Petra Ecclestone’s ex-husband James Stunt appears in court charged as part of ‘Britain’s biggest money laundering case’

  • James Stunt, a suspect in the laundering of money, was investigated by West Yorkshire Police 
  • She is a 39-year-old socialite who appeared today at Leeds Crown Court 
  • In a previous statement, Stunt denied these allegations to his Instagram fans  

James Stunt, a socialite from Socialite is in Court today after being charged with money laundering. 

 The 39-year-old business man arrived this morning at Leeds Crown Court wearing a three-piece suit and pulling a wheeled suitcase.  

Petra Ecclestone was the F1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone’s daughter. The couple married in 2011 in Italy.

James Stunt, pictured this morning appearing at Leeds Crown Court where he is on trial accused of money laundering

James Stunt was pictured today appearing before Leeds Crown Court. He is being tried for money laundering.

Stunt, pictured, who is Bernie Ecclestone's former son-in-law, has been charged with money laundering and forgery

Stunt is Bernie Ecclestone’s former son in-law. He has been accused with money laundering as well as forgery

The businessman had earlier said he intends contesting both charges at Leeds Crown Court

He had previously stated that he intended to contest both the Leeds Crown Court charges and businessman.

They had three children together – a daughter followed by twin boys – but divorced in 2017 following six years of marriage.  

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesperson stated that James Stunt was being charged with money laundering under section 327 of Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and forgery contra section 1 of Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1982. This follows an investigation by West Yorkshire Police.

Stunt vigorously denied all claims prior to today’s hearing. 

His legal team stated in May 2000 that he denies any crime. They will contest the charges. 

Stunt later told his 90,000 followers on Instagram: ‘So what’s the headline? “A man they have arrested got charged with money laundering”? I will defend.

‘I hope this goes to trial and you can explain how James Stunt, the biggest clueless guy ever, is not a money launderer.

‘I have to now prove my innocence, and I won’t just use my photographic memory.

‘James Stunt is prosecuted for money laundering – this is the biggest miscarriage of justice.’