Rumours circulated last week that Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are back in hot water after Yolanda, Gigi’s mother, reported that Zayn’struck Gigi’ last week.

Sources tell TMZ that the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been seriously considering filing a police report in order to document the alleged assault.

According to One Direction, the member said that she wanted to fight the ‘divisiveness of One Direction and restore peace in the family so that she can be raised in a loving environment.

Zayn strongly denied all allegations. He stated: ‘I adamantly denied striking Yolanda Haid and for the sake my daughter, I decline to provide any further details. I hope Yolanda will reconsider her false accusations and move towards healing these family problems in private.

Gigi and Zayn first became an item more than six years ago when they were spotted leaving Justin Bieber's American Music Award's after-party holding hands; seen at the Met Gala in 2016

Gigi & Zayn became an instant hit when they were spotted walking together from Justin Bieber’s American Music Award celebration.


Gigi and Zayn were first noticed leaving Justin Bieber’s American Music Award after-party holding hands six years ago. 

A source told Us Weekly in November 2015 that while they weren’t ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ yet, they were definitely into each other.


Gigi was spotted wearing a Z Necklace on her way to Paris Fashion Week months later. She also used a Zayn photo as her background for her phone’s screen.

During an appearance on Beats 1 radio, Malik denied any romance rumors and said that the pare were just good friends.

His solo debut took a sexy twist with the video release of Pillowtalk, his first single. The video starred none other then Gigi. Many believed that their friendship was more than platonic after the steamy visuals were followed up by flirty online conversations. 

They confirmed what they already knew as they walked hand-inhand on May’s red carpet at fashion’s biggest night, The Met Gala.

In November, he explained how the pair met at Victoria’s Secret parties. He approached Hadid after seeing her picture and quickly took her on a date. 

“She knows how to take care of herself. She is classy and elegant. He said that she is not arrogant. She is confident. She carries it well. She’s cool.  


Their relationship continued to blossom, albeit privately. Gigi took a picture of Zayn for the Versus Versace Spring 2017 campaign. 

The Italian luxury brand shared a clip on their Twitter account with Gigi asking: ‘When you’re alone, who do you want next to you?’ Malik smiled, while replying, “You.” 

Lucky in love: Gigi and Zayn welcomed their daughter into the world one year ago

Lucky in love: Gigi & Zayn welcomed their daughter into our world one-year ago


Gigi sent a Valentine’s Day tribute to her boyfriend in January. “I love this man more than words could ever describe.” [and]”I am inspired by his drive and determination to do better every day,” she wrote.

Gigi and Zayn split in March.

Gigi and Zayn were spotted smooching in New York City weeks after their split. However, Malik was unable to attend her 23rd birthday party in April.

He made an appearance on her Instagram Stories in October when she posted a selfie and wrote “flyin home” to her happy place. 


New year, new Gigi. The couple called it off again, with multiple sources telling Us Weekly that their relationship was ‘over for now.’ 

Another insider said that the supermodel tried hard to make it work but that he had ‘a lot of his own problems that she couldn’t help him with’ 


Cupid’s arrow hit the right spot and the couple confirmed that their romance was flourishing once again on Valentine’s Day.

Gigi revealed that she was pregnant, despite her being out of the public eyes due to COVID-19 lockdowns. 

Hadid stated that ‘Obviously, it would have been more convenient for us to announce it on our terms’. “We are extremely happy and grateful for everyone’s support and well wishes. 

Gigi gave birth at home to Khai in Pennsylvania in September with Zayn, her sister Bella, and a midwife assistant. 

Baby bliss: Despite remaining out of the public eye due to various lockdowns from COVID-19, Gigi revealed she was pregnant on a virtual appearance of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Baby bliss: Despite remaining out of the public eye due to various lockdowns from COVID-19, Gigi revealed she was pregnant on a virtual appearance of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon