Ghislaine Maxille Maxwell’s initial accuser, known as Jane, resumed her testimony Wednesday during cross-examination by the defense. 

Laura Menninger Maxwell’s lawyer questioned Jane, the alleged victim. She attempted to subvert Jane’s memory on Day 3 of Maxwell’s sexual trafficking trial. 

Menninger claimed that Jane gave different versions of their first encounter at Interlochen’s arts academy in Michigan, 1994. 

“You’ve come up with the memory within the past two years?” Jane was asked by Menninger to testify on Jane’s behalf. Jane replied, “I don’t think I’ve come up with any memory. 

Menninger told the court then that Jane doesn’t remember Maxwell touching her. 

Jane stated, “That’s false!”    

This is after the explosive Tuesday testimony in which Jane accused Maxwell, in her own words, of being in the same room as Maxwell and participating in his sexual abuse of Jane.  

Maxwell's lawyer Laura Menninger questioned the alleged victim - who is using the pseudonym Jane - and attempted to undermine the accuser's memory

Laura Menninger Maxwell’s lawyer questioned Jane, the victim. Jane is using the pseudonym Jane. She attempted to erase Maxwell from memory.

Ghislaine Maxwell's first accuser known as 'Jane' resumed testimony Wednesday under cross examination from the defense

Ghislaine Maxill’s first accuser, known as Jane, resumed her testimony Wednesday during cross-examination by the defense

Menninger said that Jane has given different accounts of her first meeting with Epstein and Maxwell at the Interlochen arts academy in Michigan in 1994

Menninger stated that Jane had given different versions of the first time she met Epstein and Maxwell in Michigan’s Interlochen Arts Academy in 1994.

Menninger wanted to know if Jane had ever testified that Epstein was her only guest at Epstein’s Palm Beach house. Jane said yes. 

Jane had previously said something to the government and the attorney began reading the document. This led to the prosecution’s objection. 

Menniger claimed that Jane informed the government that Jane was there with her brothers and mother when Epstein visited Epstein’s house in the beginning. 

Jane responded that Jane doesn’t recall that and said, “Memory does not follow a linear pattern.” 

Menninger asked Jane whether Maxwell had ever seen her have oral sex with Epstein. 

Jane claimed that she didn’t.  

Menniger replied, “Look at that document.” 

Judge Nathan ordered a break.  

Isabel Maxwell, sister of Ghislaine Maxwell, arrives at court for the third day of the trial

Isabel Maxwell (sister to Ghislaine Maxwell) arrives in court on the third day.

Jane Testimony Day 1

Jane, who was then 14 at the time of her first’sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein’, took to the stands. 

On Tuesday afternoon’s testimony, she said Maxwell was there during the alleged abuse. After the judge assured her that she could not be drawn by the sketch artists, Maxwell was seen wearing a grey wrap-around sweater and black pants. 

Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is on trial for sex trafficking charges. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges

Maxwell, aged 59, is currently being held on sex trafficking and sexual assault charges. Maxwell, 59, is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She has pleaded no guilty to all charges

She detailed to Prosecutor Alison Moe how Epstein would have her ‘straddle his face’, ‘pinch his nipples’ and described the first sexual encounter that took place in 1994 when he took her into a pool house and  ‘proceeded to masturbate on me.’

Jane claimed Epstein was asking her what she wanted with her life. She said that Epstein asked her whether she would like to become an opera singer, an actress, or a model. He said, “I know everyone, I know photographers, agents. I can make it happen, but you need to be prepared for it.”

“The conversation abruptly ended, we were in his offices, and he asked us to follow our lead.” 

They headed outside and Epstein settled on the sofa to his right. 

“He pulled my pants down and pulled me up on his own, then he began to masturbating on me. He then got up, pulled me on top of himself and began to masturbating. She said. 

“I was afraid and frozen.” It was something I hadn’t seen before. It was terrifying and it made me feel gross. I felt ashamed’.

She continued to spend time with Maxwell and Epstein, and soon after she met Maxwell for the first time. 

Maxwell and Epstein were speaking when Maxwell said ‘all of sudden, follow me’. She led Epstein to his bedroom at Palm Beach. 

They came in the bedroom to take off their clothes. Jane stated that they began to kiss and giggling. I was standing there when he approached me and asked me to take off my top. Then he demanded that we hold hands. [were]Jeffrey started to masturbate everywhere, and Ghislaine began to smear him.  

Jane stated that Maxwell seemed’very casual’ during the encounter, and that he acted “like it was completely normal.” It was confusing. I was confused. 

“Did Maxwell touch you?” asked the prosecutor. 

Jane answered, “Yes,” and said that the sexual abuse occurred ‘everytime I visited his home’. 

Jane said yes to Epstein’s question when she was asked about touching her. Everywhere.’  

The voice of the woman was strong and deep. She only faltered in her description of Epstein’s alleged sex acts to her in graphic detail. 

Maxwell didn’t appear to respond to Jane’s testimonies, even when Jane called her attention in court to identify herself.

Wearing a black high-neck top and grey cardigan, Jane  had a tissue scrunched up in her hand and nabbed her nose when she became emotional. When she said that Epstein would touch her ‘everywhere’, Jane’s voice started shaking.

Ghislaine Maxwell's first accuser known as 'Jane' took the stand Tuesday to testify that she was 14 years old when she first had 'sexual contact' with Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell’s initial accuser was known as Jane. She testified Tuesday that she was just 14 when she made her first’sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein.

She detailed how Epstein would have her 'straddle his face', 'pinch his nipples' and took her into a pool house and then 'proceeded to masturbate on me'

She described how Epstein wanted her to’straddle her face’, “pinch his nose” and take her into a poolhouse. Then she ‘proceeded on me masturbating.”

The woman shuffled back in her seat, took off her jacket and looked a bit hot.

Jane did not make eye contact with Maxwell for more than a few seconds, but he looked away from his witness box.

Jane was only able to glance in Maxwell’s direction one time. 

Jane began to visit Epstein’s house more often and she said that Maxwell and Epstein would teach her how to massage Maxwell.

Jane said that Jane liked the feeling of rubbing her shoulders and twisting his nipples.

Ghislaine Maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison if found guilty. This photo was entered into evidence yesterday

Ghislaine Maxwell could face up to 80 year imprisonment if convicted. Yesterday, this photo was taken and entered in evidence

Jane later claimed that Epstein wanted Jane to twist his nipples as he was abusing Jane.

Jane was asked about Maxwell’s personality during the interview. Jane replied that it seemed casual and very common. It’s nothing major’.

Jane said it made her feel ‘confused because that did not feel normal to me because I had never seen anything like that and it was very embarrassing….when you’re 14 you have no idea what’s going on’.

Jane answered the question, “breasts and vagina” when Epstein was asking if he had touched Jane’s body.

Moe inquired if Epstein had used sex toys. Epstein replied, “I am sorry to ask you that but could you please explain what happened.”

Jane seemed to be close to tears when she stated: “He liked vibrators. They were different sizes. Even a back masser. It would have been on my vagina even though it was painful, he said.

Jane replied that Maxwell had touched her mainly in the breasts when she was asked.

Moe wanted to know where Epstein loved to be touched. Jane answered that it was from head to toe and occurred ‘every time he visited his house.

Moe wanted to know if there are times that other people have sex. Jane answered the question, saying it was common in Epstein’s Palm Beach house.

Maxwell encouraged others to take off their clothes, Jeffrey would go on the massage table, and then it would be an orgy.

Jane stated, “It was oral sex between Jeffrey and me, kissing, oral sex with one another, oral sexual sex, full-on intercourse.”

Jane answered the question “yes” and said that vibrators were used for girls’ vaginas.

Moe inquired about the gender of other members in the orgy, and Jane replied: “Female.”

She was asked about their ages and replied, “Older then me, but I don’t really know.”

Moe was 14-16 when these types of sex were held. Moe asked her how frequently they took place. Moe replied, “Almost every visit.” (I went) once every two weeks.

Jane claimed that Maxwell and Epstein took her on a trip to New York, New Mexico and New York about 10 times between the ages of 14-16.

The jury was told that she found New York’s mansion creepy because it had so many pictures of naked girls.

Jane said during her testimony Tuesday that the abuse at his New York home would happen in the massage room

Jane stated Tuesday in her testimony that the New York abuse would take place at the home of his mother, Jane.

During the trips to New Mexico, Jane said she spent most of her time at his Zorro Ranch 'in the middle of nowhere'. She recalled a time when she was 15 and someone came into her room and said, 'Jeffrey wants to see you' and escorted her to see him

Jane claimed that during the New Mexico trips, she spent the majority of her time at Zorro Ranch, ‘inthe middle of nowhere’. Jane recalled when, at age 15, someone entered her bedroom and asked her if she wanted to meet Jeffrey. He then escorted her there. 

Jane described how in 1993 she was '12, going on 13' and living in Palm Beach, Florida with her family when tragedy struck - her father, a composer, died of leukemia. Pictured is Epstein's Palm Beach mansion

Jane shared the story of how she was 12 years old, 13 and still living in Palm Beach with her family. In 1993, her father, a composer died. Epstein’s Palm Beach house is shown.  

Jane shared how Epstein was introduced to her when she met him in 1993. When tragedy struck, her father, who was a composer, had died from leukemia. She was 12 years old, and she lived in Palm Beach with her family.

Jane stated that his employers had cancelled his insurance, and that he and their family went into bankruptcy.

In the summer following, her family raised enough money for her and her siblings to attend Interlochen, an arts camp in Michigan.

Jane spoke nine months later than her father’s death.

It was a day when she and her class were sitting on a bench, eating ice cream, when an imposing thin woman approached them.

Maxwell didn’t appear to respond to Jane’s testimonies, even when Jane called her in court to identify herself.

Jane explained that Jane had seen a Yorkie walking and she asked Jane if they could take the Yorkie home. The rest of my classmates needed to get to class so we began chit-chatting.

Soon after, a man approached Jane and Maxwell. Jane stated that he was eating his ice cream while Jane was talking to him. He seemed interested in my thoughts about the camp. They claimed they were big supporters of the camp and provided scholarships for different students.

Epstein responded to Jane’s claim that she came from Palm Beach. There are also our parents. Your parents’ names are: I said, “My father just died.”

Epstein claimed that he knew Jane’s mom and asked Jane for her number. Jane gave it to Epstein.

The woman seemed shocked, but she accepted it and ended the conversation with “nice to meet you”.

Jane, back in middle school, received a call from Epstein about a month after that. He asked Jane and her mother to come over for tea at Epstein’s Palm Beach home.

They met for about thirty minutes. Jane’s mother heard Epstein tell Jane that he was very impressed by Jane.

Jane started to make regular trips to Epstein’s house, Maxwell’s place of residence.

Jane stated that she was confused by their relationship and thought initially they were married. However, later it became clear that Jane wasn’t certain.

Maxwell was, according to her, approximately the same age of Maxwell as her older sibling.

Moe, the Prosecutor asked him: “How old were your first time you started to spend time with Epstein or Maxwell?”

Jane said, “Fourteen.”

Jane was shocked when Maxwell, four others and Jane were all naked in an early incident. Jane told the jury that she had never seen anything like it before.

Jane described Maxwell’s personality as “a little odd and bizarre” and stated that she “used to tease her, but she was kind.”

Jane commented, “It’s possible she might have said that I look like an older sister to you.” Jane’s elder sister Maxwell, who was only 27 at the time of Jane’s death, was still in her 30s.

Jane started to receive money from Epstein as soon as she left her house following each visit. This was a gesture of support for her mother, who Epstein told her every other week.

Jane began buying clothes from Epstein.

Six charges were brought against Ghislaine Maxiwell 


Conspire to lure minors to illegal sex acts (maximum sentence 5 years)  

 Incentive to minor to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts (20 years).

Conspiracy for minors to be transported with the intent of engaging in criminal sexual activities (20 years).

Transport of minors with the intent to engage criminal sexual activity (minimum 10 years, maximum life)

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking of Minors 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

She was accused of giving testimony in defamation proceedings in which she testified in 2016.  


Prosecutors allege that Maxwell groomed 3 girls in 1994 to 1997 to be used by Epstein. 

Although they aren’t named in the indictment she did allegedly target them in London and New York.

Maxwell, it’s alleged, would make friends with the girls, asking about their lives and schooling. It is alleged that Maxwell would take the girls to movies, and then go shopping with them, putting them at ease. This trust was enough to allow her to deliver them to Epstein later.

Prosecutors say that she undressed herself in front of the girls and asked sexual questions to ‘normalize the abuse’ later. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

This allegedly involves’sexualized groups massages’. 

Indictment states that Maxwell encouraged the girls to borrow money from Epstein and pay him for education. 

She gave Jane advice about her boyfriends, once telling her: ‘If you f*** them once you can f*** them again because they are grandfathered in’.

Jane commented, “I laughed because I did not understand what grandfathered meant.”

Maxwell and Epstein took Jane to Victoria’s Secret for her underwear purchase. Jane stated that she purchased the “basic white” type, which is what younger customers prefer to wear.

Maxwell, Epstein and Jane would boast about their encounters with famous figures like Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. Jane said that it left her feeling intimidated.

She said she traveled to his other homes about ten times in New York and New Mexico on Epstein’s private plane  and described the décor. 

‘Art, sculptures. Photos of Presidents, famous people. She recalled that she thought some of this art was strange – naked women and creepy animals. 

She stated that the New York man would abuse his home in the room where he was a massage therapist. 

Jane claimed that during her New Mexico trips, she spent most time at Zorro Ranch in the’middle of nowhere’.  

Jane wept when Jane spoke of Epstein’s assistant entering her bedroom at the ranch and telling her that he wanted to have her in his room. ‘I felt my heart sink. He was too good for me.

The prosecutor asked her if she needed to go into detail. She seemed a bit hurt when she described the abuse. Moe repeatedly demanded that she repeat the questions but failed to comprehend. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot of the “Lolita Express” has testified as a prosecution witness during Day 2 at Ghislaine Maxill’s trial

Laura Menninger, Maxwell’s attorney, interrogated Jane and asked if she believed that Jane had waited twenty years before speaking to law enforcement.

Jane was right.

Menninger asked Jane if she was right when she said that she had “escaped” Epstein in 1999. She confirmed this.

Menninger claimed that Epstein’s death was the first time Menninger spoke to law enforcement. Jane answered, “Yes.”

Menninger stated that Jane spoke to her family and friends about Epstein over the past 20 years.

Menninger stated that Jane had never mentioned to anyone that Ghislaine Maxwell sexually assaulted her.

Jane stated, “I don’t understand.”

Jane stated that Jane was reluctant to reveal embarrassing details of shameful or despicable acts.

Menninger replied, “Didn’t you tell them all about Epstein?”

Jane replied: ‘Yes I did’.

Menninger replied: ‘Didn’t you speak to them about Ghislaine Maxiwell?

Jane stated, “I don’t understand.”

Jane replied that Jane wanted to use a pseudonym because she has a family.

She explained that victim shaming still exists in my industry. It was a concern that I had to be aware of and take action to prevent it from affecting my career.

On Wednesday, Jane’s cross examination will be continued. 

‘Lolita Express’ Pilot 

Earlier on Tuesday, Larry Visoski, Epstein’s chief pilot who flew the pedophile financier for more than 25 years, said he was introduced to Jane  in the cockpit of the ‘Lolita Express’ in the mid to late 90s. 

‘Mr. Epstein took her to the cockpit. Visoski described her as having piercing, blue-colored eyes. 

Christian Everdell, Maxwell’s lawyer, asked Maxwell during cross-examination, “And beyond her striking blue eyes,” you said that she had large breasts. 

Visoski said that Visoski was a “mature woman.”  

Visoski answered yes when asked whether he remembered Virginia Roberts. Visoski described himself as a shorter, blonder woman. 

‘She didn’t look young. That’s what you should understand about young. He added that she was a female in his category. 

Visoski, despite being called as an prosecution witness, appeared to support the defense. 

 ‘I never saw any sexual activity, no,’ Visoski said, but admitted that he could not see everything that went on. He denied ever seeing any sex toys, condoms, or clothing scattered around the plane. 

Donald Trump flew on Jeffrey Epstein 's private planes, the pilot of the Lolita Express has revealed on the witness stand. They are shown in 1997

Pictured: Visoski in the cockpit of Epstein's Gulfstream G550 - another one of his private aircraft

In 1997, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump are seen together. Lawrence Visoki (pilot of Lolita Express), testified that Trump flew in the plane on Tuesday.  

Maxwell arrived in Manhattan on Tuesday morning dressed in a cream sweater with black trousers and watched as Visoski was interrogated.

Visoski revealed Donald Trump flew on Epstein’s private plane.

‘I certainly remember President Trump, but not many people associated with him,’ Visoski said, adding that Trump’s flights happened before he was president. 

Visoski also confirmed that President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Kevin Spacey were all aboard his flights. He stated that Clinton was asking him to clean up, but didn’t go into detail.   

Visoski claimed that Epstein had closed the doors of the cabin in Epstein’s planes so he couldn’t see what was going on. 

In the context of Visoski’s question about who was on board the Gulfstream G2B, and Boeing 727 (known as the Lolita Express), the famous names became apparent.

During cross examination,  Everdell asked Visoski: ‘Are you aware of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, he is the son of Queen Elizabeth II of England’.

Visoski answered: “Yes”.

Everdell stated that Epstein flew on his planes.

Visoski answered: “Yes.”

Everdell asked him: “Does he remember when he first flew on an airplane?”

Visoski declared: “No I don’t.”

Everdell had earlier asked Visoski whether he knew all of the names and addresses of the passengers who flew aboard his plane. Visoski replied no.

Everdell claimed that Bill Clinton, former president of the United States flew on Epsten’s plane several times during 2000s.

Visoski replied: ‘Yes he did’.

Everdell explained that you could be informed in advance of the flight so that special catering is not required.

Visoski responded: “Sure.”

Visoski said that Les Wexner was the founder and pilot of The Limited which is responsible for Victoria’s Secret. 

Visoski stated that the doors to the cockpit and passenger cabins were shut but that he could still go back to the rear to use the bathroom whenever he needed it. Visoski stated that he has never seen any form of sexual activity.

Previously unsealed flight logs revealed that Trump was among passengers on a flight from Palm Beach to Newark in 1997 along with Eva and Glenn Dubin

Ex-flight logs that were never released revealed that Trump and Eva were passengers on the 1997 flight from Palm Beach, Newark. 

A photo from 2002 on a trip to Africa shows Clinton standing on the steps of Epstein's plane with his arm on the shoulder of a smiling Maxwell

From 2002, Clinton is seen standing at the feet of Epstein’s plane while his arm rests on Maxwell. 

Curiously, Everdell interrogated Visoski and asked him: ‘Ghislaine didn’t appear to be pregnant’?

Visoski answered no.

Everdell was curious: “Did anybody ever tell you that she was pregnant?”

Visoski stated that no one has ever said such a thing.

Everdell wanted to know if Everdell ever took pictures of his wife while she was pregnant. Everdell asked him if he had ever seen pictures of her pregnant. He said, “No. I didn’t.”

Visoski said Maxwell ‘was the Number 2’ and that ‘Epstein was the big Number 1’ when asked about their relationship. 

When asked how many other assistants Epstein had in addition to Maxwell, he replied that there were many, identifying Maxwell’s own assistants. 

He named Sarah Kellen specifically – who is accused of having played a crucial role in Epstein’s empire, procuring and coaching girls as well as acting as Maxwell’s ‘lieutenant.  

Visoski also had to pinpoint the areas on Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, New Mexico of 10,000 acres where planes are parked. 

According to him, he often went to the main residence to retrieve luggage or to install electronic equipment. Visoski claimed he did similar work on Epstein’s Caribbean island Little St. James. He would also fly the helicopter from St. Thomas to take care of the island. 

He said that you could reach the island also by boat. 

Defense’s opening statement 

Maxwell’s defense lawyer Bobbi Sternheim started Monday’s opening statement by calling Jane a “talented musician” and a “singer from a musical background.”

Jane was the target of her attack and she attempted to denigrate Jane’s account.  

Jeffrey Epstein, she said, was a patron of the arts. She sponsored actors and musicians as well as actresses.

Epstein, Sternheim said, became Jane’s benefactor and paid for her schooling, vocal lessons and even cosigned  for an apartment on Wall Street where Jane lived with her mother and brothers.  

 ‘A month before Epstein’s arrest in 2019, Jane did not want to be involved in any criminal case regarding Epstein,’ Sternheim said. ‘But after Epstein died, she changed her mind.  

‘When money was on the line, she changed her mind. The lawyer she hired was her client. She then communicated with the government to change her mind. 

‘Why? Because assisting the government would help a claim with the Epstein fund.’

Lawyer Bobbi Sternheim took the floor to deliver the defense's opening statements Monday, saying she is 'proud' to represent Maxwell

Bobbi Sternheim, a lawyer for Maxwell, took to the podium Monday to give the opening statements of defense.

Sterheim added that once Epstein died and Jane had a lawyer by her side she suddenly ‘remembers all this horror that happened to her and places Ghislaine at the center of it all.’  

“Hundreds of events that she experienced that nobody knew about. Not her parents, her siblings, her teachers, or staff at her house. She didn’t miss a beat and no one noticed any anomalies.

Sternheim said that ‘Jane’ is a now a successful actress on a soap opera and has been on sitcoms, reality shows, movies, podcasts and drama series. 

“She’s a consummate actress. She can play many roles. Sternheim stated that her characters and scripts change as she plays them. This will affect the story you’ll hear in courtroom. 

“I want you to look at her testimony. You will see internal contradictions. Ghislaine was tagged by her when money was at stake.

Sternheim disclosed that Jane was awarded $5million by the victims fund.