In this photograph of the alleged abuse she received in prison, you can see a battered Ghislaine Maxiwell 

Ghislaine Maxwell can spend Christmas Day locked up in 10x12ft cells while she waits for a verdict on her highly publicized case regarding sex trafficking. 

The third day of deliberations is not over yet. 

Maxwell, despite not being found guilty, faces Christmas Day, which also happens to be her 60th Birthday, behind bars at Metropolitan Detention Center. Maxwell described the place as a ‘hell hole’ since her July 2020 arrest.  

And while court wasn’t meant to be in session on Thursday, December 23, Judge Alison Nathan told the jury that they could deliberate on Thursday if they have not reached a verdict by the end of Wednesday.  

They will reconvene on Thursday if they are unable to come up with a verdict. 

Maxwell insists on her innocence, and Maxwell’s lawyers denounce her accusers for having false memories and being motivated by money. 

Maxwell stated that Maxwell’s treatment in prison was so severe it could be considered ‘fit to Hannibal Lecter’.   

Maxwell’s lawyers said that these are inappropriate for a 59-year-old female who is not a threat to anybody.

Maxwell “barricaded” herself with legal documents in prison’s video conference room at one point. Maxwell, according to prosecutors, was considered a security risk by blocking the doors and keeping guards out of the area.   

The jury of six men and six women is still out in the third day of deliberation

In the third day, six of the six jurors are still in place.

Ghislaine Maxwell could spend Christmas Day in a 10x12 prison cell in New York as she awaits a verdict in her high-profile sex trafficking case

Ghislaine Maxwell can spend Christmas Day locked up in New York’s 10×12 cell while she waits for a verdict on her highly publicized case regarding sex trafficking. 

Pictured: The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) where Ghislaine Maxwell is being held

Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell being detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC).

Two accusers were portrayed by the jury on Tuesday, the second day deliberation. 

After deliberating for the entire day on Tuesday, they sent four notes to Judge Rodgers. One of them was about Annie Farmer.

They wanted to see if the girl could be used to give her evidence for two charges of conspiracy to transport or entice an unmarried girl to perform sex acts.

Judge Alison Nathan stated that she would inform them.

An earlier jury demanded to see the notes from an FBI interview Carolyn had given in 2007. This was her first conversation with law enforcement regarding Epstein’s abuse.

Judge Nathan claimed that it was not in evidence and they were unable to see it.

However the jury could refer to its mention in Carolyn’s cross examination by the defense. 

The jury received their first notice at 10.10am, after nearly an hour’s deliberations on Tuesday.

Judge Alison Nathan stated that the jury was asking for transcripts from Jane, Annie, and Carolyn’s testimony – but didn’t mention Kate.

Kate is not the only accused whose claims aren’t crimes and should be dismissed from the indictment.

Prosecutor Maurene Comey indicated that each side needed to reach an agreement on some redactions in order to hand over the transcripts.

Bobbi Sternheim is a lawyer for defense.

Judge Nathan did not call the jury out. She said that the transcripts would be available in the room for deliberations.

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing charges  

Count OneA conspiracy to persuade a minor from traveling to perform illegal sex acts

Maximum sentence length: Five years

Jane, Carolyn and Annie are the three accusers

Count twoThe trick to get a minor to go to illegal sex acts

Maximum sentence length: Five years

Jane, the Acuser

Count threeA conspiracy to transport a minor in order to commit criminal sexual activity.

Maximum sentence:  Five years in prison

Jane, Carolyn, and Annie Farmer are the Accusers

Count FourRansporting of a minor in order to engage criminal sexual activity

Maximum sentence in prison: Ten years

Jane, the Acuser

Count Five: Conspire to traffic in sex of minors

Maximum sentence: 5 years imprisonment

Carolyn and Virginia, the two most notorious accusers

Six: Sexual trafficking with minors.

Maximum sentence is 40 years imprisonment

Carolyn is the Accuser

Isabel Maxwell stands in front of the press after leaving the Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday night

Isabel Maxwell, after she left the Manhattan Federal Court on Tuesday night, stands before the press

Members of the prosecution team at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial walk out of the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse with boxes of papers as the jury deliberates

As the jury deliberates, members of the prosecution team for the Ghislaine Maxiwell trial leave the Thurgood Marshall United State Courthouse carrying boxes of paper. 

Maxwell entered court in black turtleneck sweatshirt, black pants and a green folder.

She hugged her attorneys and waved to a young lady in the public gallery. 

Maxwell’s defense gave closing arguments Monday afternoon. They said that Maxwell is an innocent woman who was wrongfully accused in a series of criminal acts she did not engage in.

The jury of six men and six women deliberated for the whole day and sent four notes to the judge including one which related to Annie Farmer (pictured in a school photo)

Six men and six ladies made up the jury and deliberated throughout the day. Four notes were sent to the judge by the jurors, including one that related to Annie Farmer (pictured on a school photograph). 

In her closing remarks, Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said: ‘The government has failed to prove any charge beyond a reasonable doubt and the only correct verdict in this case is not guilty on each count.’

Menninger asserted that again, the defense attempted to discredit statements made by the accusers. In this instance, however, the reverse is true. They brought their money to the FBI, where they were accompanied by personal injury attorneys.

Menninger claimed that Maxwell’s portrayal was like Cruella de Vil, Devil Wears Prada and other characters.

Menninger stated that such a portrait is ‘as ancient as Hollywood’.

Menninger stated, “The lawyers altered their stories and government accepted them without ever corroborating them.”

Menninger stated that the accusers had ‘instantly’ recovered memories many years after Menninger’s arrest.

She explained that Ghislaine was implicated, and that Ghislaine also was present, and that Ghislaine is the one responsible.

Menninger stated that Epstein was the subject of a lot more conversations than the prosecution, including about his lifestyle and property.

Menninger claimed that Epstein had been a master manipulator who abused both his money and power.

She stated that she was not present to defend Jeffrey Epstein. However, she said, “Ghislaine Maxiwell is not Jeffrey Epstein.”

Menninger said that Epstein was killed by the prosecution and they ‘pivoted to go after Maxwell.

It was a simple idea that “Ghislaine must have known” because she was there.

Menninger criticised prosecutors for showing jurors dozens of photos from Epstein’s New York residence in 2019

She asked: “Where are all the 31960 other photos?” Was it other women? It was other girls? Did it involve other women?

The jury should not draw any conclusions from Epstein’s keeping of Maxwell photos. Menninger asked the jury if a boyfriend or girlfriend took photos of Maxwell. Would that be considered sex abuse?

Menninger condemned such images, calling them’straight-up sensationalism.

The couple appear in one photo in what appears to be a European city. Ghislaine is seen kissing Jeffrey on the cheek

They are seen together in one photograph in what looks like a European town. Jeffrey is kissed by Ghislaine on one cheek

Menninger claimed that the accusers inserted Ghislaine Maxiwell in their story after having ‘lawyered up.

Menninger stated that “You don’t have to be a lawyer in order to speak to the FBI.”

Menninger stated that it was up to the defense for them to pose tough questions to their accusers. Cross examination revealed that they had discovered that the truth of Menninger’s statement was altered over time to make the victims get a paycheck. 

Menninger examined the inconsistent statements of Jane and Carolyn, and stated that they suffered from “post event suggestion”, which Elizabeth Loftus described as a false memory. It was the act of adding new information to the past.

Menninger stated that Menninger had “broken promises” to the prosecution to produce many house staff members, relatives, and other witnesses in support of the claims.

Maxwell, prosecutors, suggested Maxwell was a “facilitator for sexual abuse” to Epstein in order for her rich ‘lifestyle’ to continue.

Menninger stated that Maxwell was at the time a beautiful woman in her 30s who was starting her career.

Epstein was “manipulating everybody around him” and “dating women behind Maxwell’s (Maxwell’s) back”.

Menninger stated that Jeffrey may have been the one who was in need of Ghislaine, and not his money.

Menninger turned to each accuser and said Jane was an “actress who forgot all her lines” – Jane is an actor on a soap opera.