Sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell would boast about sleeping with JFK Jr who she regarded as her ‘chief conquest’, claims source as it’s revealed the alleged sex trafficker was once a guest at the high-profile wedding of Andrew Cuomo and Kerry Kennedy.

Maxwell, a British socialite, allegedly had a brief affair with John F. Kennedy Jr., during her prime years. Magazine reported. 

A source said to the magazine that it was a “one-time hookup.” It happened in the early 90s, shortly after Ghislaine had established herself on the New York social circuit. He would visit her after a political event and would frequently drop by to chat. Who wouldn’t want to talk to her after a political event?

Maxwell considered the affair her ‘chief conquest’, they claimed.

JFK Jr., the President’s son, died in a plane crash with his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in 1999.

The allegations emerged after Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell accuser Virginia Giuffre said Epstein’s alleged former madam would regularly boast about her sexual conquests. 

She had also claimed to have performed a sex act on George Clooney and ‘giggled like a schoolgirl’.

Meanwhile Christina Oxenberg, Prince Andrew’s cousin, revealed that Maxwell was a guest at the merging of the political dynasties in 1990. 

Maxwell also claimed to have slept with former American heartthrob John F. Kennedy Jr., calling him her 'chief conquest,' according to another report

Maxwell also claimed to have slept with former American heartthrob John F. Kennedy Jr., calling him her 'chief conquest,' according to another report

Another report claims that Maxwell also claimed to be a sex slave to John F. Kennedy Jr., an American heartthrob. She called him her ‘chief conqueror’. 

The couple, who both belonged to political dynasties, were married in 1990 in Washington DC

The couple, both political dynasties, were wed in Washington DC in 1990

Book author Christina Oxenberg (left) is pictured with Maxwell in this 2013 file photo

Christina Oxenberg (left), a book author, is pictured with Maxwell.

According to excerpts from book published by The Sun, Oxenberg and Maxwell met on the wedding day for Cuomo (wife Kerry Kennedy), according to The Sun.

She recalled that the ceremony took place in Washington DC, surrounded with media, fans and’scores’ of invited guests.

Later, some friends and relatives gathered at Ethel Kennedy’s McClean home in Virginia. This is where Oxenberg claims she met the now-infamous socialite.

‘I was standing next to my husband Damian Elwes, a British artist, when Ghislaine walked over. Oxenberg wrote that Damian and her burst with enthusiastic greetings.

“I would later learn that they were friends from their Oxford days. I put this in quotes because Damian has never been to Oxford.

She claimed she had a casual conversation with Maxwell and that Cuomo invited them to the ceremony.

She told The Sun that he was the son of the governor in those days. Little was known about him.

Cuomo married Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy (ex-Attorney General) and Ethel Kennedy. They were married for 15 years.

Author Christina Oxenberg documented her encounters with Maxwell in her new book, 'Trash: Encounters With Ghislaine Maxwell'

Christina Oxenberg, author, wrote about her encounters with Maxwell for her new book, “Trash: Encounters w. Ghislaine Maxwell”.

In 2005, they were involved in a bitter divorce amid allegations of infidelity.

The politician in disgrace was charged with touching an aide’s breast at the governor’s executive mansion, Albany, last December.

Cuomo is accused of touching Brittany Commisso’s left breast “for the purposes degrading and satisfying his sexual desires, all in violation of the provisions of the statute.”

In August, New York’s former governor resigned. This marks the end of a 40-year-long political career that made him a pandemic hero.

Attorney General Letitia Jones’ damning report calling him a serial sex harasser has destroyed his legacy.

Cuomo denies the allegations.

Maxwell, who was facing sex trafficking charges, appeared at a pretrial hearing in federal court in New York on Monday.

Maxwell, aged 59, is accused in the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s exploitation of underage girls. Maxwell has pleaded guilty to not all charges.

Maxwell, who is awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges, is shown in a court rendering

Maxwell is currently being tried on sex trafficking charges. He is shown in a court rendering

The author if the book is cousins with Prince Andrew, who was accused of having underage sex with Virginia Giuffre after she was trafficked to him by Epstein. Maxwell is seen in the background of the photo, taken  in 2001

The author of the book is related to Prince Andrew. He was accused of having underage sexual relations with Virginia Giuffre, after she was trafficked to Epstein. Maxwell is seen in the background of the photo, taken  in 2001

The author of this book is a cousin of Prince Andrew, who has been accused in sex with a teenage girl that Epstein trafficked.

The royal’s legal team have filed a motion for dismissal of a US civil case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre.

The 38-year-old was previously known as Roberts her maiden name. She claims she was sex pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficked her to Prince Andrew three times. The first time she was 17 years old.

The Duke has denied her claims repeatedly and vehemently.