Ghislaine Maxwell was faced with the dire prospect of living behind bars for the remainder of her life on Wednesday. But, she will “feel like she’s winning the lottery” when she leaves her current prison, according to a prison expert.

Ghislaine Maxwell is seen in a photo submitted by her lawyer in April, with a black eye - which they argued showed she was being abused in jail. Now convicted, she is awaiting sentencing and will be moved to a federal prison which will be luxurious by comparison with her current jail

Ghislaine maxwell can be seen with a black-eyed lawyer, April. This was a photograph that Maxwell submitted in April. It showed her in an image. After being convicted she awaits sentencing. She will then be transferred to federal prison, which is more luxurious than her current one.

There are 29 federal prisons housing women, but it is not clear where she will be serving her sentence. This could mean that the term can last up to 65 years.

Her attorneys will present a prison preference to her during the preparation of her presentencing report. One expert said that Danbury prison in Connecticut could be an option. Previous inmates include singer Lauryn Hills, Teresa Giudice and Piper Kerman (author of Orange is the New Black).

Maxwell turned 60 this Christmas Day. Maxwell was found guilty Wednesday on five of six charges of her federal trial in federal court. The sex trafficking case she had been running with Jeffrey Epstein, her former boyfriend and a pedophile financier, involved Maxwell.

She has yet to be sentenced. On Wednesday, she was taken back to her Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center cell.

Her safety will always be her top priority. Epstein was hanged in jail on August 2019. 

Maxwell is seen in 2005 with Jeffrey Epstein, who killed himself in jail in July 2019

Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein in 2005. Jeffrey Epstein was shot in July 2019. Maxwell died in custody in July 2019.

Maxwell is currently being held at the MDC in Brooklyn, in conditions which her lawyers and family say amount to torture

Maxwell is being held in Brooklyn at the MDC. Her lawyers and her family claim that Maxwell’s conditions amount to torture.

A visiting area inside the MDC is pictured

Photo of a visiting area in the MDC

A room inside the MDC, which is used for medical examinations

The MDC has a room that can be used for medical examinations.

A typical cell in the MDC, with a combination toilet and sink fixture

The typical MDC cell with combination sink-toilet fixture

Maxwell was the Jet-Setting Daughter of a British Newspaper Tycoon. She was also a glamour society darling and interacted with billionaires, former presidents, and royalty.

Her family planned to appeal to the United Nations. She claimed she suffered inhumane treatment.

Justin Paperny, federal prison consultant said that she would be moving on to the next phase of her imprisonment.

Paperny said that she believes her sentence will make a significant difference in her life, and this was according to

She’s in a tough situation in Brooklyn.

“It is a difficult place to spend time.”

A prison expert said that her new situation was akin to Disneyland. 

Paperny stated that Maxwell had not been to the MDC before Maxwell.

The winter of 2019 saw the loss of power and heat, causing outrage among the 1,636 inmates and their families, as well as activists. 

The Bureau of Prisons suppressed a scathing investigation into the conditions in jail that was commissioned following the incident. It was described as filthy and overcrowded, violent and decrepit.

Paperny claimed that there will be a stark difference in the MDC from her post-sentencing jail.

He stated, “Once her sentence is over she will feel like she won the lottery.”

Maxwell could be sent to the Danbury prison in Connecticut, according to a prison expert

A prison expert suggests Maxwell might be sent to Danbury, Connecticut.

An aerial view of the Danbury prison, where Maxwell could serve her sentence

Aerial view of Danbury Prison, Maxwell’s possible sentence.

Orange is the New Black, the Netflix show, is based on the real life story of life inside Danbury prison

Orange is the New Black is Netflix’s Netflix original series. The show is based upon the life of Danbury prisoner, who lived it.

“She’ll be able walk to the library and to the track. She’ll also be able make telephone calls.

She said that she might be able use the internet. However, it was the decision of the warden.

Maxwell will be accompanied by her attorneys and a probation officer to complete her pre-sentencement report before her sentence is made.

The lawyers will detail Maxwell’s financial history, background and lifestyle. They may also discuss any drug abuse or mental issues.

It will be sent to the judge.

Paperny stated that Maxwell would be sent to low security prison. However, due to her sexual crimes, she won’t be able follow the lead of Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives) and choose a camp with minimum security.

Stewart, who was accused of lying regarding the stock-sale, spent five years in Alderson Federal Prison, West Virginia.

Huffman, who was found guilty of fraud in getting her daughters into top colleges and sentenced to eleven days in prison, spent the first 11 days behind bars at Dublin, California.

Paperny claimed that the prisons of these prisoners were called “Club Feds” due to their relaxed attitude.

Martha Stewart is seen in July 2004 after she was sentenced to five months for fraud

Martha Stewart seen after being sentenced to five-months for fraud.

A view of the Alderson prison in West Virginia, where Martha Stewart served her time in 2005

View of Alderson Prison in West Virginia. This is where Martha Stewart spent her 2005 time.

Maxwell will not be eligible for County Club’s prison-type place because her sex offense was considered sex. So she’ll be fenced.

“A lot will depend upon the warden. After COVID restrictions have been lifted, she will be allowed to visit relatives.

Maxwell has U.S., British and French passports. He was detained at home in New Hampshire.

She could have argued for her detention in those countries if she had plead guilty. But, going to trial ended that possibility, Paperny stated.

The nearest prison to a release address is typically 500 miles away, so it is more likely that the facility in New England is.

Two are located in New York City: the Metropolitan Detention Center where she is currently, and the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

Paperny feels that Danbury and Philadelphia, Connecticut are the best options for east coast facilities.

Felicity Huffman served her sentence at the Dublin prison (pictured) in California

Felicity Hufman completed her sentence in California’s Dublin prison (pictured).

Huffman is seen with her husband, actor William H. Macy, after being sentenced in September 2019

After being sentenced to September 2019, Huffman was photographed with William H. Macy (her husband).

COVID had meant many federal prisoners were released. She could argue for another facility and it may be possible to consider her request.

However, he said that her concern should be less about the facility than about how she manages her mind.

Paperny stated that for now her main focus should be being productive, avoiding issues, and accepting this new life. Paperny was a Bear Stearns stockbroker and was convicted of conspiring to commit fraud in 2008. She spent 18 months in California’s Taft Correctional Institution. 

His business now helps prisoners adjust to life in prison – including Stewart, Bernie Madoff and others.

He stated that Maxwell could face up to 20 years in prison.

She needs a place with great programming that she is comfortable in and where she has the opportunity to live productively.

“That’s possible anywhere. It doesn’t really matter where you are, but what is important to you?

“Anyone with some success in life has the ability to pass it on to others. I hope she will see that.”

“Sure her lawyers tell her that she can prevail on appeal but it looks very bleak.”