Russia is developing an AI similar to Minority Report that can predict protests and riots.

  • Russia’s Emergency Situations Ministry said to be developing special AI software
  • Technology will use machine learning to detect and prevent riots and protests 
  • The software is set to be rolled out in 2022 as part of Russia’s ‘Safe City’ project
  • The latest in a Kremlin-led crackdown against dissent began with Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment

Russia has been accused of developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI), software that can predict, then stop, riots or protests as part of the Kremlin’s latest crackdown on dissidents.

Machine learning will be used to perform a multi-factor analysis to determine the probability of unauthorised events and riots taking place. This information is then sent to security agencies.

The country’s Emergency Situations Ministry is planning to have the technology in place in 2022, according to the Kommersant news website.

This software can also analyze news and CCTV data in order to predict riots. It has been compared to Minority Report by Tom Cruise.

Russia is believed to be developing a special Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to predict and then prevent riots and protests in the latest part of a Kremlin crackdown on dissent. Pictured: Pro Alexei Navalny protestors clash with police in January following his arrest

Russia may be working on an Artificial Intelligence software (AI), which will help to prevent and control riots. This is the latest in a Kremlin clampdown against dissent. Photo: In January, protestors from Pro Alexei Navalny clashed with police.

Precrime is a police division that arrests individuals based upon their foreknowledge about the crimes they will commit. This movie was a blockbuster in Hollywood. 

Rostec, a state-owned conglomerate is suspected to have been behind the production of the software via its data business, The National Center of Informatization. 

As part of the Kremlin’s Safe City project, it plans to make the software available next year.

The software may also distinguish between anti-government protests from religious and political rallies, according to reports.

And if the system is unable to predict the event before it begins, it can ‘help prevent escalation’ through monitoring crowds and assisting police forces.

Vladimir Putin is currently using the AI software to crack down on Russian dissidents.

The software will also analyse news, social media, CCTV and public transport data to foresee upcoming riots, and has drawn comparisons to the Tom Cruise film Minority Report (pictured)

Software can analyse data from public transport, CCTV, news media and social media to forecast upcoming riots. This has led to comparisons with the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report (pictured).

It began in February, after vocal opposition leader Alexei Navalny was jailed for allegedly violating the conditions of a suspended sentence – sparking nationwide protests.

Since then, the crackdown against political opposition has not stopped.

According to reports, around one-third of Mr Navalny’s regional coordinates left Russia in order to travel east Europe following the ban on his group for being considered ‘extremist’.

New January law also prohibits individuals from ‘extremist-labelled’ organizations from running for office in elections for three to five year periods.

After a court bans the group, founders or leaders will be barred from running for office for five consecutive years.

Another rule change also dictates that any rally larger than one person must obtain permission from the authorities, but many opposition-leaning rallies are denied this.