Bobbi Sternheim, Ghislaine Maxwell’s defence attorney, took aim at all four victims in scathing opening remarks Monday. 

Let’s discuss those four accusers. Sternheim stated, “It’s Jane (Annie), Kate (and Carolyn”). 

Annie Farmer, the only accuser who is not using pseudonyms, has identified herself. Four women will testify regarding the sexual abuse suffered by Maxwell, Epstein and their underage selves. 

Sternheim termed one victim a ‘consummate actress’, before questioning the character of others and questioning past drug abuse.   

Lawyer Bobbi Sternheim took the floor to deliver the defense's opening statements Monday, saying she is 'proud' to represent Maxwell

Bobbi Sternheim was the first to speak Monday. She said she was proud to be Maxwell’s lawyer

Sternheim branded one victim 'a consummate actress' before undermining the others, questioning their character and past drug abuse

 Sternheim branded one victim ‘a consummate actress’ before undermining the others, questioning their character and past drug abuse


Sternheim introduced Jane as a talented musician and singer of a musical family.

Jeffrey Epstein, she said, was a patron of the arts. She sponsored actors and musicians as well as actresses.

Ghislaine Maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison if found guilty. This photo was entered into evidence yesterday

Ghislaine Maxwell could face up to 80 year imprisonment if convicted. Yesterday, this photo was taken and entered in evidence

Epstein, Sternheim said, became Jane’s benefactor and paid for her schooling, vocal lessons and even cosigned  for an apartment on Wall Street where Jane lived with her mother and brothers. 

Prosecutors claim that the victim, who was 14 at the time she met Maxwell and Epstein, was sexually abused between 1994-97 in New York City and Palm Beach.  

 ‘A month before Epstein’s arrest in 2019, Jane did not want to be involved in any criminal case regarding Epstein,’ Sternheim said. ‘But after Epstein died, she changed her mind.  

‘When money was on the line, she changed her mind. The lawyer she hired was her client. She then got in touch to the government. 

‘Why? Because assisting the government would help a claim with the Epstein fund.’

Sterheim added that once Epstein died and Jane had a lawyer by her side she suddenly ‘remembers all this horror that happened to her and places Ghislaine at the center of it all.’  

There were hundreds of incidents that occurred to her, that no one else knew about. This includes her mother’s, brothers’, teachers and staff members at the house. All of these things are claimed by the government.

Sternheim said that ‘Jane’ is a now a successful actress on a soap opera and has been on sitcoms, reality shows, movies, podcasts and drama series. 

She is an excellent actress. She can play many roles. Sternheim stated that her characters and scripts change as she plays them. This will affect the story you’ll hear in courtroom. 

I ask that you examine her testimony and find inconsistencies. Ghislaine was her tag when she had to make a quick buck.

Sternheim disclosed that Jane was awarded $5million by the victims fund. 

Annie Farmer is the only accuser to have her identity revealed. Prosecutors claims Maxwell encouraged her to massage Epstein

Annie Farmer is the only accuser to have her identity revealed. Prosecutors claims Maxwell encouraged her to massage Epstein

Annie Farmer  

Annie Farmer is not the only person whose identity has been revealed. 

She claims she was under 18 when she was flown to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch and was groomed with shopping and movie trips in 1996.

Prosecutors claim Maxwell encouraged Annie Farmer to massage Epstein..

Sternheim presented Monday’s presentation by saying, “Let’s just go back to Annie.” “Whatever Annie claims happened, Annie didn’t believe she was a victim until much later.

Annie believed that Annie was being convinced by other people. 

Sternheim said, “Interestingly, she will say that she has stopped writing in her journal before the New Mexico events she will testify about,” Sternheim continued. 

Annie (41 years old) is now a psychotherapist. Sternheim asserts that she saw Maxwell in Santa Fe once, but that she never saw again. Epstein was also absent, and Annie has not traveled to New York since then. 

Sternheim explained that Sternheim believes she is now promoting herself as victim and speaking publicly. You should be rethinking why she was even included in this case. Our perspective is that what occurred in New Mexico was not unlawful conduct according to the terms of this Indictment.

Sternheim stated to the jury that Annie would claim she was scarred from New Mexico’s events.   

Ask yourself this question: “If it was so traumatizing why does she still keep the boots Epstein claimed she purchased to her for Santa Fe in snake-filled Santa Fe? Boots that are well-worn for over two decades.”  

Sternheim stated Farmer was paid $1.5million for “whatever she claimed and didn’t believe she was being victimized in Santa Fe.”

Farmer claims she was under 18 when she was flown to Epstein's New Mexico ranch (pictured) and was groomed with shopping and movie trips in 1996

Farmer claimed she was just 18 years old when she was taken to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch. She was then taken on shopping trips and movies in 1996.

In this courtroom sketch, Ghislaine Maxwell enters the courtroom escorted on Monday

This courtroom sketch shows Ghislaine Maxwell entering the courtroom, escorted by her husband on Monday 


Maxwell is charged with being friend to the third victim, a woman known in London as Kate. He groomed her from 1994 through 1995. 

Prosecutors say Maxwell introduced Maxwell to Epstein, and she encouraged Maxwell to offer her massages. They knew that this would lead to sexual abuse.

Prosecutors claim Maxwell introduced girls to Epstein and encouraged them to give him massages, knowing it would lead to sexual abuse

Prosecutors say Maxwell introduced Epstein to girls, and they encouraged them to get him massages. They knew it would lead to sexual abuse.

Sternheim stated, “Kate has acknowledged that she is ambitious. She lived a life of luxury.

“Before meeting Ghislaine or Epstein she was in an affair with a man twice as old, an Oxford classmate, friend of Ghislaine, and a well-known older British gentleman.

Sternheim stated that Kate was over the legal age for consent in the U.K., New York, Florida, and “anywhere she claimed she had been”.

Kate was then attacked by the attorney for her drug-related use in the time she would testify. She claimed that this ‘fogged’ her memory.

Sternheim stated to the jury that Sternheim revealed that Sternheim had learned from her that Epstein was a person she enjoyed spending time with. “But, what’s really remarkable is her emails to Jeffrey Epstein. They continued a long-standing relationship for more than a decade. 

She kept in contact with Epstein during his imprisonment and eagerly sent photos of herself to him. After his sentence ended she reached out to him eagerly, eager for him to contact her and allow her stay with them.

Now 44, ‘Kate’ is a former model, actress, and socialite of the United Kingdom. Sternheim explained that she had lived in the States for several years. 

“When Epstein was killed, she pointed fingers at Ghislaine. You should be wondering why she is here. She is no  alleged to be a victim in this case.’

 Sterheim revealed she received $3.25million from the victims fund and said she is seeking  assistance from the government to help her to get a visa –  a ‘special visa for government witnesses.’

“Now, while three-and-a-quarter million dollars may seem like a large sum of money, it can’t buy you visas. Maybe her testimony will. Sternheim added, “You’ll evaluate it.” 

The final accuser lived in Florida and was about 14 when she was recruited to give Epstein 'sexual' massages for money at his Palm Beach mansion, prosecutors claim

Prosecutors claim that the last accuser was from Florida. She was just 14 when Epstein hired her to provide’sexual massages’ at his Palm Beach house.


The final accuser lived in Florida and was about 14 when she was recruited to give Epstein ‘sexual’ massages for money at his Palm Beach mansion, prosecutors claim. 

According to the government, Maxwell would arrange massages for her and even send gifts including lingerie. Maxwell claims she was abused between 2001 and 2004. 

Sternheim lashed out at “Carolyn” and claimed that she had a troubled past. She also claims that she was using drugs and lived a risky lifestyle during Epstein’s time with her.  

Sternheim responded, “Let’s just take a moment,” There’s another time frame in which we are now. Our current time is 2002. Jane and Annie were around the middle to late 1990s. Kate was in 2000.

Sternheim stated that Carolyn was brought to Epstein, not by Maxwell. But by Virginia Roberts who was one of Epstein’s most prominent victims.  She claimed Roberts was paid by Epstein to recruit females for him to get massages. 

‘She offered the opportunity to Carolyn to meet Epstein, and Carolyn readily agreed,’ Sternheim said, adding that Maxwell had nothing to do with it. 

Sternheim stated that Carolyn’s story had changed drastically, “just like other accusers.” 

In a startling accusation, Sternheim said it was Carolyn who groomed and trafficked other girls to Epstein. 

‘And after Epstein died and there was money to be had, her lawyer contacted the government, and now her story included Ghislaine,’ Sternheim said.  

Carolyn was able to claim $3.5 million from the fund.