These photos show Ghislaine Maxwell locked in an intimate embrace, or sharing a warm kiss.

The exclusive photographs show Maxwell and Scott Borgerson at their first date.

Borgerson (46), who was a devoted husband, offered $25 million of a $30 million bond for his wife to rescue him two years ago.

Today, that devotion is gone.

While the disgraced ex-socialite fights for a new trial and faces up to 65 years in prison, Borgerson appeared to have not a care in the world as he enjoyed alone time with McGinn last week in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts before whisking her away for a weekend of skiing.'s exclusive images show  Scott Borgerson kissing and hugging his new girlfriend, Kris McGinn, 49, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts’s exclusive images show  Scott Borgerson kissing and hugging his new girlfriend, Kris McGinn, 49, in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts

Scott Borgerson, 46, enjoyed alone time with new love Kris McGinn last week before whisking her away for a weekend of skiing, all while Maxwell, 60, sits in a New York City prison and faces up to 65 years in jail

Scott Borgerson was 46 when he spent time alone with Kris McGinn. Then, Maxwell (60) is taken to a New York City correctional facility and will spend up to 65 more years behind bars.

Standing face to face they embraced tightly. Before they parted McGinn stood on her tiptoes to kiss Borgerson

They hugged tightly as they stood face-to-face. McGinn reached out to Borgerson from her tipstoes before they parted.

Borgerson has left his infamous ex in the dust. Wrapped up in his new life with his new lover, Maxwell must face her fate alone

Borgerson is now free to live with his ex-girlfriend. Maxwell is now absorbed in his new life and must deal with her fate by herself

Borgerson's relationship with Maxwell has always been shrouded in secrecy with no paper trail of their marriage or divorce having ever emerged

Maxwell and Borgerson have always kept their relationship secretive. There has never been any paper trail or evidence of the couple’s marriage.

The couple have been keeping their relationship on the down-low amid the increased scrutiny surrounding Maxwell

Due to Maxwell’s increased attention, the couple has been trying to keep their relationship private. 

They have been trying to maintain a low-key relationship, and their meeting last week bore the signs of a secret rendezvous.

They met at a secluded forested enclave, at a midpoint between the $2.4million oceanfront home that Borgerson once shared with Maxwell in Manchester-by-the-Sea and the more modest family home that McGinn lived with her now-estranged husband, Wesley Straub.

Maxwell and Borgerson met eight years ago when both had speaking engagements connected to ocean preservation at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland

Maxwell met Borgerson eight years ago in Iceland, when the two had speaking engagements relating to ocean conservation at Arctic Circle Assembly. 

The journalist is a local journalist who covers cultural and food trends in the elite East Coast enclave’s newspaper The Manchester Cricket, which has been around since 133 years. Straub split her from Straub late 2020. She reverted back to her pre-marital title in September.

McGinn took a detour off the main road into densely wooded terrain and parked her vehicle next to Borgerson, who was already there.

They then went for a walk together in the woods before they returned to their cars and said their goodbyes.

The couple hugged close, and they soon stood side by side. McGinn got up on her toes and kissed the prisoner who had just told McGinn that it was over.

Two days later, the couple was back together for a ski weekend getaway.

Earlier this week Borgerson and his adoring girlfriend joined the many locals walking their dogs in the bright winter sunshine on the beach on the outskirts of Manchester-by-the-Sea. 

The pair went for a relaxing stroll along the beach in Manchester letting their dogs roam free on the sand

They took a stroll on Manchester’s beach, letting their dog run free in the sand. 

Borgerson and McGinn were the picture of love as they occasionally stopped to admire the beauty of the scene, seemingly unperturbed by the chill gusty wind

McGinn, Borgerson, and McGinn looked like they were in love. They stopped sometimes to marvel at the beauty of this scene.

McGinn is a local journalist and yoga enthusiast. The previous week the two met at a secluded forested enclave, equidistant from the $2.4million home that Borgerson once shared with Maxwell

McGinn, a journalist from the area and a yoga fanatic is McGinn. McGinn and Borgerson met in a quiet forested community, just a few miles from Maxwell’s home of $2.4million.

The two joined the many locals walking their dogs and strolling in the bright winter sunshine on the beach on the outskirts of town

They joined other locals who were walking their dogs or strolling along the beach at the outer edge of town.

The dogs ran around in the sand while the humans walked, stopping occasionally to gaze out at the ocean, apparently unaffected by the wind chill. photographed McGinn for the first time last November. She refused to answer any questions about Maxwell’s relationship.

Borgerson was similar to this. asked him politely not to respond when he was contacted.

Maxwell and Borgerson have always kept their relationship secretive. There has never been any evidence of either marriage or divorcing.

Borgerson’s status as Maxwell’s spouse was revealed only in court documents December 2020. He was referred to as Maxwell’s husband. In a failed attempt to assure the New York Court that she was not at risk, he was cited as her husband.

Prosecutors said that Borgerson’s proposal was of little value as he hadn’t come forward when she arrested him. They also stated that the couple were in the throes of getting a divorce – a fact that Maxwell attributed to her desire to protect Borgerson from the ‘terrible consequences of being associated with her.’

Maxwell and Borgerson first met 8 years ago, when they were both on speaking engagements related to ocean preservation at Arctic Circle Assembly Reykjavik (Island).

Borgerson was married to Rebecca for 14 years, but their marriage ended two years later when Rebecca learned about his affair with Maxwell. 

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers submitted a photo of her appearing bruised to portray their case that she was being mistreated in prison

Ghislaine’s attorneys submitted a photograph of Ghislaine looking battered in order to support their claim that she was being treated badly in prison. found divorce documents that Borgerson was charged with being abusive, physically violent and controlling of his ex-wife. Also, he was referred to as an alcoholic.

In May 2001, he threatened his victims with beating them in front children.

Borgerson announced Maxwell’s affair in the most callous manner possible, telling Rebecca that Maxwell would be in London to conduct business.

He did not do it, but the video footage showed Maxwell and he were in Miami at that time. was told by a source that Rebecca was watching the video with her children, while she kissed and hugged Ghislaine and Scott. Rebecca was distraught. After that, things quickly collapsed.

Maxwell will be presented with photos of Borgerson kissing and hugging another woman.

Borgerson and Maxwell had a relationship that was initially mutual. This opened up new opportunities for the ex-Coast Guard Officer who helped to found CargoMetrics, a shipping data company founded in 2010.

By 2016 the company was valued at $100million and Borgerson was reveling in his newfound proximity to power – once boasting, according to the Daily Beast, that he and Maxwell had dined with Bill Clinton ‘just the three of us.’

It was that first tracked Maxwell down to the Manchester-by-the-Sea home in which she and Borgerson played house.

Maxwell met Borgerson’s son and daughter-in-law.

But the façade of normalcy crumbled when Jefferey Epstein’s arrest in 2019 exposed Maxwell as a sex trafficker, complicit in Epstein’s now notorious crimes.

Borgerson, who was the CEO of his own business, had to step down. His neighbors were furious at her presence and attempted to intimidate her out of her home.

It led to a court case in which Borgerson successfully fought their decision to prevent them from using paths and a beach near their home — called The Phippin House — part of an estate shared by the owners.

The loved-up couple headed into the woods, walking their dogs together before returning to their cars for a lingering farewell

After walking together their dogs, the couple went into the woods to say goodbye before they returned to their cars.

Borgerson bought the $2.4million Phippin House in Manchester-by-the-Sea in June 2016. was first to track Ghislaine  Maxwell to the home where she and Borgerson were living

Borgerson bought the $2.4million Phippin House in Manchester-by-the-Sea in June 2016. was first to track Ghislaine  Maxwell to the home where she and Borgerson were living

Maxwell had already fled to hide when the decision was made.

Maxwell for her part has said that she did not hide from the law, but the media. Maxwell also stated that Borgerson was so dear to her that they remained close.

A letter that was written by her friend and sent to the court, it claimed her love for her. [redacted]Her husband was the main reason she kept her as close to him as possible, while still fighting for her innocence.

In July 2020, the feds found Borgerson in Tuckedaway, New Hampshire. She was two hours away from Borgerson’s pad.

Granite Realty LLC purchased the $1 million home first photographed by This company has ties with Borgerson, and was established only weeks before the purchase.

According to one resident who knew Borgerson he is ‘personable, very bright and intelligent but…an extreme narcissist, totally in love with himself, money and power.’

These photos clearly demonstrate that Maxwell isn’t a man bound by any loyalty.

These photos show Borgerson enjoying his time in the woods and on the beaches. They also prove that he has forgotten his ex – he is now living a happy life with Maxwell, but he must not let her go.