Ghislaine’s younger husband seems ready to go after her conviction. After she skipped her entire sordid sex traficking trial, it was time to frolick with a new pal.

Scott Borgerson (46), a tech entrepreneur, secretly wed Maxwell, 60, in 2016. The union was secretive even for their close friends until the bail hearings, when it was made public by prosecutors.

Maxwell is now facing 65 years imprisonment after being convicted for helping Jeffrey Epstein, a sex predator, traffic minors in sex. Borgerson appears to have forgotten about the affair.   

Borgerson did not appear at Manhattan’s proceedings despite his $25 million bail offer for Maxwell. 

Instead, Borgerson has been spotted in the company of a new female friend in the elite New England enclave of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, where he keeps a $2.4 million mansion that he once shared with Maxwell and his two children from a prior marriage. first revealed the possibility of a new love when Borgerson was snapped with her in Massachusetts in November.

Since then, she has been identified as Kris McGinn. She is a local journalist who loves yoga. McGinn (49) covers cultural trends and food for Manchester Cricket’s 133-year-old newspaper.

McGinn refused to answer questions from a reporter about his relationship with Borgerson when he was approached last month. McGinn, a millionaire entrepreneur, also refused to answer questions from a reporter last month, saying, “Leave me alone. You’re harassing my.” 

Scott Borgerson

Kris McGinn

Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband Scott Borgerson (left) appears ready to move on, and has been spotted frolicking with a potential new flame, yoga mom Kris McGinn (right) in the elite New England enclave where he lives 

Borgerson has not attended Maxwell's trial in Manhattan, despite offering to contribute $25 million to her bond fund. Above, Maxwell is seen in conference with her attorneys during the trial in a courtroom sketch

Maxwell has been absent from Maxwell’s Manhattan trial. Borgerson, however, offered $25 million towards Maxwell’s bond fund. Maxwell, seen above in conference with her lawyers during Maxwell’s trial in Manhattan.

Maxwell and Borgerson are believed to have met about eight years ago through speaking engagements connected to ocean preservation, a subject on which they share a passion. They were both pictured speaking at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik in 2013, when he was still married to his first wife

Maxwell and Borgerson were believed to have met eight years ago during speaking engagements related to ocean preservation. This subject is a shared passion. Both were pictured in 2013 speaking at Arctic Circle Assembly Reykjavik, when Maxwell was still married with his first wife.

Borgerson's relationship with Maxwell has long been cloaked in secrecy, and has been unable to find any marriage license, or divorce papers, filed under their names in the town or county where they were living

Borgerson’s affair with Maxwell is long kept under wraps. cannot find any marriage or divorce documents filed under their names in any county or town where they lived.

Borgerson’s relationship with Maxwell has long been cloaked in secrecy, and has been unable to find any marriage license, or divorce papers, filed under their names in the town or county where they were living. 

Maxwell and Borgerson were believed to have met around eight years ago during speaking engagements in connection to ocean preservation. They share a passion for the subject. Both were pictured in Reykjavik at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2013. 

In 2015, Borgerson’s 14-year marriage to his first wife, Rebecca, exploded spectacularly when she learned of his affair with Maxwell.

Scott and Rebecca seemed to be a great couple. He became very distracted and used his cellphone a lot for business calls. heard from a close family member that he was often away at work. 

When the marriage finally crumbled, divorce records paint a disturbing picture of Borgerson, with accusations of him being physically violent, abusive, ‘extremely controlling’ and having an alcohol problem.

Borgerson, who married Rebecca at Palm Beach in Florida in May 2001. He allegedly once threatened Rebecca, saying, “Don’t let me beat you before the children.” 

Borgerson's children were reportedly shocked when Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 on allegations she procured girls as young as 14 for Jeffrey Epstein. Pictured: Borgerson's ex-wife Rebecca their two children

Maxwell’s arrest in July 2020 for allegedly having procured teenage girls to Jeffrey Epstein was shocking news to Borgerson and her children. Pictured are Borgerson and Rebecca, their children. 

Scott Borgerson is seen last month in the town of Manchester by the sea, Massachusetts

Scott Borgerson, seen last month at Manchester by the Sea in Massachusetts

Borgerson bought this $2.4million home in Manchester-by-the-Sea in June 2016. After Maxwell moved in, they were unable to find peace in their community

Borgerson bought this $2.4million home in Manchester-by-the-Sea in June 2016. Maxwell had moved in but they couldn’t find peace within their community.

McGinn is said to be going through a divorce from husband Wesley Straub and hangs out with Borgerson on weekends when she doesn't have her children

The yoga mom is a food writer for the local newspaper

McGinn, who is said to be in the midst of a divorce proceedings from Wesley Straub, hangs with Borgerson during weekends that she does not have children.

According to a source, Borgerson told Rebecca that he had an affair with Maxwell after telling her that he was traveling to London for business. He would then send video.

According to the source, Rebecca watched a clip of him. He claimed that he would be traveling to London but he was in Miami with Ghislaine.

“Rebecca was watching with her young children this clip of Scott and Ghislaine kissing and hugging. Rebecca was distraught. “Things quickly went awry after that,” they continued.

Borgerson was reportedly happy with the wealth and power that Maxwell brought to his life after he dated Maxwell.

A former Coast Guard officer, Borgerson founded  he shipping data company CargoMetrics in 2010, taking it to a reported valuation of $100 million by 2016.

Borgerson and Maxwell were apparently the first to open new doors to power before Epstein was arrested in 2019 on federal charges of sex trafficking. 

At one Manchester cocktail hour, he boasted that he and Maxwell had just enjoyed lunch with Bill Clinton, ‘just the three of them,’ according to the Daily Beast. 

After he took up with Maxwell, Borgerson reportedly reveled in the access to power and wealth that the connection brought

Maxwell offered him a relationship, which Borgerson apparently enjoyed. He was able to gain power and wealth through the connections.

Maxwell faces the rest of her life behind bars if convicted of abusing and procuring young girls for billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein – charges that she vehemently denies

Maxwell faces the rest of her life behind bars if convicted of abusing and procuring young girls for billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein – charges that she vehemently denies 

Suddenly Borgerson was mingling with the cream of the elite, attending events hosted by Jeff Bezos and attracting high-powered financial backers for CargoMetrics, including former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and billionaire hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones. 

Business Insider reports that he upgraded his Volkswagon, which cost $15,000, to a shiny new Tesla.

Maxwell and Borgerson lived together for a while in a happy relationship. Maxwell moved into Maxwell’s private seaside home and helped raise Borgerson’s two kids, now aged 14 years and 11 years respectively.

The happy couple shared Borgerson’s mansion in Manchester as well as a $1.2 million luxury condo in Boston’s chic Beacon Hill.

After Epstein’s 2019 arrest, Maxwell was forced into hiding. Borgerson became CargoMetrics CEO after it was discovered that he had a connection with Maxwell.

Maxwell was arrested July 2020 in Bradford, New Hampshire. He had been living in an isolated mansion about half an hour away from Borgerson. Maxwell reportedly visited her weekends with his kids.

The two children were heartbroken by her arrest because they thought of her as their ‘proxy mother’, Maxwell’s spokesperson Brian Basham previously told, saying: ‘They had been living in perfect harmony until this broke.’ 

In 2019, photographed Borgerson walking Maxwell's dog in Boston, shortly after she was revealed to be living in the quiet town of Manchester-by-the-Sea with him

In 2019, photographed Borgerson walking Maxwell’s dog in Boston, shortly after she was revealed to be living in the quiet town of Manchester-by-the-Sea with him 

Ghislaine Maxwell's 'husband' Scott Borgerson is pictured for the first time since she was charged in connection to Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking ring in these exclusive photos

Borgerson was previously spotted on the terrace of his Massachusetts home in July 2020, just weeks after his wife was arrested at a secluded hideaway in New Hampshire

Borgerson was spotted previously on the Massachusetts Terrace in July 2020. It was only weeks after his wife was detained at New Hampshire’s secluded hideaway.

Borgerson revealed Maxwell his marital status only after his arrest. After that, he offered $25m to a $30m bond package. Also, $5 million was donated by Maxwell’s siblings. This would secure Maxwell’s release in time for Christmas 2020. 

Prosecutors argued that Maxwell was currently divorcing Borgerson when she was arrested, and that this would negate the possibility that Maxwell could flee the US because of the marriage.

The filing stated that “The fact that defendant’s spouse is now supporting the defendant shouldn’t be given much weight considering that he didn’t come forward when she was arrested.” 

Borgerson, who was unsuccessful in his bail application for Maxwell, has been unable to appear on the streets.

“Everytime I see him I give him my middle finger,” said the man who is a relative of Borgerson, the property manager on the 40-acre estate. “But I don’t see him much anymore. 

However, there is also evidence that Borgerson could have left behind his personal life. has learned that Borgerson was dating McGinn.

McGinn said that she is going through divorce proceedings from Wesley Straub. She also spends time with Borgerson during weekends, when her children are not around.  

She wrote for The Cricket until her marriage, Kris McGinn Straub. In mid-2020 her name was changed to Kris McGinn. approached her and she refused to confirm or denial a relationship. 

Neighbors were so disgusted when they discovered in February 2019 that an accused sex trafficker was living among them that they tried to harass Maxwell into leaving

Maxwell was so disconcerted by the discovery that he had been charged with sex trafficking, neighbors tried to intimidate Maxwell. 

McGinn had written for the Cricket under her married name Kris McGinn Straub until mid-2020, when her byline changed to simply Kris McGinn

McGinn had written for the Cricket under her married name Kris McGinn Straub until mid-2020, when her byline changed to simply Kris McGinn

The New York Post reports that she popular with the town’s ‘mommy scene’ and may have bonded with Borgerson over their shared love of dogs.  

Borgerson last saw him on Thursday, November 14, when he drove up to an oceanside liquor outlet in a sports car and stopped by two Marlboro Lights stores.’s clerk stated that she tried to speak to him, but he was unwilling to have a conversation. “He just came in with his ideas.”

After emerging from Harrigan’s Fine Wine & Spirits, Borgerson, sporting a blue face mask and Patagonia jacket, darted toward his $100,000 Tesla Model S as a reporter approached.

Borgerson groaned “Leave it alone” and reached for his cellphone, waving at the reporter to capture the ‘harassment.

As he got into his car, the wealthy entrepreneur didn’t answer any questions. He then sped off in his electric vehicle, returning to his life of solitude that he had struggled to sustain since his wife, a 14-year-old, was taken into custody by federal agents and charged with procuring girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Borgerson bought the home in Manchester-by-the-Sea in June 2016. They were not able to make peace within their community after Maxwell arrived. After discovering that Maxwell had been accused of being a sex-trafficker, their neighbors became so upset that they attempted to intimidate her outright.

One resident stated that they felt sex trading and pedophilia were the worst things on the planet and wanted to get them off their property.

This led to Borgerson winning a court battle against the neighbor’s decision to stop them from using beaches and paths near their oceanfront property. It was part of an estate that is shared with other owners. 

However, the final decision was made after Maxwell, who is now 59 years old, fled her home in New Hampshire to start a life of isolation. heard from another local resident that Maxwell had spoken to Borgerson many times about Maxwell’s dream of being President of the United States. 

‘His relationship with Ghislaine has pretty much scuppered that — and I’m glad,’ he said.

“He is a very personable, bright, intelligent individual. However, he is a total narcissist and in love only with his money and power.