A ‘Huge Explosion’ was heard close to Iran’s Natanz nuclear plant. It is characterized by a ‘bright, visible light in the sky’ and the downing of an unknown drone.

  • A bright light can be seen near Natanz, in the Badroud area. 
  • Unconfirmed reports indicate that an unknown drone may have been downed 
  • As talks on a return to the nuclear deal continue in Vienna, it comes at an opportune moment. 

An explosion of enormous proportions was reported to have occurred near Iran’s nuclear facilities. 

Reports have indicated that a bright light was seen near Natanz, a facility located in the Badroud region of the Middle Eastern country.

Although it isn’t yet clear what caused the explosion, unconfirmed reports suggest that a drone was targeted. 

Fararunews and Iranian news sites stated that local sources reported hearing an explosion in Natanz’s sky. 

“No official source confirmed or denied” the report. 

The announcement comes while talks on a possible return to the JCPOA Nuclear Deal are taking place in Vienna between Iran’s world powers and Iran. 

There have been reports of a bright light being seen in the sky near the Natanz facility (pictured in 2007) in the Middle Eastern country's Badroud region

A bright light has been reported to be seen above the Natanz facility in the Middle East’s Badroud area. 

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has demanded an “immediate cessation” of talks and accused the Islamic Republic of ‘nuclear Blackmail”.