Jennifer Arcuri claims Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie may be a Satanist, as she tweets bizarre conspiracies about Covid vaccines and Telegram.

  • Jennifer Arcuri started posting strange conspiracy theories via social media.
  • While hosting livestreams online, she discussed Satanism and the UK Government.
  • American entrepreneur also shared Covid and anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories

American entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri has been making bizarre claims about the UK Government on her social media channels

Jennifer Arcuri, an American entrepreneur has made bizarre claims regarding the UK Government via her social media channels

Jennifer Arcuri (a businesswoman, alleged ex-girlfriend of Boris Johnson) has been sharing bizarre conspiracy theories on social media about Covid, and Boris Johnson’s wife.

Vice News reports that the American entrepreneur host a livestream via encrypted messaging app Telegram, and begins sharing conspiracies about the UK government.

According to the website, Arcuri stated that her fans requested that she hold a conversation on conspiracy and then began discussing Satanism within Government.

She replied, “One of these journalists wrote”. [to]I was surprised to find out that he had contacted me from the dead. He was quick to respond, saying, “Jen! Weren’t you the one who informed me she was Satanist and sent me a picture Carrie.”

“And I replied, “You know, I don’t want to comment on that woman specifically. But I encourage you explore the world beyond her and see how Satanism can actually be used in many ways in government.”

Carrie Johnson has not been the only victim of her strange conspiracy theories over recent months.

Andrew Neil, a former anchor for GB News, threatened to sue Arcuri this month following her false allegations that he had been associated with Jeffrey Epstein.

After Arcuri posted the following tweet: ‘Citation to @afneil: He is not only a paid-for pharma puppet, but he is also on board the elite pedo train. Everybody knows the details of what took place on that plane.

This post included the hashtags #itsOver & #ticktock – which are both frequently used by QAnon users – along with a picture Neil holding hands with a woman.

Andrew Neil called her to get her address, so that his lawyers could file legal action against him for defamation.

Arcuri bizarrely suggested there was a link between Satanism and Carrie Johnson (pictured with Boris) as well as the Government during a livestream on messaging app Telegram

Arcuri suggested that there might be a connection between Satanism, Carrie Johnson and the Government (pictured with Boris during Telegram’s livestream).

Vice World News reports that Arcuri’s twitter page also contains anti-vaxx and Covid theories. This misinformation expert believes she was influenced by QAnon conspiracy theories or other similar conspiracies.

Boris Johnson’s businesswoman has been the subject of fresh allegations after she claimed that Johnson promised to assist her firm to “win my love” while he was London Mayor.

The Observer obtained a diary excerpt in which she accused Johnson of promising his political support to a US-based tech entrepreneur, even though they were still together.

In the diary extracts Mr Johnson is said to have offered to be ‘the thrust – the throttle’ behind her career. 

Arcuri offered to aid the Greater London Authority’s ethics watchdog by inspecting her diary entries. After this revelation, she consented to be interrogated by investigators about their relationship.

Boris Johnson never spoke publicly about the alleged affair. However, he stated that he acted with honesty and integrity.