Ghislaine Maxwell found out that her husband, a young man, had “moved on” with a beautiful yoga instructor after a stressful phone call from behind bars.

Scott Borgerson (46), secretly wed Maxwell in 2016, after he had split with his first wife, who was also the mother of his children.

Maxwell had originally vowed that he would stand behind him and offered millions of pounds worth of joint assets in exchange for her $28.5million bail.

However, today I can tell you the end of my marriage.

Maxwell was close to a friend who told me that Maxwell made a phone call while Maxwell was being held in isolation in prison. This became confrontational.

“Scott said that he’d moved on and was now seeing another person.

Scott Borgerson, 46, secretly married Ghislaine Maxwell (both pictured in 2013), 60, in 2016 after splitting with his first wife and mother of his two children

Scott Borgerson was 46 and secretly married GhislaineMaxwell in 2016. (both photos are from 2013) 60 years after his split with his first spouse, the mother of his two children.

Scott Borgerson

Kris McGinn

Borgerson (left), was seen with Kris McGinn, his 49-year-old girlfriend and writer.

“The marriage was overtense then and there. It’s over. It was done.

A second source said to the MoS that he didn’t attend any of her trials. You can take that as you like.

Borgerson (a tech CEO) had been staying with Maxwell at a Massachusetts home on the beach in Manchester-on-Sea. However, Jeffrey Epstein was taken into custody in 2019. Maxwell ran from her Massachusetts home “to protect her children”.

Source said that after their house was discovered, she had fled to safeguard the children. The children were teased at school. Anybody who has been associated with Ghislaine is aware that they are toxic.

The Maxwells decided to shield Epstein’s sister from media attention and anyone who could hurt her. There were many death threats against her. Scott denied that he was able to protect her in the event of an intruder.

“Scott” would fly from her home to visit her while she was on her travels.

“Some Ghislaine’s sisters were initially surprised to find out that Scott and Ghislaine were secretly married. Although one brother was a good friend, the other developed a friendship .’.’.

Maxwell employed Matt Hellier, a former soldier in the British Special Forces, to protect her. She then moved around from one’safe place’ to another before finally buying a home called ‘Tukedaway,’ located in Bradford, New Hampshire, for $1 million cash.

Borgerson would spend’most weekends’ with his children.

They continued to live together as a family. They lived happily. They were happy.

Maxwell was arrested by dozens of FBI agents in July 2020. She had been convicted on child sex and trafficking charges.

Her sentence is a maximum of six years imprisonment.

According to a source, Scott’s relationship was one of love. The relationship between Epstein and Ghislaine became difficult after Epstein’s suicide (in August 2019).

In July 2020, dozens of FBI officers broke down the gates to the property and arrested Maxwell on the child sex charges and sex trafficking charges she was convicted of this week (court sketch above)

Maxwell was taken into custody by FBI officers on July 20, 2020.

“At first Scott stood beside her and sent letters to court, offering joint assets and trying to get Ghislaine out on bail.

“But she was behind bars for 549 consecutive days.” The marriage was put under severe strain.

Borgerson was photographed with Kris McGinn (49), a yoga instructor and writer.

McGinn and Borgerson have not commented on the relationship. Last month, Borgerson said: “Go away!”

Maxwell and Borgerson met for the first time in Reykjavik’s Arctic Circle Assembly 2013.

Maxwell is an ex-coast guard and works with ocean charities. Maxwell was at that time running TerraMar, an online website dedicated to information about the ocean.

Borgerson and Rebecca’s 14 year-old marriage ended with a divorce in 2015.

Maxwell and Borgerson (pictured) first met in 2013 at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik

Maxwell and Borgerson, (pictured), met for the first time in Reykjavik’s Arctic Circle Assembly.

Rebecca’s close friend said last night she won’t speak out about Maxwell and Borgerson’s ending of their relationship.

Maxwell had a friend who said that there is no way to know if the divorce would be amicable.

Borgerson was seen driving a Tesla electric vehicle.

Maxwell’s friend once said that he owned the most expensive cars. Ghislaine owned the Mini Cooper.

Maxwell’s loved ones remain committed to Maxwell and are determined to prove Maxwell innocent. They already have special appellate lawyers.

Source said that she was also disappointed by her ex-boyfriends who had left her. A former boyfriend was asked about his love for the woman, in order to protect her character at court. He said “no!”

“But her siblings are loyal and unbreakable. They trust in her innocence, and believe she will one day be free. To support their sister, they have given up their friendships, business relationships and reputations to help her. She will win, they believe. 

Daphne Barak has been a filmmaker and author. Her current project is the ITV/CBS documentary on Maxwell. It will be released next month. Visit for more information on Ghislaine Maxiwell