Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother stated that he believes that prison guards have ‘physically abuse’ his sister, and that her treatment in Brooklyn jail is a human rights’ abuse that is designed to break her.  

Ian Maxwell told interviewers that he thinks his sister British socialite and Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell has experienced ‘physical abuse at the hands of her guards.’ 

Sky News reported that he didn’t believe Ghislaine would give a black eye to himself. “I believe she has been subject to some physical abuse from her guards.” 

He also stated that his sister has been denied pre-trial release applications despite her being 15 pounds lighter and being incarcerated, making it harder for her prepare a defense.  

Sky News: He said that it was designed to break her. It’s just unjust. It is a fundamental violation of human rights. That is quite shocking. 

Ghislaine was allegedly involved in sexual assault and grooming teenage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.  

British socialite and Jeffrey Epstein's ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell's brother said her treatment inside a Brooklyn jail is a 'human rights' abuse that is 'designed to break her'

British socialite and Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother said her treatment inside a Brooklyn jail is a ‘human rights’ abuse that is ‘designed to break her’

Ghislaine has been held inside Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, for almost 500 days now and allegedly experienced 'physical abuse' from her prison guards, Ian said

Ghislaine was held in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center for nearly 500 days. She allegedly suffered ‘physical abuse’ by her guards, Ian stated.

In a photo released by her lawyer earlier this year, Ghislaine can be seen with a black eye. Her brother reported that she has lost15 pounds and incarceration has made it harder for her to prepare a defense

In a photo released earlier this year by her lawyer, Ghislaine is seen with a dark eye. Her brother said she had lost 15 pounds, and that her imprisonment made it difficult for her prepare a defense. 

He also accused the US authorities in a ‘disinformation attack’ against his sister.

Ghislaine – who is being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, until her trial next month –  has been accused of procuring teenage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse. 

She has been held in prison for 486 days, which is more than Epstein’s time in prison. While she awaits her trial, which will begin on November 29, she is being kept in a small, isolated cell.

Her multiple applications to be granted bail pre-trial – which has been granted to other big named cases, such as Harvey Weinstein and Derek Chauvin –  has been denied. 

A federal judge cited her citizenship from three countries and her immense wealth as reasons for her flight risk. 

Ghislaine was charged with sex trafficking. Now her family is wondering if she will be given a fair trial.  

Ian blames Epstein for the inconsistency of the many news programs and documentaries that covered Epstein’s crimes. 

Sky News: He stated that there is no other way to view this other than the way the accused have set it up and their attorneys. This strikes me as a campaign to prejudice my sister in public’s eyes. 

She has been charged with sexual assault for allegedly grooming young women for her ex Epstein to abuse (pictured: the couple in 2005)

She was accused of sexual assault for allegedly preparing young women for her ex Epstein (pictured: the couple in 2005).

Ian claimed he only met Epstein once while Ghislaine and him dated

Ghislaine and Ian dated, but Ian claimed Epstein was the only time they met. 

Ian blamed Virginia Giuffre (pictured in pink) as one of the reasons his sister's supporters aren't going public. 'There is an image out there with her being next to Prince Andrew with his arm around her and Ghislaine in the back,' Ian said. 'That image is a very, very powerful image that has been gone around the world and has set the tone' (pictured: Prince Andrew with Giuffre and Maxwell (in white)

Ian blamed Virginia Giuffre (pictured here in pink) for the reason his sister’s supporters aren’t going public. Ian stated that there was an image of her next to Prince Andrew, with his arm around her and Ghislaine at the back. “That image is a very powerful image that has been spread around the globe and has set the tone.” (pictured: Prince Andrew (in white) with Giuffre (in white).

He claimed that US authorities had transferred presumed guilt onto his sister and that Epstein’s suicide was an example of failure in the US judicial system. 

Sky News reported that Jeffrey Epstein had simply transferred presumed guilt without any supporting evidence. “Just because she was in a relationship. He then dies and they have to find someone to take his place. 

He said that her reputation had been ‘comprehensively damaged’ and that she was being punished ‘prior conviction. 

“The mountain of accusations made against it [her reputation]It is broadcasted around the world and loudly hollered at. I have to ask myself, “Are we going to get fair trials?”  

Sky News interviewed Ian, who admitted that he had not spoken to his sister in prison since her release. However, he said that if she was convicted, he would be shocked. 

Maxwell last saw Ghislaine in London in 2019, when all the siblings returned home to celebrate their father’s 96th birthday. He claimed that he had only once met Epstein.

He told Good Morning America that he had no memory of Epstein. “I had no knowledge of the life or the lifestyle that Ghislaine led in any great detail. 

Ghislaine is being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center until her trial. She has applied multiple times to be released on bail pre-trial and a federal judge has denied her due to her citizenship in three countries and her immense wealth

Ghislaine is being held in the Metropolitan Detention Center till her trial. She has tried multiple times to be released pre-trial on bail, but a federal judge denied her because she is a citizen of three countries and has a lot of wealth. 

Ghislaine (pictured in a court drawing) is set to go to trial on November 29

Ghislaine (pictured as a court drawing). She will be going on trial on 29 November

He also said that she has lots support from her siblings.

Ian stated that ‘we as a family are behind [she], solidly behind her,” Good Morning America reported in March. He also confirmed that her siblings are behind her and believe she is innocent. 

Epstein is not her. Epstein was guilty. He did it. He was going to do a lot more. But she isn’t him. He said it to Good Morning America, “I don’t know how many times I need to repeat it,” he added. 

“She deserves to be treated like Ghislaine, presumed innocence, get on the defense, tell me what you have to tell us, and then let’s the jury decide.” 

Ian said he has not seen his sister in-person since June 2019, where all the siblings (pictured) came together to celebrate their father's 96th birthday in London. Ian also stated that all the siblings support their sister and believe in her innocence

Ian stated that he hadn’t seen his sister in person since June 2019, when all siblings (pictured) met together to celebrate the 96th anniversary of their father in London. Ian stated that all of his siblings support his sister and believe in the innocence of her. 

Ghislaine has received lots of mail from her incarceration, Ian stated. Ghislaine’s close friends have also sent letters to support her failed bail applications. 

Insider was told by he that there’s a lot cuckoo mail and mail you don’t want to share with your closest and dearest. “But there is also a large postbag of supportive mail, from Americans who realize that what’s happening her is unjust.

Ian’s convinced one of the reasons his sister doesn’t have an outpouring of public support is because of one of Epstein’s alleged victims Virginia Giuffre, who accused Ghislaine, Epstein, and other powerful figures, including Prince Andrew, of sexual misconduct.  

Ian said that there was an image of her next to Prince Andrew, with his arm around her and Ghislaine in her back. 

He stated that the image was a powerful and powerful image that has been shared around the world and set the tone. It is the image that people associate with this horrible business. 

Giuffre is not a complainant in Ghislaine’s case. 

Epstein was also accused by 23 other women.