Well-wishers have raised £10,000 in just one day for the funeral of a schoolboy who was mauled to death by a 115lb dog in South Wales.

The grieving family of Jack Lis, 10, set up the fundraiser on behalf of his mother Emma Whitfield to raise funds for his funeral costs.

Jack died from ‘severe injuries to the head and neck’ that were described as ‘unsurvivable’ after he was attacked by a ‘Beast’ dog at his friend’s house in Penyrheol, Caerphilly, on Monday.

A 115lb dog that had been only with Lee Jenkins for a few days was attacked by the boy. Newport inquest revealed that the attack resulted in the animal being returned to his family.

Now, around 900 kind strangers have raised more than £10,000 in just one day via the fundraiser, which was set up by Ms Whitfield’s cousin Matthew Young.

Around 900 strangers have raised more than £10,000 after the heartbroken family of 10-year-old schoolboy Jack Lis (pictured) set up a campaign to raise funds for his funeral costs

Around 900 strangers have raised more than £10,000 after the heartbroken family of 10-year-old schoolboy Jack Lis (pictured) set up a campaign to raise funds for his funeral costs

Mr Young initially set up the GoFundMe campaign on Friday with a modest target of £5,000 before doubling it following a string of generous donations from well-wishers.

The page description reads: “Many people expressed deepest sympathy and asked for donations to pay funeral expenses to support the family during this difficult time.

“So, it is with great heartache that i write this in order to offer those who wish to donate, a space to do so. 

Jack was a caring, loving young boy. He will be missed and will always remain in our hearts. Fly high, sweet, sweet boy.

The fundraising campaign incredibly racked up more than 900 donations in just 24 hours, reaching a staggering total of £11,748. 

Mister Young expressed his gratitude to everyone who donated and sent him ‘love, thoughts and love’ on Saturday. He explained that the campaign was set up to allow Jack’s family time to grieve while they don’t have to think about funeral expenses.

Jack died from 'severe injuries to the head and neck' after he was attacked by a 'Beast' 15-month-old dog (pictured) at his friend's house in Penyrheol, Caerphilly, on Monday

Jack, a 15-month old wolfhound, attacked him at Penyrheol in Caerphilly on Monday, causing’severe injury to his head and neck.

He stated that Jack should have the most wonderful send off after such an awful end to his life.

“I created this page in order to assist Jack’s family with their grief. I have removed the stress of trying to fund a funeral and any other expenses that may arise due to this tragedy. 

Jack’s parents were not responsible for the change in the target. Mr Young said that he was asked about the reason behind the alteration.

He said, “It is terrible that I must try to add an amount to something so devastating and emotionally as this. But it is a requirement for the site. Jack’s parents are not responsible for the increase. 

After an inquest, it comes. Jack had been seen ‘playing outside with a friend’ before his death.

Following classes, the two went to the home of a neighboring friend in another street. This is where the dog attack took place. 

Caroline Saunders was the senior coroner and stated that Jack was attacked when he entered his home.

Jack died from severe head and neck injuries, according to the coroner. 

Jack’s identity was confirmed by photos of his family that were provided to the Royal Gwent Hospital mortuary manager.

Miss Saunders claimed Jack’s death was ‘violent’ and therefore opened an inquest. 

The 115lb dog, which had only been with his friend's family for a matter of days after being sold by roofer Lee Jenkins (pictured), savaged the boy in a 'violent and unnatural' attack

This 115-pound boy, who had just been in his family for a few days since being sold to Lee Jenkins (pictured), attacked the boy with a violent and unnatural attack.

After that, the coroner called off the inquest to enable ‘further inquiries’ be conducted and said it would resume at a later time. 

Jack’s grieving family made a public tribute to Jack after the hearing.

Their words were: “We are devastated.” Jack will forever change our lives. This should not be something that any parent ever has to put into writing.

“We want to write so many things about our handsome boy but it doesn’t seem like enough.

We love him more that words can express. He made our family the most proud of him. He was the most loving of all boys.

We will miss his quirky stories and funny ways forever. We will always remember him. Sweet dreams Jack, our perfect boy.’

Lee Jenkins had sold the roofer Lee Jenkins. The dog, which was so powerful that it attacked the schoolboy’s friend for just a few days.

Jenkins described the dog as a Beast after he put it up for sale on Facebook. Jenkins said the 15-month old dog liked other dogs, and was great with people.

Facebook advert described the animal at 24ttw, which is about the same height as a Labrador and weighing in at 115lbs.

A coroner heard his injuries were 'unsurvivable' with a pathologist giving the provisional cause of Jack's death as severe head and neck wounds. Pictured: Floral tributes for Jack in Penyrheol

According to a coroner, his injuries weren’t able to survive. A pathologist determined that Jack had suffered severe head- and neck wounds. Pictured: Floral tributes for Jack in Penyrheol

After it unleashed a terror attack on Jack, the powerful white and brown beast was killed seven times by armed police officers.

The animal’s neighbors described its ‘huge muscle’ appearance as it was seen from Jack’s shoulders moments after Jack’s passing.

According to police, a dog law expert was brought in by the authorities to inspect the features of the dog to determine if they are allowed to live in the UK.

Chief Superintendent Mark Hobrough indicated that specialists will examine the character of the dog in order to decide if the breed is banned.

“We’re looking into any possible offences, and taking all actions necessary to make this an investigation,” he said.

The Caerphilly, 28-year old woman was charged with being responsible for a dangerously uncontrolled dog that caused injury leading to death. Later, she was released under conditional bail.

A 34-year old man from Mountain Ash and a 19 year-old male from Caerphilly attended the meeting voluntarily to discuss the offence of dangerously controlling a dog resulting in injury or death. 

Later, both were released.