Sophie, Happy Birthday! Queen shares sweet Instagram snaps with Countess and Guide Dog pup as she celebrates her 57th birthday.

  • Today’s Queen wishes the Countess and Countess of Wessex happy Birthday 
  • A picture of Sophie was shared by the Royal Family Instagram and Twitter Accounts 
  • It showed the beaming mother-of-two, 57, holding an adorable Guide Dog puppy

The Queen wishes her daughter-in law, the Countess de Wessex, today a “very happy birthday”.

Instagram and Twitter account of The Royal Family posted a photo showing Sophie smiling as she holds a Guide Dog puppy.

This image shows the Countess wearing a purple floor-length dress and a lab coat.The caption included the words’and a balloon emoticon.  

Photograph taken November 2013 by Sophie while she was at the Guide Dogs National Centre, Leamington Spa. This was part of Sophie’s long-standing support for people with vision impairment. 

The Royal Family Instagram and Twitter accounts shared a photo of a beaming Sophie, who turns 57, as she held an adorable Guide Dog puppy (pictured)

Instagram and Twitter account Royal Family posted a picture of Sophie beaming, turning 57 years old, holding a Guide Dog puppy (pictured).

Sophie, Her Majesty’s sister-in-law, is often noted as the monarch’s most trusted confidante.  

Edward, Earl Of Wessex’s youngest son and the wife of the Countess are often seen at Windsor by the queen and their children, The Countess (and her husband, Edward) Bagshot Park is a short drive away for the couple and their two kids.

Sophie and The Queen are said to speak at least once a day and enjoy regular Saturday ‘movie afternoons’ when they watch old films together. 

Sophie, meanwhile, is the patron of The Guide Dogs National Centre. This is because Lady Louise (18), who suffered from esotropia as a child, had to have corrective surgery.

It is a condition where both eyes don’t look the same way. It can lead to serious vision problems if left untreated.

The photograph was taken in November last year, when Sophie (pictured in 2019 with the Queen) was visiting the Guide Dogs National Centre in Leamington Spa, as part of her long-standing commitment to supporting people suffering from vision impairment

This photograph was taken last November, 2018. Sophie, pictured with the Queen in 2019, was visiting Leamington Spa’s Guide Dogs National Centre to support people with vision impairment.

Lady Louise was described by the Sunday Express as “premature” by the Countess. The Countess explained that the eyes were the last item in the package.

It took a while to get her eyesight back. She needs to be careful that one eye does not dominate the other. But she is fine now, her eyesight has improved greatly.

Sophie has been inspired to help others who are visually impaired by the sight problems of her daughter.

She serves as the patron of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness.

In the past ten years, she visited various projects in India and Bangladesh that helped the blind.