WORLD EXCLUSIVE – Ghislaine Maxwell, a prisoner of war, speaks out to the Mail Sunday from behind bars. Heiress explains how she was forced to quit taking showers in jail and let rats live inside her cells.

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Ghislaine Maxill has claimed that she is being forced to give up taking showers due to the stares of ‘creepy guards.’

Tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday features a world exclusive in which the heiress describes the misery she has endured at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center. The heiress said conditions were so terrible that a rat could be found next to her cell’s open sewer while she uses the bathroom.

She stated, “I used go to the loo with an opening sewer drain. A friendly rat would often visit.” 

“I informed the guards but nothing was done until a rat emerged and charged a guard, who ran screaming in terror. 

“Finally, it was covered.

Maxwell can face a maximum sentence of 80 years imprisonment if she is found guilty of procuring and abusing young girls to be married to Jeffrey Epstein.

In a world exclusive published in tomorrow's Mail on Sunday, Ghislaine Maxwell has spoken of the hell of her life in Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, saying that conditions are so bad a rat would sit beside an open sewer in her cell as she went to the toilet (Pictured: Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein at an event in New York in 1995)

Ghislaine Maxill has written a special world article in Tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday about the horrors of Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center. She said that she was forced to use the open sewer as her toilet. (Pictured by Jeffrey Epstein and GhislaineMaxwell at an event held in New York City in 1995.

As the trial draws near, she has pleaded no guilty to all charges. She also stated that she would vigorously contest her innocence before the court.

Maxwell who received a refusal of bail last week said that she was afraid it would be impossible for her to have a fair trial.

Maxwell is currently being held at the New York prison since 16 months after her arrest.

She complained that she was kept in isolation for so long.

Maxwell and Prince Andrew’s relationship will once again be in the limelight, with jury selection starting on Monday. The six-week trial scheduled to begin on November 29.

Virginia Roberts, a woman who says she was allegedly “sex trafficked” to Prince Eric three times. The first was when she was only 17 years old. Maxwell is likely to confront her across the courtroom.

Maxwell faces a maximum of 80 years in prison if found guilty of abusing and procuring young girls for her ex-boyfriend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein (Pictured: Maxwell being led to court in an artist's sketch on November 1)

Maxwell is facing a maximum 80 year sentence if she’s found guilty for abusing or procuring teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew denies every claim and claims that he has never met Ms Roberts.

Maxwell has been described as a “monster” by Ms Roberts, who added that she was “vicious and pure evil”. Epstein was a paedophile, but Ghislaine is the mastermind.

Mail on Sunday features an exclusive interview with Maxwell’s Paratrooper ex-guardian during the 11 months between Epstein’s August 2019 suicide and her arrest July 2020.

Interviewer Daphne Barak is told by him the extreme measures taken to hide her location, including the hiring of lookalikes in order to keep the media off her trail.

Tomorrow’s Mail will have the complete story.