Eight-year-old girl is struck and killed by strong winds at Spanish fairground.

  • When the Mislata bouncy castle was raised into the air, the girl was enjoying herself on it.
  • The ground hit her head and she fell on top of it.
  • Another eight children were also hurt and the police launched an investigation. 

Eight-year-old girl died when strong winds lifted a Spanish fairground bouncy house, injuring eight others.

She was on an inflatable at Mislata, Valencia. It was being lifted high and then it landed on her head.

She died 12 hours later after she was rushed to La Fe Hospital in Valencia. 

An eight-year-old girl has died after strong winds lifted up a bouncy castle at a Spanish fairground, leaving eight other children injured

A strong wind lifted the bouncy castle on a Spanish fairground and caused eight children to be injured. The eight-year old girl died.

The girl died was playing on the inflatable in Mislata near Valencia when it was lifted several feet into the air

She was on an inflatable at Mislata, near Valencia and it fell several feet to her death.

A fourth-grader was also severely injured, and is still in the hospital. 

Another seven children were also hurt, and needed hospital treatment. However their injuries were generally not serious.  

An investigation by the police is underway in order to establish if there was any negligence. 

Carlos Fernandez Bielsa, Mislata’s mayor said that it was up to police to find out what happened. 

The girl was killed by a local firefighter, who, along with police officers and paramedics arrived on the scene.

Seven other youngsters were hurt and required hospital treatment although their injuries were mostly described as non-serious

Seventeen other children sustained injuries and had to be admitted for treatment. Their injuries, however, were not considered serious.

A police investigation is now underway to ascertain whether the incident was linked to any negligence

To determine whether this incident is linked to negligence, a police investigation has begun

According to them, “Several children were assisted by paramedics after an incident that involved a Mislata bounce castle.” 

“We’ve checked that there are no minors underneath the structure and have ruled out any possibility of anyone being trapped.” 

Mislata Town Hall stated in a statement that they learned of the tragedy and declared an official period of mourning for January 7, following the passing of one of their girls. 

“We want to express our deepest condolences and sympathies to the loved ones of the little girl who has lost her life.” She was just eight years of age. 

A spokesman for local firefighters, who attended the scene along with police and paramedics, announced the news of the girl's death

The news was announced by a spokesman from local firefighters who, together with paramedics/police, attended the scene.

The company also stated that it would suspend a Three Kings Day Parade. 

Six children, aged between 11 and 12, were killed in a similar Australian incident last month. 

Chace Harrison, a sixth-grader, died from his injuries on December 19, after his life support at Hobart Hospital was turned off. 

He was one nine-year old student who plunged 32 feet into an inflatable castle during windy Devonport School Fair, Tasmania. 

Other five victims were Addison Stewart (10 years old) and JyeSheehan (12 years), Jalailah Jayne–Maree Jones (12years) and Peter Dodt (13 year old).