The bride and the zoomies Sonny, a moment golden retriever from the Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania proposes marriage to his owners with an insane dash on Tasmanian beaches

  • Canine Sonny is elated when Jack and Madison become engaged.
  • Jack gives the ring to Marion Bay’s partner after Jack makes a tiny hole with his dog
  • As his owners hug one another, a golden retriever races around the beach while his owners embrace him  

The comical moment when a golden retriever couldn’t contain his joy and ran frantically around the beach following the engagement of his owners.

Footage captured on Marion Bay beach in Tasmania shows the two-year-old canine named Sonny explode with energy and get a serious case of the ‘zoomies’ after his owners Madison and Jack get engaged.

Jack gets so excited that he starts digging a little hole and then he proposes.

Sonny takes a look at the ring and runs towards the camera, before scurrying around the beach and circleling his owners.

Golden retriever Sonny digs a small hole as Jack gets down on one knee and proposes to Madison on Marion Bay beach, Tasmania

Sonny, a golden retriever who digs small holes in the ground when Jack proposes to Madison at Marion Bay Beach, Tasmania

The dog watches as his owners embrace one another after the marriage proposal

After the proposal, his owners hugged their dog.

Jack puts Madison the ring and they embrace. The dog then continues running around the place with excitement.

Marion posted the clip online on December 3rd. Later she took to social media and wrote: “After posting our proposal video on my TikTok profile, it was viewed more than 11 million times.” Everyone loves Sonny and love love, it is safe to assume. 

“Thanks to all who shared, liked and enjoyed our moment. My new followers are welcome here, too.

Jack proposed to Sonny at Marion Bay Beach. We drove there on weekends so that Sonny could run free and play in the surf, chase sticks, and do other things.

Jack and I often enjoy listening to the best music while driving there and talking about the beauty of Hobart/Nipaluna, how blessed we are to live here.

Madison places her hands over her mouth as Jack proposes

The canine runs around the couple

Sonny runs around in a frantic fashion after Jack presents the ring Madison. 

Madison strokes the dog as it gets a serious case of the 'zoomies' and appears to celebrate with the couple

Madison strokes the dog when it has a severe case of the “zoomies” and seems to be celebrating with the couple

“We selected the song to which I would walk down the aisle on the exact same drive, and it was a song that brought us together in gratitude for our lives with Sonny.

“The best thing about Jack’s proposal is that it was simple yet meaningful. And of course, he knew I would appreciate having a video of it to look back on, we didn’t realise so many others would also experience feelings of joy and love watching it too. But we’re glad.’

Viewers then took to social media and shared their reactions to the heartwarming scenes.

One individual wrote, “The dog understood the assignment.”

Another person said, “I laughed at the digging.” Your dog had the perfect energy for the zoomies.

A viewer also commented that the dog knew exactly what to do and felt the energy.

Viewers congratulated the couple on their engagement, with one saying the dog's zoomies made this 'much more beautiful'

Viewers expressed their congratulations to the couple for getting engaged. One commented that his zoomies had made the occasion’much better’