A man runs wild through London, flipping tables as he throws drink to the ground and rampaging around a cafe

  • On Saturday, the man ran amok in Cafe De La Post Edgware 
  • During the altercation, he turned several tables over and kicked at a refrigerator. 
  • Customers forced the man out before he broke a window using a chair. 

This is the moment a furious man went berserk inside a north London cafe, causing more than £2,000 of damage after smashing a plate glass window. 

The incident happened in front of shocked customers and staff at Café De La Post in Edgware on Saturday, December 18.

CCTV footage shows the man starting to act aggressively in the adjacent post office, which shares a building with the cafe.

The man, pictured top right, kicked out at a fridge unit in Cafe De La Post in Edgware, north London on December 18

Top right: The man kicked off at Cafe De La Post, Edgware on December 18, 2018.

The man turned over several tables while rampaging his way through the cafe

He was busy rummaging through the cafe and turned many tables. 

The man was herded through the cafe by several customers and members of staff

Customers and staff helped to herd the man through the cafe. 

He then entered the cafe with cold drinks in his hand and kicked out of the cooler. 

Many pensioners and diners were shocked to see the chaos.

A woman ran from her table as staff came behind to confront the man.

As he turned to go, several customers stood and led the man toward the front.

The man was pushed outside by a customer who closed the front door and prevented him from coming back inside.

The men then picked up a chair from the outside seating area and smashed it against the plate glass door, smashing one pane, causing £2,200 of damage.

Bhardi Blloshmi (brother Ilirian) and Bhardi Blloshmi are the owners of this cafe. 

According to the owners, they are devastated over what has happened. The coffee shop was not to blame. 

The incident took place in Cafe De La Post in Edgware, north London, pictured

Cafe De La Post was in Edgware in north London. 

The man then began hurling bottles of soft drinks from the fridge onto the floor while staff approach him from the counter area

As staff approached him from the counter, the man started to throw bottles of soft drinks out the refrigerator onto the floor.

The man's rampage was captured on several CCTV cameras showing the incident from different angles

Multiple CCTV cameras captured the man on rampage from various angles. 

“We have the same area as a post office. In the video, the subject was visiting the post office. After getting upset, he walked off and began attacking our coffee shop.

“We’re still very new, doing really well, which has had such a profound impact on our lives.”

“One of our customers had his son and was forced to leave the shop by the father.

“We had old people and children in our shop. It was terrible to start a business.

“We called police, but they didn’t show up. We were so mad at them that they didn’t respond to our calls about any criminal activity. You could have seriously injured someone.

We just wanted to apologize for all those who were present.

The men continued to throw over tables until he was ejected from the cafe by customers

Customers ejected the men from their cafe after they continued to throw at tables.

“This is not the first time that something like this has occurred and we now have to relocate our shop to deal with the problems the post office causes and which we also have to endure. 

The post office has called police when they see trouble, but they don’t show up.

‘We have to replaced the glass yesterday and it cost us £2,200.’ 

MailOnline has been informed by the Metropolitan Police about their investigation into the incident, although they have not made any arrests.  

MailOnline reached out for clarification to the Post Office, but they declined.