Prankster gets smothered in hot chips worth $1,000, and then is attacked by seagulls for Instagram Likes

  • Surfers Paradise beach is where man covers himself in hot chips
  • A flock seagulls attack the man who is submerged in sand.
  • Stunt was found to be an experiment  by internet pranksters ‘Marty and Michael’ 
  • After interrupting the AFL Grand Final, the duo caused controversy last season.
  • Pair ran onto the pitch, halting play mid-game in an effort to gain social media fame 

A social media prankster has covered his face in thousands of hot chips, and turned it into a lunchtime snack for a group of seagulls. 

Footage shows the man lying neck-deep in sand and smothered with hot chips at Surfers Paradise beach on Wednesday.

A frenzy among peckish seagulls and even a few Ibises flock to the scene, desperate to grab a hot chips or two.

A man has covered himself in hundreds of hot chips as part of a comedy stunt at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

As part of a comedy stunt, a man covered himself in hot chips to make a gag at Surfers Paradise on Gold Coast.

The bizarre sight was actually a stunt by Marty and Michael, a comedy duo who uploaded the video on their Instagram page, which they dubbed their “latest science experiment”.

Nine News reports that the pair bought more than $1,000 worth chips to see whether they could win the trust of birds.

It’s not known what the final results were.

The pair known as Marty and Michael purchased over $1,000 worth of chips for a 'science experiment'

Marty and Michael, a couple known as Marty & Michael, purchased chips worth over $1,000 for a science experiment’

Marty and Michael claim that they do social experiments and comedy sketches on social media.

Last year the two pranksters, whose real names are Michael Broekhuyse, 32, and Martin Sokolinski, 33, stopped play during the AFL Grand Final in a bid to gain viral fame.  

They ran onto the Gabba in Brisbane and were quickly escorted off by security guards. 

After being released from prison, they posted on social media that the field invasion was another stunt to promote a video.  

Their antics halted game play in the first quarter between the Geelong Cats & Richmond Tigers. One of the men managed to kick a goal before being taken off the pitch.

The comedy duo claimed the prank was to see if they could 'gain the birds' trust'

The comedy duo claimed that the prank was meant to “gain the birds trust”