As Wagatha Christie’s battle escalates, Coleen Rooney and her legal team search for Rebekah Vardy’s closet skeletons.

Coleen Rooney’s legal team is putting more pressure on Rebekah Varidy her rival to drop her libel suit by reaching out to former colleagues and friends to try to collect evidence she leak information.

Sunday’s Mail can confirm that Mrs Rooney and her team spent six weeks asking for documents from Mrs Vardy’s work colleagues as well as personal friends. This goes back over a decade.

Sources familiar with the so-called “Wagatha Christie” legal battle claim Mrs Rooney’s investigations reached an “extraordinary degree” with letters being sent to numerous colleagues of Mrs Vardy in particular the years 2014 to 2019, during which she was closely involved with the media and became an international celebrity.

Row: Coleen Rooney's legal team have spent six weeks requesting documents from associates of Rebekah Vardy (pictured with Nicola McLean in 2018) dating back more than a decade

Row: Coleen and her legal team spent six weeks requesting documents for Rebekah Vardy’s associates (pictured in 2018 with Nicola McLean). This document request dates back over a decade.

These letters ask for information to support Mrs Rooney’s claims that her rival leaked lies about her private life and sent them to a newspaper. These claims are denied by Mrs Vardy, who is furious.

This news is coming after Stephen Clarke (58), Mrs Vardy’s ex husband, was asked to testify as a witness in support of Mrs Rooney. He said he doesn’t have plans to.

Sources say that Coleen’s representatives are now reaching out to people who knew Becky or worked with her at the start of Becky’s quest for fame. Even those who have never spoken or dealt with Becky were contacted to learn more.

“Some people that have been reached are very random.” There are many letters flying right now.

Even though legal teams often seek evidence prior to trials, sources suggest that the unusually muscular approach to Mrs Vardy’s settlement is intended to motivate her to avoid a humiliating public hearing at High Court.

Drama: Letters request information that may support Mrs Rooney's (pictured in 2015) claim her rival leaked false stories about her private life to a newspaper. Mrs Vardy denies those claims

Drama: Mrs Vardy denies those claims. Mrs Vardy refutes these claims 

However, sources close to Mrs Vardy claim that she is strong enough to keep going and will clear her name.

Jamie Vardy’s 39-year-old spouse said last week that aspects of their legal case have taken a “dark twist” over recent weeks.

She wrote in an online blog: “I feel it is time for me to speak out more.” It’s a threat.

In October 2019, Mrs Rooney (35), the wife of ex-England player Wayne, accused Mrs Vardy, of leaked stories. She also revealed her own investigative work, drawing comparisons to Agatha Christie, a crime writer.

In an attempt to verify the identity of the mole Mrs Rooney created fake Instagram stories. However, only one person could view them.

When Mrs Rooney wouldn’t withdraw the claim and apologize, Mrs Vardy flatly denied it. 

The two women have already run up estimated total legal costs of £1.4 million.