UNDER-50s receive Covid booster vaccinations. Minister Oliver Dowden encourages Brits and others to have their vaccines in order to enjoy a decent Christmas.

  • An older Brit can receive a second jab six months after they have had their first.
  • Ministers plan to increase the outreach to young age groups. 
  • Oliver Dowden asked Britons for a “decent” Christmas. 

According to the Government, today’s announcement will make it clear that under-50-year olds will be offered an additional dose of Covid.

Six months following their September second dose, older Britons were able to receive their booster shot.

Ministers now plan to increase the effort amid concerns about a winter epidemic of infectious diseases among young people that may spread to more vulnerable populations. 

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation is expected to approve the distribution of booster doses for younger Britons. 

Some 12.6million over-50s — about a third of the age group — have already got their extra jabs.

Oliver Dowden, Culture Secretary, stated today that everyone should have their top on so the country can celebrate a decent Christmas. 

Neil Ferguson of ‘Professor Lockdown” stated that this weekend he did not see any reason for the rollout to be stopped at younger ages. 

Older Britons are already able to get their top up jab from six months after their second dose.

Six months after receiving their first dose, older Britons can get their next booster shot.

According to a minister of the Government, the vaccination program provides the greatest assurance that Covid-19 will be removed over Christmas.

Oliver Dowden of Conservative Party said that the decision on whether to impose new restrictions was left up to people.

It is ours. Sky News: “If you receive the booster when it comes, that is the largest wall of defense that we have against Covid,” he said.

“I’m confident that, if people stick to the plan and take their boosters as directed, the vaccine wall will last, so we can have a good Christmas.

“There is no plan to stop Christmas from happening.” This time, the vaccine is what makes all the difference.

However, he cautioned that controls might be necessary if circumstances change dramatically such as the appearance of a new coronavirus.

‘We haven’t ruled it out. If things change drastically, we will have to do a review.