Ghislaine Maxwell ‘will take the stand to save her life’ amid child sex and trafficking charges

  • The 59-year-old says she ‘will do whatever it takes’ to clear her name at her trial
  • High-profile trials for sex abuse involve defendants who often choose not to provide evidence.
  • Maxwell will be facing child sex- and trafficking charges in New York during a trial

Ghislaine Maxwell is prepared to take the witness stand in an effort ‘to save her own life’, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The 59-year-old says she ‘will do whatever it takes’ to clear her name at her trial, which begins in New York tomorrow.

A source close to Ms Maxwell, who faces life in prison if convicted of child sex and trafficking charges, said: ‘Ghislaine is absolutely prepared to take the stand. She will do anything to protect her life.

‘She has never shied away from the truth and she is looking forward to her day in court.’ Defendants in high-profile sex abuse trials often decide not to give evidence and instead put pressure on prosecutors to prove their case.

Ms Maxwell, whose designer wardrobe has been tailored to accommodate her severe weight loss while on remand, fears being scapegoated for the crimes of her ex-boyfriend

Ms Maxwell’s designer clothes were designed to help her lose weight while she is on remand. She fears that her ex-boyfriend will make her feel guilty for her crimes.

However, Ms Maxwell is worried about being made a scapegoat for her crimes against Jeffrey Epstein, her serial paedophile ex-boyfriend.

If she feels the need, her defence team will take her case before the jury.

‘Ghislaine is not over-confident by any means but she knows she is telling the truth,’ said the source.

‘She has no fear about getting in the witness box.’

Fourteen-year-old Ms Maxwell will accuse four of her abuse. Two of the four women will claim that Ms. Maxwell abused them, and one when she was just 14. However, the judge has said that they cannot use testimony from the other two because they are not underage.

The source explained: ‘One is a British accuser who was 17 when the alleged activities took place but that is above the legal age in the UK.’

Annie Farmer (16) was another victim of sexual assault in New Mexico. Annie is the age that New Mexico law allows for consent.

‘This is a huge blow to the prosecution,’ the source said. ‘They cannot prove two of their witnesses were underage so the judge will instruct the jury that their testimony cannot be used to convict Ghislaine.’

Ms Maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I am innocent.’