DailyMail.com reports that swimmers on University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swimming team became so angry about the transgender benefits of Lia Thomas, they contemplated boycotting the last home meet of this season.

According to DailyMail.com, a source familiar with the 41-strong team said that the NCAA and Penn have ignored them. This has led to some girls feeling the need to speak out.

The source claimed that they had been discussing protest plans at the January 8 meet. Their goal was to oppose NCAA rules that permit Thomas to compete in the women’s team, despite having received one-year of hormone therapy. 

The team decided not to boycott the Ivy League championship because they feared it might keep them from the Ivy League title, in which the top 17 of 41 swimmers will be competing.  

Source said that the sources knew they did not have the backing of NCAA and the school. This made them reluctant to risk losing their chances to join the elite Ivy League teams.

Several swimmers on the University of Pennsylvania swim team considered boycotting their final home meet of the season over the advantages of transgender teammate Lia Thomas, who has crushed records since competing on the women's team. Thomas is pictured cheering on her teammates

Several swimmers on the University of Pennsylvania swim team considered boycotting their final home meet of the season over the advantages of transgender teammate Lia Thomas, who has crushed records since competing on the women’s team. Thomas can be seen cheering for her team.

The swimmers  ultimately decided against a boycott, for fear that it would keep them out of the Ivy League championship in February. The January 2020 photo of the UPenn Swimming and Diving Team. Thomas can be seen in the rear row, fifth from left. 

DailyMail.com has been told that Thomas will win because of his dominance. It is also expected that people will cheer more for Thomas than Thomas at the Zippy International.

Team’s final home match will take place at Philadelphia University, where they will compete against Dartmouth College.

This is the first competition since Thomas set two records earlier in the month at Zippy International, Akron (Ohio). 

Thomas previously competed on the UPenn men's swim team for three years as Will before transitioning

Thomas was previously a member of the UPenn swim team, and Will for three years before he made the transition. 

Two of her fellow teammates shared their disappointment at having a transgender swimmer competing in the female race after three years of Penn’s male-only team.

Although the last home meet has been a tradition to allow seniors to be recognized, swimmers know that Lia Thomas will receive all the attention.

DailyMail.com’s source said that it was a highly emotional day. It’s meant to honor all of the senior’s achievements over the years. These girls want to ensure they receive the right recognition, and their time is honored as they should.

DailyMail.com has been told that Thomas will win because of this. It is also expected that people will cheer more for Thomas than the second place finisher, just as they did at Zippy International.

Source said that it would be similar to when the last couple met. ‘Lia will finish and nobody will give a sh*t. Then when the first biological female finishes, there will be a huge eruption of applause.’

Thomas’s reaction to his teammates may not be as predictable.

According to the first source, some swimmers discussed a false start or skipping the event. “But it wouldn’t be the entire team, so it’s awkward.

The couple began to consider other alternatives.

“If I were you, I would put a sign across my chest saying something like: “NCAA – Talk up. DailyMail.com spoke to a parent who was able to provide answers. It’s possible for the swimmers to do nothing, as they may be perceived as transphobic.

Thomas (pictured in 2016) was a star swimmer in high school

Thomas (pictured in 2017) was a star swimmer in high school

Thomas was the star high school swimmer (pictured 2016 and 2017. 

UPenn swim team recently posted about one of Lia's records in the 200m freestyle (pictured)

The UPenn swimming team posted recently about Lia’s record in the 200m Freestyle. (pictured).

According to the parent, Thomas and Thomas received death threats anonymously and teammates fear that they will inflame things. The swimmers want to keep things civil with their teammates. They support Thomas’ participation but are careful not to talk to the media.

What Lia Thomas’ time compares to her record as a swimmer at UPenn for males and the NCAA female records.


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Free 500m


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Get 200m for free


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Olympic gold medalists hold the NCAA records in these events for women. Missy Franklin currently holds the 200-free record at 1:39.10. Katie Ledecky established the records at 4:14:06 for the 500-Free and at 15:03,31 for the 1,650-Free.  

Thomas said her pre-transition times are not an accurate gage for her ‘current ability’ but admitted that she did not train as often or as hard in her year off as she did when competing on the men’s team. 

Two anonymous swimmers broke the silence of the team earlier in this month.

A few days later, The Daily Mail found out that Thomas was being bullied by the parents of 10 other swimmers.

The letter, obtained only by DailyMail.com, stated that women’s sport’s integrity was at stake. It was sent to NCAA officials and then forwarded on to Penn and Ivy League officials. ‘The precedent being set – one in which women do not have a protected and equitable space to compete – is a direct threat to female athletes in every sport. Where are these boundaries? Is this consistent with NCAA’s pledge to create a fair and equitable environment for student-athletes

A few weeks later, Olympic swimming champion Nancy Hogshead Makar stated in DailyMail.com a column that it wasn’t fair for biological women against Thomas. She also said it was unfair to race against doped up East Germans.

In the December 24, column, she stated that trans women are allowed to compete against biological women as long they can prove they have lost any sex-linked advantage in male-puberty. Lia Thomas is unable to make such a demonstration. While she has apparently been complying with NCAA rules requiring hormone therapy for over 2 ½ years now, she is still competing with an unfair advantage.’

Many other sports personalities followed Hogshead Makar’s lead and said they supported the argument of Hogshead Makar that new rules were needed.

Martina Navratilova (tennis great) retweeted and said, “A fair and well thought out take on trans woman inclusion in women’s sports.”

Chris Evert was her ex-contestant and he retweeted Navratilova’s message with the caption I second that.

Evert then tweeted that ‘Science has shown from the onset for male puberty. Mostly because of high levels of testosterone, male bodies can be faster, more powerful, and last longer than their female counterparts.

Sharron, an Olympic swimmer from the UK and a former medalist in swimming, tweeted a link at Hogshead Makar’s article.

The NCAA has yet to reply to parents’ letters. However, the university responded tersely to claim that the school was doing all it could to support Lia’s success and shared a link to mental healthcare services.