Australians are officially the world’s biggest binge drinkers, but Britain and the US don’t lag far behind featuring in the top five of the latest Global Drug Survey

The survey of over 32,000 respondents from 22 countries, which covered the period from December 2020 through March 2021, ranked Denmark and Finland second and third.

Also, the data shows that Irish drinkers felt most guilt.   

Researchers believes extending Covid lockdowns contributed to the results

Researchers believe that Covid locks downs being extended contributed to these results.

According to the survey, people consumed more alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and LSD during pandemics.  

These findings, which were revealed by this week’s revelations, show that Australians consumed an average of 27 times more alcohol in 2021 than the global average.

The survey found that Australians drank on average two drinks per day.

This study found that Australians are less likely to be sorry for their drunkenness than the global average of 21 percent. 

Britons joined the United States, Denmark and Finland in the top five drunkest nations after Australia

Britons joined Denmark, Finland and the United States as the five top-ranking countries for alcohol after Australia.

'Drank too much too quickly' was the most common regret, claimed by nearly half of those surveyed

Nearly half of respondents regretted drinking too fast.

However, the Irish suffered the greatest remorse for drinking in this year. They regretted it approximately 25% of the time. 

They were the nation with the lowest level of regret and the country that drank the most in 2021, after Australia.

49 percent of people surveyed regretted that they had drank too often too soon.

66% said that they were anxious about Covid, while 44% said it was because of pandemic restrictions. 

Australians filled up their beer or wine glass with booze two days per week on average, the survey revealed

According to the survey, Australians consume booze on average twice per week.

Vinegar Yard in London. Britons joined the Australia, the United States, Denmark and Finland in the top five drunkest nations

Vinegar Yard London. The top five most drunk countries were Australia, Denmark, Finland, and the United States.

Virtual parties were attended by 2 percent. 

The top five most drunken nations, after Australia, were Denmark and Finland.

France has the highest average annual drink consumption, with more than 130 glasses. New Zealand is next on the list at 122. Australia had an average of 106 drinks per person.

This despite the fact that almost all drugs were used less in 2021 as compared to last year.

In 2021, 51% of respondents said that they had smoked cigarettes. This compares to 60.8% in 2020.

This could have been due to older people in the group, or because most of these drugs were not used during the pandemic.

The Danish felt the least regretful after drinking and were also the second drunkest nation after Australia in 2021

After drinking, the Danish were the most regretful and also were the second-drowsiest country after Australia in 2021

France leads the world for the average number of drinks consumed in a year, enjoying more than 132 glasses of booze

France has the highest average annual consumption of alcohol in the world, with more than 130 glasses.

The lockdown resulted in people becoming less impaired and more people seeking help for their addictions. 

According to the report, microdosing is when you take a tiny amount of something in order to monitor its effects on your body.

This group reported that one in four had taken LSD, psilocybin or other psychedelic substances in the 12 months prior to their survey.

Third of the people who tried microdosing with MDMA and DMT before had also taken psychedelics.

The study also found that although the pandemic may have locked us in, most people who used illegal drugs still obtained substances in-person

It was also revealed that, despite being trapped in the epidemic, almost all people who had used illegal drugs in their lives still managed to obtain them.

For those who used illegal drugs, most sourced them in person despite Covid restrictions making this difficult for many

Most people who used illicit drugs sourced the drug in person, despite Covid restrictions that made it difficult.

Also, the study found that most illegal drug users still obtain drugs in-person even though we may be locked in by the pandemic. 

This was the most common way for people to obtain their supplies from close friends. 

A quarter of those surveyed mentioned digital sources. They also reported darknet market access for other types of drugs, such as cannabis.

Respondents were asked to summarize 2020 in one sentence.

After translating responses the report said that the ‘main theme was a negative sentiment’ towards the year, with ‘sh**’, ‘f***ed’ and ‘challenging’ dominating the general consensus.