GP, 37, created a fake gay escort advertisement for a ‘cowboy’ builders, 30. He fell out with the fence-installer and was then bombarded by 50-60 calls and texts from strangers.

  • Dr Suthan Uthan Ulakanthan has shared two posts on Viva Street concerning Steven Hay, 30
  • The GP, 37, claims that Mr Hay (30, an ex-soldier) was a ‘cowboy who had robbed him off
  • South Croydon’s Dr Ulakanthan pleaded not guilty for harassment charges

A court heard that a doctor posted a fake advertisement for gay sexual service with the details a builder he dated.

Dr Suthan Ulakanthan shared two posts on a website called Viva Street, which sold sex acts all night and day,’ Croydon Magistrates Court was told.

The 37-year old claimed that Steven Hay (30, an ex-soldier) was a ‘cowboy” who raped him over a fence job. He was then forced to pay another worker for the work.

South Croydon resident Dr Ulakanthan pleaded guilty to two counts without violence of harassment between September 9th, and November 14th, 2013.

He works at Townhill Medical Practice in Caterham. When questioned by police, he admitted to posting both ads on the website. 

Dr Suthan Ulakanthan twice shared posts on a website called Viva Street selling sexual favours 'all night and day', Croydon Magistrates' Court was told

Dr Suthanulakanthan posted twice on Viva Street, a website that sells sexual favors ‘all night and every day’, Croydon Magistrates’ Court was told.

Below the headlines of both posts, Dr Ulakanthan has added the name, mobile number and address of the builder to the post.

One potential client even responded in kind to the advertisement and chatted with Mr Hay’s mother.

He added, “Young 30-year old male, all types are welcome, confidential, and if free come, I will be in all days.”

The builder told the court the pair fell out over a fence installation with the doctor only paying £300 of the £600 bill.

The 37-year-old claimed ex-soldier Steven Hay (pictured), 30, was a 'cowboy' who ripped him off over a fence job and he was forced to pay another worker to complete it

The 37-year-old claimed that Steven Hay, 30, an ex-soldier (pictured), raped him over a job on a fence and forced him to pay another worker for it

Melanie Hardwick, the prosecutor, stated to the court that the defendant had hired Mr Hay, a roofer back in August last year to work on a fence. There was a dispute, and the parties went their separate way.

“Mr Hay received a telephone call from someone stating that they got his number from Viva Street. This advertises gay escorts. He was asked if he wanted a meet-up.

The builder was enjoying a beer in the pub when the first message arrived. “They texted me: “Hey You,” and I gave them a kiss. I thought it might have been an ex-girlfriend,” he said to the court.

“They called me, and it was a man speaking in an Indian accent who said he found my house on Viva Street.

“He said, “Do you want to meet up with me for a good laugh?” It continued from several people at different times. It was intense for the first month.

“It received fifty to sixty calls, and texts for three month,” added Mr Hay, claiming that the anxiety was what triggered his PTSD.

“I lost sleep and friends because of it. I didn’t know who was doing it. It was like I missed work. When his mother informed him that a man was at his door, he ran to his house.

“The bloke was so embarrassed that I felt for them. I told the police that it was a hate crime, because these people wouldn’t know I was homophobic and attack them.

The first advertisement was up for five days, while the second was up for two days.

The prosecutor stated that a person showed up at his home asking for sexual services. This made him anxious while his mother was protecting him at home.

Dr. Ulakanthan was detained on February 13, 2015.

“He was open to setting up both accounts but didn’t think the first was saved correctly. He did it again, and then he wanted to delete them. But he did not know how.

“He claimed that the complainant was a cowboy constructor and that the work needed to be redone.”

Mr Hay admitted that he had’messed him around a bit’, confirming that he quit the job because the doctor refused to pay more labour and materials.

The trial continues.