Yesterday night, the head of the German Navy resigned because Putin wanted’respect’. He said that giving it would be at a ‘low price’ since the country was condemned for not supplying weapons to Kiev. 

At an Indian event on Friday, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach stated that Ukraine will not be able to retake the Crimean Peninsula which Russia annexed back in 2014. 

Schoenbach described Russia’s president as a “easy” person who deserves the respect he desires and likely deserves. Schoenbach also stated that Germany should be a partner in Russia because it is a Christian nation.

Video of the comments made by Vice Admiral Schoenbach was captured and was recorded. This caused anger in Ukraine, with the foreign ministry summoning Anka Feldhusen from Germany to complain. The foreign ministry stated that this was done to emphasize ‘the categorical inacceptability’ and Russian plans to invade Ukraine. 

Later, Schoenbach announced that he was resigning. Vice-admiral Schoenbach stated in a statement that he had asked Christine Lambrecht, Defence Minister, to immediately relieve him from his duties. 

According to the German navy, Christine Lambrecht (Defense Minister) had accepted Mr Schoenbach’s resignation. He was then appointed as his deputy interim naval chief. His Friday ‘rash remarks’, posted to YouTube by Mr Schoenbach and heavily circulated via German media outlets, were retracted.  

Berlin’s Defence Ministry spokeswoman said that Admiral’s comments were inconsistent with the country’s view on Ukraine. In the statement it was stated that the Admiral would be calling to talk to the Chief of Defense on Monday. 

Speaking at an event in India on Friday, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach (pictured right) said Ukraine would not regain the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014

At an Indian event on Friday, Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schoenbach (pictured left) stated that Ukraine will not be able to regain the Crimean Peninsula which Russia annexed last year.

The German government is insisting that Russia remains a threat to Ukraine’s security and has warned that Moscow would be punished if it does so.

Berlin, however, stated that Ukraine will not be supplied with lethal weapons like many of the other Nato members and argued it doesn’t want to inflame tensions.

 Germany has also blocked their Nato ally Estonia from supplying arms to Ukraine, according to the Telegraph. 

This is despite Washington and the US approving Baltic anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft weapons to Kyiv.   

Some have accused Germany of not standing up to Putin, as tensions mount at Russia’s borders with Europe. 

Mr Schoenbach (pictured) said of Russia's president: 'It's easy to give him the respect he wants, and probably deserves as well'

Pictured: Mr Schoenbach, Russia’s President. He said that it was easy to show him respect and that he probably deserves it.

Mr Schoenbach’s resignation comes after the first portion  of a $200 million (£145 million) US security package for Ukraine arrived and the country faces the threat of invasion by at least 100,000 Russian troops at its borders. 

Germany refused Estonia permission to ship D-30 howitzers to Ukraine. This was due in part because of a German veto.  

Ukranian ministers were annoyed at Berlin’s rejection of London and Washington.

Some worry that Germany’s unwillingness to arm the country could undermine Nato’s efforts to safeguard it from Russian invasion. 

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s foreign minister) accused Berlin Saturday of “encouraging Vladimir Putin”.

Putin denies that he intends to invade Ukraine. 

Kuleba stated that German statements regarding the difficulty of providing defence arms to Ukraine weren’t in keeping with current security conditions.

He said, “Unity in the West is more important than ever” when confronted by Moscow.

The Ukranian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba on Saturday accused Berlin of 'encouraging Vladimir Putin'. Putin (pictured) has denied that he plans to invade Ukraine

Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukranian foreign minister, accused Berlin on Saturday of encouraging Vladimir Putin. Putin (pictured) denied plans to invade Ukraine

Oleksiireznikov, Ukranian defence Minister, stated that Germany were ‘hesitating” to give arms to Ukraine and hoped the country would make a change.  

Christine Lambrecht (German defense minister) yesterday stated that Berlin would send an army hospital to Ukraine, but reiterated that Germany would not send arms to the country.

Ms Lambrecht said: ‘Weapons deliveries would not be helpful at the moment – that is the consensus within the government.’

Germany’s longstanding policy is to avoid weapons export to war zones.

The country is trying to make amends for its role in Second World War.  

Russia has made a string of security demands despite insisting that it doesn’t intend to invade Ukraine.

In exchange for de-escalation, this includes an agreement to ban Ukraine from joining NATO.  

Meanwhile, Oleksii Reznikov (pictured) , the Ukranian defence minister, said that Germany are 'hesitating' to deliver arms to the country and said he hoped the country would change its mind

Oleksii Reznikov, Ukranian defense minister (pictured), said that Germany were ‘hesitating” to provide arms to Ukraine and that he hopes the country will change its mind.

Members of Ukraine's Territorial Defence Forces, volunteer military units of the Armed Forces, train in a city park in Kyviv, Ukraine yesterday (pictured) amid fears about Russian invasion

Yesterday, members of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces (volunteer military units of Armed Forces) trained in Kyviv, Ukraine in the midst of fears of Russian invasion.

This comes just weeks after the UK sent troops and arms to Ukraine, which was a gesture that the country is very grateful for. 

Senior Ukrainian MP said the British supported Ukraine was effective and timed well. He expressed disappointment that Germany chose to stop arms delivery.   

Speaking to the Telegraph, Serhii Rakhmanin, a member of the Ukranian parliament’s defence committee, said: ‘For me personally, sadly, the German position was sorrowful. While Germany says it’s a reliable partner as we all know, Germany is not like that.

He also thinks that more British arms would be a benefit to the country.

This includes anti-aircraft systems, anti-aircraft rockets, radio location system, electronic warfare, heavy weapons and other related technologies.   

According to Andriy Zgorodnyuk, if Russia invades Ukraine, they may resort to guerilla tactics. 

It is therefore crucial that allies of the West deliver light weapons quickly.

If Russia invades, Ukraine may have to resort to guerilla-style tactics, according to former defence minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk. Pictured: Civilian participants train in a Kyviv Territorial Defence Unit train in a forest yesterday amid the Ukraine and Russia crisis

According to Andriy Zgorodnyuk, if Russia invades Ukraine, it may resort to guerilla tactics. Pictured: Yesterday, during the Ukraine-Russia crisis, civilian participants trained in a Kyviv Territorial Defence Unit in a forest.

He spoke out about the 2000 anti-tank missile launchesers, and the training provided by the British Army’s Ranger Regiment.

According to him, the country requires a tactic that is similar to guerrilla war where smaller units of armed force work together. 

Washington and Moscow failed to reach an agreement on Ukraine’s situation during their crunch negotiations this week.

There will be further talks between Russia and Ukraine in Paris, France, Germany, on Tuesday.  

Talks are expected to bring an end to the conflict in Ukraine that has been raging between Ukranian government forces (Ukranian) and pro-Russian separatists (East Ukraine).  

Telegraph was informed yesterday by a source that Dmitry Kozak from Russia will participate in negotiations on behalf of Russia.  

There are due to be more talks between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany in Paris on Tuesday. Pictured: A convoy of Russian armoured vehicles moves along a motorway in the Crimea on January 18

More talks are scheduled between Russia, Ukraine and France in Paris on Tuesday. Pictured: On January 18, a convoy comprising Russian armored vehicles moved along the Crimea’s motorway.

Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have sent anti-tank/anti-aircraft missiles from the United States to Ukraine.

Anthony Blinken the US secretary of states, stated that these statements reflect America’s longstanding support for Ukraine.  

He later added on Twitter: ‘I expedited and authorized and we fully endorse transfers of defensive equipment @Nato Allies are providing to Ukraine to strengthen its ability to defend itself against Russia’s unprovoked and irresponsible aggression.

Dmitry Peskov was the spokesperson for Vladimir Putin and stated earlier in this week that Western arms supplies to Ukraine have been deemed ‘extremely risky’. He also said they don’t reduce tensions. 

Ukraine’s citizens are concerned about Russia’s possible threat. Many are hopeful that NATO and EU will help them in any worst-case scenario. 

Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State (pictured) said on Twitter: 'I expedited and authorized and we fully endorse transfers of defensive equipment @Nato Allies are providing to Ukraine to strengthen its ability to defend itself against Russia’s unprovoked and irresponsible aggression'

Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State (pictured) said on Twitter: ‘I expedited and authorized and we fully endorse transfers of defensive equipment @Nato Allies are providing to Ukraine to strengthen its ability to defend itself against Russia’s unprovoked and irresponsible aggression’