Ghislaine Maxwell won’t help the prosecutors or name “names” of other people involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual-trafficking network to get a lighter sentence. Her brother Ian claimed this. 

Maxwell, 60 years old, was found guilty earlier in the week of New York’s five-out of six sextrafficking charges. 

Although she has been in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center for more than 500 days, the former socialite will probably spend her entire life in federal prison after being sentenced. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, pictured right, will not assist federal prosecutors in the United States in order to secure a lesser jail term. She is pictured here with Virginia Guiffre, who was one of the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell's sex-trafficking network. Ms Guiffre is suing Prince Andrew, pictured left, in civil court in the United States, claiming she was forced to have sex with the Duke of York. Prince Andrew strongly denies the allegation

GhislaineMaxwell (pictured right) will not help the United States federal prosecutors to obtain a lower sentence. This is her with Virginia Guiffre (who was one of Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s victims in Maxwell’s sex-trafficking scheme). Ms Guiffre, left, is suing Prince Andrew in civil court in America, alleging she was forced to have sexual relations with the Duke. Prince Andrew strongly refutes the claim.

Prince Andrew, pictured driving a Range Rover through Windsor on New Year's Eve is trying to have the case against him in New York thrown out of court

Prince Andrew was seen riding a Range Rover in Windsor as he celebrates New Year’s Eve. 

Maxwell's brother, Ian, pictured right, with fellow siblings Isabel, left and Kevin, centre, said his sister will appeal the court's verdict and will not assist prosecutors

Maxwell’s brother Ian (pictured left) with Isabel and Kevin (center), said Maxwell will appeal the court verdict and would not help prosecutors 

The jury found Maxwell, pictured right, with Jeffrey Epstein, guilty on five out of six charges of sex trafficking

Maxwell (pictured at right) and Jeffrey Epstein were found guilty of five of the six charges for sex traficking. 

Ian Maxwell, her brother said that his sister is innocent and will appeal the conviction. Maxwell stated that she is not going to help the prosecutors with a reduced sentence.  

The Sunday Times quoted Maxwell as saying that the prosecution confirmed there were no plea deals made. That position is expected to remain. 

Prince Andrew faces a civil lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre who is one of Epstein’s victims. Virginia claims that she was forced to have sexual relations with Prince Andrew at Maxwell’s London home. She had spent an evening in Tramp nightclub. This allegation, which the prince vigorously denies, has led her to file a civil suit.

After his lawyers failed on a technicality to dismiss the civil complaint, however, the Duke and Duchess of York were hit with a major legal setback. He hoped that the matter would be resolved by his legal team, who claimed neither Ms Giuffre and the prince were American residents and so the US courts are not competent to hear the case.  

Maxwell faces up to 65 year in federal prison after her conviction 

Prince Andrew is just one of many high-profile men linked to Maxwell or Epstein. 

Maxwell’s case prosecutor hoped she would reveal information that could help them bring forth further charges. 

Two perjury charges were brought against her for information she provided in depositions during civil proceedings. Prosecutors claim it was false. 

Maxwell was convicted by the jury of sexually exploiting young girls and trafficking them in her body. 

In 2019, the financial analyst, who was on remand and facing additional child sex abuse allegations, took his own life. 

Maxwell stated that Maxwell’s sister was “understandably subdued” after the verdict of the jury. However, he claimed that she was still’strong in spirit. 

He denied that his sister was a suicide threat. 

He stated, “She will appeal against her conviction. She is both a fighter as well as a survivor.

The appeal will concentrate on any procedural or legal errors made by the trial Judge. 

Maxwell was convicted and Prince Andrew is under more pressure because Maxwell’s long-time friend, a sex trader of girls underage, has been discovered.  

The jury convicted Maxwell of trafficking young girls who were then sexually exploited by Jeffrey Epstein. The financier took his own life in 2019 while on remand facing further child sex abuse charges

Maxwell was found guilty by the jury for trafficking teenage girls to Jeffrey Epstein’s sexually exploitative activities. In 2019, Maxwell, a financier facing more child sex abuse accusations, took his own life.

This has caused senior Royal household officials to begin discussing the future of Prince Andrew in “The Firm”. 

According to Sunday Times, royal courtiers plan to remove Prince Andrew from his title as Duke of York if Virginia Giuffre wins the suit.

The Royal household is also rumored to be considering other options, such as sending the Duke to an ‘internal Exile’ or asking him to give up any charity links.

Ms Giuffre asserts that Prince Andrew abused her three more times as a 17-year-old. The Duke denies the allegations and is seeking unspecified damages. After the Newsnight disaster, which he hoped would bring his name to light, the Duke of Edinburgh resigned from his public duties in November 2019.

According to a source, “If…” [Prince Andrew]The case is lost. Now the problem is, what should you do? He would have to give up his title, but you can’t force him to resign.

According to royal insiders, it was difficult for the Queen to take away the title of Duke or York because it had been held by George VI before he became King and it was bestowed on her favorite son. The Sunday Times reports that he “has disgraced the title.”

Buckingham Palace spokesperson said about claims that Duke may lose his title, “This is speculation. The comments are not supported by facts.” It is a continuing legal matter that we are unable to comment.

According to defense sources, the Duke may be being pressured to end his military positions. According to Sunday People, military chiefs believe he’ll resign in order for the Queen not to have his honorary titles stripped.

Senior Army commanders feel it’s not possible for Andrew to continue his position as colonel in chief of the nine military units, regiments and corps, due to the Duke’s friendship with Epstein, Maxwell and Maxwell.