Do not zoom in! A 32-year-old woman is mortified to discover that she had left her bottle of lubricant visible during a 45 minute call she made with her boss from bed.

  • Nicki Faulkner, 32, from Hackney, had Zoom call with manager working from bed
  • She noticed that 15 minutes into the session, she had left the bottle of lubricant out on the shelf. Camera was full-view
  • Feared her manager would spot the intimate product, she spent the rest of the meeting afraid. 

An HR professional was shocked when she realized that Durex lube had been forgotten on her shelf during a Zoom call.

Nicki Faulkner, Hackney East London had an earlier meeting with her manager. She noticed the pink bottle over her shoulder 15 minutes into her meeting.

The 32-year old was horrified to learn that her boss would be using the sex drug. She sat down on the edge for 45 minutes, continuing the conversation as though everything were fine.

However, the wellbeing and engagement specialist acknowledged that she died inside when she realized her error but felt relieved that no one was speaking about it.

HR worker Nicki Faulkner, 32, from Hackney, East London, was left mortified after she realised there was a bottle of lubricant visible on the shelf behind her bed during a 45-minute long Zoom call with her boss

Nicki Faulkner (32-year-old HR professional from Hackney in East London) was shocked to discover a bottle of lubricant on her bedside shelf during her 45-minute Zoom call with her boss 

Nicki had the bottle of massage lube on the shelf after her boyfriend came over at the weekend and she forgot to remove it from view

Nicki forgot to get rid of the bottle she had left on her shelf. 

Nicki stated that, “About fifteen minutes into the call, I clocked a lube on a shelf behind me. It was too late for it to be moved.”

“My manager would be able to see it. It would get more attention.

It’s one taboo, and I was able to die inside.

“It was Durex massage oil. The obvious was evident – how could anything else be?

“She saw me in my bed. Was there anything else I could have stored behind my bed?

Nicki said all her friends thought the mishap was hilarious because they believe she has quite a 'serious' job in HR

Nicki stated that all of her friends found the incident hilarious, as they think she holds a very serious job in Human Resources. 

The 32-year-old, pictured, did not realise she had left the bottle in full view of her Zoom call until it was too late

The 32-year old woman, shown here, didn’t realize she left her bottle visible to Zoom until it was too late

“Next time I’ll be conducting meetings at the kitchen table. The bed was always going be bad.

Nicki was exhausted after a week of intense work, and she decided to get up to go to bed to do some research. However, her boyfriend had left the weekend so Nicki forgot to change the lube.

Nicki stated: “I normally work in the office but this week was especially stressful so I decided that it would be better to work at home.”

“I was aware that I needed a one-to-1 meeting with my manager. I answered my phone and began working in bed.

It was something I didn’t notice, and every so often thought that she might have noticed.

“She had been talking and then suddenly she paused. She thought she saw it. However, we may have had poor connection during the Zoom call.

The engagement and wellbeing specialist was mortified when she noticed the bottle of lubricant during her Zoom call

The Zoom call brought out the surprise of her dismay when she saw the bottle of lubricant.

She’d be embarrassed to tell me if she saw it.

“I brought it to my boyfriend’s place because he had recently visited me. I placed it to the side. Normally, I would put it in the corner. However, I decided that I would leave it alone.

“I didn’t wake anyone up from my bed during the night.

Nicki posted the sad event to social media and her friends thought it was hilarious.

Nicki replied, “I work for an start-up. I also work for large corporate companies. This only adds to the absurdity of it.

“My friends found it hilarious. It makes them think that I do a more important job than they actually have.