The Government has won a nationwide injunction against Insulate Britain eco-fanatics covering the ‘entire strategic road network’ in England after the group brought traffic on the streets of the City of London and Canary Wharf to a standstill on Monday.

The High Court in London granted the interim injunction today following an application from National Highways after protesters from the Extinction Rebellion offshoot obstructed roads around Southwark Bridge, Canary Wharf and Liverpool Street station. 

The new injunction prohibits traffic obstruction and prevents access to 4,300 miles motorways in England. This includes activists who cling to the roads. Those who break the order could face six-month imprisonment and an unlimited fine. 

Following Insulate Britain protests, National Highways has already issued three injunctions to stop action along the M25 or major roads around Port of Dover. 

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted this evening: ‘Insulate Britain are back, risking lives & ruining journeys. Three specific injunctions have been in place. Today, I instructed @NationalHways that an injunction be applied for covering the entire strategic road network.

The High Court has granted temporary permission for this to be done. The long term solution lies in changes to the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill, giving additional powers against disruptive protests which target critical national infrastructure. 

‘This includes unlimited fines & prison sentences of up to 6 months for obstructing highways.’  

Duncan Smith, Acting Director of Operations at National Highways, stated that the new injunction covering the Strategic Road Network across America is another step in helping to keep these reckless protests away, and endangering lives, from our network.

“We continue serving court papers on those who have broken the previous injunctions. People who violate the injunctions could be sentenced to imprisonment or a maximum fine.

The Department for Transport stated that more than 100 demonstrators were already served with court papers related to these injunctions. If they are found to be violating the orders going forward, they could face imprisonment or a fine for contempt.

National Highways filed nine applications to the High Court Friday against protesters who had violated an existing injunction and blocked the M25.   

During rush hour on Monday morning, Insulate Britain enviro-idiots leant on car bonnets and stood in roads with banners around the capital from 8.20am, causing misery for motorists and families on half-term holidays. One even stuck his face to a road to block traffic. 

It was the 14th time Insulate Britain had caused disruption to motorways or A roads in London in the past six weeks. Last Friday, the group warned that they would reopen their blockades.  

Protesters from Insulate Britain blocking a road near Canary Wharf in east London

Insulate Britain protestors blockade a road near Canary Wharf, east London

Police officers remove an 'Insulate Britain' protester who was part of a demonstration blocking Upper Thames Street

Police officers remove an “Insulate Britain” protester who was part in a demonstration that blocked Upper Thames Street

A police officer detains an Insulate Britain activist lying on the road during a protest in London

A police officer arrests an Insulate Britain activist who was lying on the street during a London protest

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted this evening: 'Insulate Britain are back, risking lives & ruining journeys. 3 specific injunctions are already in place, but today I instructed @NationalHways to apply for an injunction covering the entire strategic road network'

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweeted this evening: ‘Insulate Britain are back, risking lives & ruining journeys. 3 injunctions have already been put in place. But, today I instructed @NationalHways how to apply for an Injunction that will cover the entire strategic road network.

Insulate Britain activists block a road next to police officers during a protest on Upper Thames Street in London today

During a protest at Upper Thames Street, London today, Insulate Britain activists blocked a road next police officers

Police officers detain a climate activist from the group Insulate Britain in Central London this morning

Police detain climate activist from Insulate Britain in Central London today.

Insulate Britain: How activists have made a mockery the law

September 13– 78 Insulate Britain protesters were arrested after blocking junctions 3, 6, 14 and 20 of the M25

September 15More than 50 protesters were arrested for targeting the M25 junctions 1, 8, 9 & 23

September 17 48 protesters were arrested after they targeted junctions 3, 9, and 28 of M25 as well as the M3

September 2029 protestors were arrested after blocking the M25 junctions 4 and 18 as well as the A1

September 21Protesters run into moving traffic to block the carriageway at Junction 10. 38 arrests have been made. National Highways is indicted against any further protests on M25

September 22Protesters burn copies the injunction outside of the Home Office, blocking access to the ministry. No arrests were made

September 2439 protesters were arrested after blocking roads at three locations near Dover. All of them are being investigated. National Highways receives a second injunction pertaining to Dover.

September 2753 protestors are arrested for blocking a sliproad at Junction 14 on the M25. All of them are being investigated.

September 28National Highways claims it is seeking ‘legal advice’ on how to enforce the injunction.

September 29 – 27 protesters are arrested for blocking a roundabout at Junction 3 of the M25 on two occasions

September 30 – Protesters return to junction 30 at Thurrock in Essex, and nine are arrested

October 1, The group block the M4 at junction 3, the M1 at junction 1 and M25 at junction 25. 39 arrests

October 2,: Third injunction prohibits them from obstructing traffic or preventing access to major A roads in and around London. 

October 438 arrests after protesters block 3 major roads in London, the Blackwall Tunnel and Wandsworth Bridge. 

October 819 people were arrested for protesting at the Old Street roundabout, and 16 more for blocking the M25 at Junction 24. Transport for London receives a High Court injunction prohibiting them from obstructing traffic at 14 locations in London.

October 13: 35 people were arrested as protesters return to the M25 at Junction 31 and a nearby industrial estate.

October 15Activists target areas near Southwark Bridge, Canary Wharf, and Liverpool Street station.

The campaign continues despite injunctions that have placed them under court summons and could result in imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Nine demonstrators were arrested last week and could face up to two year imprisonment for contempt of court.

Metropolitan Police officers and City of London officers arrested 53 people who had blocked Upper Thames Street, the northern side of Southwark Bridge, Bishopsgate and Limehouse Causeway at Canary Wharf’s A1206 junction.

The first protest began at 8.16am at Bishopsgate with all impacted roads cleared by 10.30am. The activists’ use of superglue, which caused delays for officers in safely removing protestors and opening roads, was partly responsible for the extended time. 

In response to the Net Zero Government reports last week, which it claimed ‘completely fails to meet the challenges we face’, the organisation stated it would ‘rise against tyranny’. 

Insulate Britain, a group that wants all UK homes to be insulated by 2030 in order to reduce carbon emissions has previously stated on October 14, that it was suspending protests. These protests have caused significant disruption until this morning. 

It is less than a week ahead of the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow, which campaigners consider a last chance for carbon-cutting pledges that can limit global warming to manageable levels. 

Protests were also held on the same day that London’s pollution zone for older vehicles was significantly increased, affecting tens to thousands of motorists. Drivers of vehicles which do not comply with minimum emissions standards are being charged £12.50 to drive in the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez), which became 18 times larger. 

One passer-by shouted at activists on Bishopsgate: “If anyone gets cancer please let it not be people you don’t know. Please let it not be people you don’t know.” You now know what it’s like for your loved ones to be denied treatment. You can sit there, I hope that you feel what it’s really like. You are doing this while my father is in need of treatment. Scum. Scum.

One protester said that her mother had died from the disease. The man said, “Does anyone know what it’s like to try and get cancer treatment while you’re standing there like this?” People are trying desperately to get to the hospital. Please let your family know if anyone is diagnosed with cancer. You all.

Protesters blocked the road at Camomile Street’s junction, causing traffic on Bishopsgate to stop. At least seven buses were halted by activists who sat on roads near the traffic lights. Four police vehicles were also present. 

One protester appeared to be ill and was lying down on the ground as a police officer spoke to him. Passers-by heckled protesters, with one man shouting while he walked past: “We all have jobs to do.” 

Tony Hill, a 71 year old protester, claimed he had traveled from near Kendal in Cumbria in order to participate today. He stated: ‘I am here today out of anger. Fear. and determination. 

“The anger in my Government is failing our country’s people. All governments around the world are failing. Everyone says we are at the eleventh hour, but we are at midnight. Our Government and other governments around the world are doing nothing of substance. 

“We are saying to insulate as many buildings possible. It’s an easy decision. It’s something that we can all do and it’s a solution. 

“We have the money. All we need is the will to do it from our government. It will save money and create jobs, save lives, as well as save the planet. Why aren’t people doing it?

Mr Hill, who was at Camomile Street and Bishopsgate, in London, said that not everyone can do the same thing, but that he was doing it for his family as well as others. I am a former police officer, soldier, and parish councillor. It’s difficult for me and others to do what we do. 

“We don’t want to be sat in London streets, but we are forced to do what we have to because it’s something substantial. 

“We are angry but we are determined. We want thousands to stand up, be counted, and join us. Together we can change the world.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said that 53 people were taken into custody. They were being held for blocking the highway. In an attempt to frustrate our response, many activists had glued themselves or others to the road. We tried to clear any disruption and make arrests as quickly as we could.

Retired vicar, aged 79, is back with Insulate Britain, and has been arrested for the FIFTH consecutive time in just six months 

A retired Anglican vicar was again present at today’s Insulate Britain protests – marking at most the fifth arrest she has received in the past six weeks.

Reverend Sue Parfitt from Bristol, aged 79, was taken from Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street, this morning after she blocked the road along with other activists.

She was already arrested at protests on M25 on September 13, 21, 29 and 29, and October 13.

Parfitt was fined more than £1,500 in July after she took part in two XR road blockades in Parliament Square and outside a Ministry of Defence site near Bristol.

Police officers detain Reverend Sue Parfitt, 79, from Bristol, at an Insulate Britain protest on Bishopsgate in London today

Police officers detain Reverend Sue Parfitt from Bristol, at today’s Insulate Britain protest on Bishopsgate, London.

September 13

September 21

Parfitt was arrested on September 13 (left), and September 21 (right).

September 29

October 13

Parfitt was detained on September 29 (left), and October 13 (right).

The force stated earlier that 52 people had been arrested after a series of protests in London and the City of London today.

“We responded with City of London Police in response to events at Bishopsgate, Upper Thames Street Street, Limehouse and Southwark Bridge. The arrests are in progress.

During the protests, a City of London Police spokesman had said: ‘Bishopsgate is currently closed at the junction with Wormwood Street due to protest activity. Police are present at the scene. Please avoid the area if you can, as this is disrupting traffic.

‘Police are also located at Southwark Bridge at Junction with Upper Thames Street. They are closed in both directions because of protest activity. Please avoid the area whenever possible.

Insulate Britain protesters have made hundreds of arrests. Since September 13, protesters have been blocking motorway junctions, roundabouts, and roundabouts with their feet on the road.

They targeted their protests at rush hour to make the most impact. Drivers took it upon them to remove them when police arrived late. 

Insulate Britain’s Liam Norton stated today that he knows the frustration and anger of the public over the disruptions we have caused. They should also know that the country will have to stop releasing carbon. 

“We can either do it now in a planned order, insulating homes, and preventing thousands from dying from fuel poverty, or we can wait until millions of people have lost their homes, are fighting for water, or starving to death.

“This treasonous government is betraying the public. It is actively following the path that will lead directly to the death of millions. That’s genocide. 

‘If this is true and you do not join non-violent civil resistence, you are complicit. We cannot be silent bystanders. You can choose to be involved in short-term disruption or genocide.

Insulate Britain’s Tracey Mallaghan said that she was devastated that they had to go back to the roads to irritate people. I am also annoyed. I am a single mom and don’t have enough time to read climate science and parliamentary report, but I have read the Chatham House Report and it is frightening. 

“Everyone should read it, and ask their government why they aren’t taking action to protect our country from the climate catastrophe.

“I understand that money is tight, and that many people are struggling, and I am aware of this. It can be hard to see the bigger picture when you are anxious about getting food on the table. But, stop and think. 

‘The people on the road are not your enemy, they are not the ones that have betrayed you and f***ed over this country. They are doing it out of love to save your children and all people from starvation, misery and death. 

Roger Hallam, co-founder of the group, said that he would block an ambulance carrying dying patients in order to get Insulate Britain’s message across.

A spokesperson for Insulate Britain said that last Friday, Insulate Britain had considered the British Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy and Net Zero Strategy and Cost of Net Zero reports. 

“We concluded that while these would have been a great first step 30 years back, they are completely inadequate to meet the current challenges.

“What we need in this “period of consequence” is a wartime-style national effort, a united front for shared sacrifice, and not a plan to cross our fingers and hope for best.

“Insulate Britain will continue its campaign of civil resistance nonviolent.”

Insulate Britain claimed that the Government’s “plan to decarbonise homes” failed on almost all measures.

It said the £450million allocated to grants for heat pumps will help only 30,000 households a year, which is a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared with the 900,000 a year required by the Climate Change Committee by 2028. 

A spokesperson stated that “Our ancestors fought an civil war to remove such oppression from these islands, and they sacrificed their lives in order to win the rights & freedoms we now enjoy.

“Today, it is our responsibility to stand up against tyranny. This is what we owe to our ancestors, our fellow citizens, and those who come after us in this great chain of life. 

Officers from the City of London Police working to release protesters who have glued their hands to Bishopsgate today

Officers from London Police working today to free protesters who glued their hands to Bishopsgate

Insulate Britain activists block a road near Southwark Bridge during their protest in London this morning

During their protest in London this morning, Insulate Britain activists blocked a road near Southwark Bridge.

Members of the public watch as protesters from Insulate Britain cause a roadblock in the Liverpool Street area today

Members of the general public watch today’s protestors from Insulate Britain block the Liverpool Street area.

A protester from Insulate Britain is detained by City of London Police on Bishopsgat, in the Liverpool Street area today

City of London Police today detained a protester from Insulate Britain on Bishopsgat in Liverpool Street.

A specialist police officer uses solvent to free the hand of an Insulate Britain climate activist near Southwark Bridge today

Today, a specialist officer of police uses solvent to free an Insulate Britain climate activist near Southwark Bridge.

A High Court judge extended an injunction to stop Insulate Britain protestors from blocking roads in London on Tuesday.

The order, which was granted to London’s transport system earlier this month, was intended to stop actvists obstructing traffic on some of the capital’s busiest roads.

Three additional injunctions were issued to National Highways by the protest group, prohibiting demonstrations on the M25, Port of Dover, and major roads around London.

Insulate Britain members were allowed to address the court last week during the hearing.

Despite their campaign being temporarily suspended, they have repeatedly displayed their contempt for the injunctions through disobeying them or burning paper copies.

A court order violation can result in a contempt charge. This could lead to a two-year sentence in prison and an unlimited fine.

Judge Justice Lavender stated last week that the injunction would be extended until a trial in the case or until a further court order is issued, which would be April 8 next year.

Dr Diana Warner, of the group, said that National Highways should reduce motorway speeds limits to as low at 10 mph when Insulate Britain protests on an arterial.

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