One of Britains smallest detached houses has gone on sale for £225,000 as a grade II-listed Georgian residence.   

The tiny property on the Grimston Park Estate in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, measures just 10ft 5ins by 8ft 6ins above ground and is just 408sq ft.

This cube-shaped house is available for purchase for quarter of a millon pounds. It includes an underground living area and spiral staircase.

The grade II listed home has been described as “steep in history” and is known for its quirky charm.    

The Grimston Estate is where it’s located, which has been home to the British monarchy ever since the 1800s.

The tiny property on the Grimston Park Estate in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, measures just 10ft 5ins by 8ft 6ins above ground and is just 408sq ft

The small property is situated in Tadcaster on North Yorkshire’s Grimston Park Estate. It measures 10ft 5ins wide by 8ft 6ins high and has a total area of 408 sq ft

The cube-shaped home is up for sale for a quarter of a million pounds, complete with an underground living quarters and spiral staircase. Pictured is the minuscule upstairs bedroom

You can purchase the cube-shaped home for 25% less than a year, which includes underground living areas and a spiral staircase. The upstairs bedroom is tiny. 

You will find it at the gate of Grade II Georgian country home in the park.

Its sister house went on sale for £250,000 in 2020. The average house price in the market town of Tadcaster is £338,000.

You can find vintage wall lamps and olive-green wooden planks in the mezzanine.

You will find the basement at 13 feet long, with a tiny living room, kitchenette, and bathroom, down the steps.

It measures 241 square feet. The basement has yellow walls and a sunroof.

Down the stairs is the 13ft long basement, complete with tiny living area, kitchen and bathroom kitted out with character furniture. French doors lead to a sunken garden with shrubs and a seating area (pictured)

The basement is 13 feet long and has a small living space, kitchen, bathroom, and character furniture. French doors take you to a sunken, shaded garden that includes trees and has a seating area. 

Grimston Park manor once hosted James VI of Scotland, who visited on his way to becoming the king of England. Pictured: The house's dinky bathroom complete with freestanding rolltop bath and check tiles

Grimston Park house was once home to James VI of Scotland. He visited Grimston Park on his journey to become the King of England. Pictured is the bathroom in Grimston Park, complete with a rolltop tub and check tiles. 

There are views over Grimston Park and the associated parkland which stretches down to the banks of the River Wharfe, with Tadcaster visible in the distance

You can see Grimston Park from here, as well as the parkland that runs down to the River Wharfe. Tadcaster is visible further away.

French doors open to a sunken, shaded garden that includes shrubs and seating.

The exterior of the castle is made from Limestone Ashlad bricks. A figure representing a warrior can also be seen standing on its stepped roof.

There is an outside area with a lawn, furniture and railings made of cast iron.

Grimston park manor was home to James VI, a Scotsman who came on his way as the king and queen of England.

It was also used by the RAF during World War II.

The property can't be rented out for holiday lets but it would make someone a great second or holiday home for those who want to escape the city

Although the property cannot be rented for holidays, it could make a wonderful second home or vacation home for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

With plenty of architectural wonder both inside and out there is a lawned garden flanked by mature hedging and a low wall topped by cast iron railings

There are many architectural marvels both indoors and outside, including a garden with mature hedges and a low wall with cast iron railings.

This tiny property was converted to luxury housing, and the community is now available for new homeowners.

Hunters’ spokesman said that the Georgian Gate House, which is Grade II-listed and opens towards Grimston Park Estate in beautiful rural surroundings, was steeped in history.

The current owners have made this unique detached house more comfortable and it is now on two floors.

The current owners of this property have been living in it for many years. They have enjoyed its convenient location as well as the surrounding community.

The estate has seen many British monarchs visit it since the 1800s. In fact, the first mention of the Doomsday Book was in 1086.

Its sister house went on sale for £250,000 in 2020 (pictured). The average house price in the market town of Tadcaster is £338,000

Its sister house went on sale for £250,000 in 2020 (pictured). The average house price in the market town of Tadcaster is £338,000 

Pictured: The sister gatehouse's small living area with a titchy fireplace to keep residents nice and cosy throughout winter

Pictured is the small living room of the sister gatehouse, which features a fireplace and an open fire place to keep winter residents cozy.  

The estate is surrounded by beautiful countryside, and it’s easily accessible from the Tadcaster facilities and the A64/A1 highways.

‘Rail links in Church Fenton & Ulleskelf a drive away make this the perfect retreat for those who commute to York or Leeds but enjoy the quiet life.’

Its sister house went up for sale in 2020 for £250,000 with a completely different look.

The bathroom was barrel-ceilinged and featured white mosaic tiles, modern décor, and dark wood accents.

It is striking that the stairs were not spiral but straight.

Pictured: The sister gatehouse's kitchen with wot much space to entertain guests but enough to cook a treat for visitors who don't mind a bit of al fresco dining

Pictured: A sister gatehouse kitchen that has enough space for guests, but also allows you to prepare a delicious meal for those who enjoy al fresco dining.

As people look for new ways of living, tiny properties are becoming more popular.

An uber modern tiny home is up for sale for £429,950 a stone’s throw from Victoria Park, London.

It measures 224 square feet and is located at the edge of a small garden. In some places, it has lowered its head height to 1.5 metres.

The Quay house, which measures six feet in width and is ten feet high, became a tourist attraction in the Welsh fishing village.

Conwy is a small village that can accommodate only four people at a time.

Guides say people have come as far as Japan, America, and Australia to get into this unique dwelling.