

Daman was stable when officers arrived, but she was medevacced by Macon nearby to be treated. She reportedly provided cops with conflicting accounts of how her injuries occurred.

The incident occurred at Daman's Thomaston home (pictured) - which she shares with at least three other residents. They were all present at the domicile when the gun went off

Daman was at her Thomaston house (pictured), which she shared with at least three residents at the time of the incident. The gun went off while they were all there.

Addie Ruth Johnson (a second housemate) told the deputies that Daman entered the living room of Johnson’s home and informed them about the incident.

A distraught Daman was interviewed by police before being driven away. Her account was contradictory, she claimed she fired the weapon and another she did it during an intimate sex act. 

Despite the inconsistencies, however, Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore told The Smoking Gun that the shooting, which his department labeled ‘reckless conduct’ in their November 9 report, is unlikely to result in criminal charges,

Allen also mentioned that the “web platform” Allen used to refer to to officers was actually called “Chaturbate”, a well-known adult website where models can receive tips from their viewers and be paid for recording sex acts. 

At the moment, it is unclear if Daman was streaming online at the time the gun was fired or if she was filming a video for upload to the pornography website.

On her social media pages, the mother has at least one infant child. 

According to further details, the female was transported by helicopter from Macon, which is approximately 40-miles away.

Her release was earlier in the week.