NYPD officers were questioned after arresting five protestors against the vax mandate and detaining an eleven-year-old girl on Wednesday. The girls had barged into Natural History Museum to show proof that they have been vaccinated.  

These arrests were made amid rising crime in New York City. Trouble started when half a dozen people who had reservations tried to enter Manhattan’s museum without showing their vaccine passports. They require all visitors five years old and older to present proof of vaccination. 

Jayla, a nine-year-old girl, was captured sobbing while she was being led down the stairs by two police officers. Onlookers were also recorded heckling and abusing NYPD officers for her fear. The mother of the youngster was taken to a local precinct and then released two hours later. However, it is unknown if her mom will face charges. 

The protest was documented by a Twitter user describing himself as an ‘independent journalist’ reporting on the anti-mandate movement in New York City. 

Wednesday’s scandalous incident happened despite rising violent crime rates in New York City. This is due to fears Manhattan’s new DA Alvin Bragg might encourage felons through his soft-oncrime approach. 

A group of anti-vax activists staged a protest at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan on Wednesday, leading to arrests

An anti-vax group protested Wednesday at Manhattan’s American Museum of Natural History, leading to the arrests 

Jayla, 9 years old, was taken by police to the Museum. Jayla’s mother was also detained. 

The child was in tears, and one bystander admonished the police for 'traumatizing' her

One bystander saw the child in distress and reprimanded police officers for “traumatizing” her. 

Jayla was not taken into custody, she was instead held by the police. Onlookers recorded Jayla as she cried while the cops led her away. 

Michelle Go (42), a Deloitte employee, was forced to death by a subway train near Times Square Station. Simon Martial, a homeless ex-convict, has been accused of her murder.

On Wednesday, Catherine Gomez, 11 months, was shot in her face in Bronx. She was sitting in a car parked next to Miraida Gomez (32),

A gunman opened fire while running after an assailant, striking the baby who was celebrating her first birthday. The gunman fired wildly while chasing an assailant, but no arrests were made. 

Global crimes have increased 20% in the past year, and the arrests of anti-mandate protesters has raised concerns about how the NYPD is wasting its valuable resources on petty crime.  

The video showed Jayla (a nine-year old girl) and her parents being taken out of the museum. Jayla was escorted by NYPD uniformed officers. 

As the crying girl is led to a waiting police car, a group of people are seen shouting obscenities at them.  

Luke2Freedom on Twitter, the one who captured the arrests claimed Jayla’s mom and five other adults were detained, while Jayla, nine years old, was kept until her parents released her two hours later. 

DailyMail.com has yet to be confirmed by the American Museum of Natural History or the NYPD as of Friday morning. 

Six activists opposed to Mandat had reserved a visit to the museum Wednesday but were turned away after they failed to show their COVID vaccine passports.

New York City is currently experiencing soaring crime rates and an increase in shooting incidents not seen since the mid-2000s

New York City has seen an unprecedented rise in crime rates, and an increase number of shootings since mid-2000s.

A beaming Jayla emerged from the police precinct with her mother about two hours later

Jayla, beaming with joy, emerged from the precinct of police along her mother two hours later

The girl was greeted by cheering supporters, who praised her as a 'little warrior'

Jayla appeared to be in good spirits upon her release from NYPD custody

Her cheering supporters praised Jayla as a little warrior and welcomed her to the streets. Jayla looked happy after her release from NYPD custody 

After Joy was told she was having her period, staff denied Joy access to the bathroom. This led to an argument between security personnel and museum officials. 

Joy was defended by a male protester who wore a shirt with Martin Luther King Jr’s image on it. He shouted at Joy, “I’ll take down all of you!” It’ll be necessary to drag me out.

Later, the same man laid on the ground and gave the museum workers an ultimatum. Either they allow him to visit the museum with the group or you call the cops. The line is drawn. You cannot negotiate. 

NYPD officers responded to the call and took the protesters out of the museum. 

Video shows the men, women and 9-year-old Jayla being escorted by cops, who are heckled by bystanders and slammed as ‘f***ing cowards.’

In the background, one person could be heard saying that the officers are “traumatizing” a child. 

Jimmy Levy shared another Instagram video showing Jayla smiling as she emerged from the 20th Precinct. She was accompanied by her mother, following Jayla’s release.

Mother and daughter were greeted with a warm welcome by their enthusiastic supporters. They called the 9-year old ‘a little soldier’. 

The charges against adult protestors for the incident at the museum are not known.  

Anti-vaxxers have been protesting the New York City vaccine mandate since last year. They entered businesses with no vaccination cards and refused to leave. In some instances, they were even arrested.

Four people were detained last week after participating in an anti-vax mandate sit in at the Olive Garden in Times Square. 

Unmasked protestors walked into Brooklyn Burger King on December 31st and were captured shouting at the staff for not being able to serve them. Five people were arrested by police after they refused to leave. 

A commotion at Queens’ Cheesecake Factory caused by anti-mandate activists two weeks before led to 40 people being charged with criminal trespass.