This round property along the South Devon coast was featured in the television show Grand Designs 16 years ago.

Pat Becker was a widow who sold the Shaldon, Teignmouth home she had lived in and constructed a modern house in her garden.

Pat was able to pay only the costs of building her new home because she owned the land. 

Her original budget was £200,000, and while she refused to declare the final cost – as is tradition at the end of the show when questioned by presenter Kevin McCloud – she did admit spending more than double that amount.

The striking circular property on South Devon's coastline featured in an episode of Channel 4's Grand Designs in 2005

A Channel 4 Grand Designs 2005 episode featured South Devon’s striking circular property.

The extensive mature walled garden at the Grand Designs property has a path that leads directly to Shaldon's beautiful beaches

A path leads to Shaldon’s gorgeous beaches from the Grand Designs extensive, mature garden.

The show aired on Channel 4 in 2005 and the property is now on the market for £1.45million via Bradleys estate agents.

According to the television show, the property, which has four bedrooms, was created as part the garden to look like it is ‘corkscrew-out of the ground.

The Garden House was named after it, as the design echoed that of a seashell. It is accessed via a circular, domed hall at the entrance. A spiral staircase leads to the lower level.

The unusual property in Shaldon, Teignmouth, is on the market with a current asking price of £1.45m and it is being sold by Bradleys estate agents

The unusual property in Shaldon, Teignmouth, is on the market with a current asking price of £1.45m and it is being sold by Bradleys estate agents

Inside, there are doors leading from the main living area to a terrace where there are far reaching views of Devon's coastline

There are two doors that lead from the living room to a terrace with sweeping views over Devon’s coast. 

The open-plan living room has double-height windows and an exposed wooden ceiling that emphasises the curved roofline

Living room with exposed wooden ceiling and double height windows in the open plan living area emphasizes the curve roofline.

An open plan living space is located on the entry level. It features double height windows, an exposed wooden ceiling and a curved copper roof.

The main bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and is located on the same level as the kitchen. A large vaulted loft is available.

Financial constraints during the build meant the conservatory did not end up being curved - but more square in its design

Due to financial constraints, the conservatory was not curved during construction. Its design was more square.

Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud described the Garden House as 'quirky', saying: "I'm just not sure what to make of it. There are bits that I really like, and others I do not.'

Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud described Grand Designs’ Garden House as “quirky”, saying that he was unsure what to think of it. Some bits I like and some I don’t.

The property has four bedrooms, including a guest suite on the lower ground level that is ideal for visiting family and friends

There are four bedrooms in the property, with a guest room on the ground floor that can be used for family or friends.

The circular property is called the Garden House and it impressively covers more than 2,100 sq ft or 195 sq m

It is known as The Garden House. This impressive circular property covers over 2,100 sq.ft (or 195 sq.m).

The kitchen has wooden flooring and wooden beans that contrast with the light blue wall and base cabinets

Contrasting with the white walls and base cabinets, wooden floors and beans are used in this kitchen.

The original budget to build the house was just £200k, but the final cost ended up being more than double this amount

The original budget to build the house was just £200k, but the final cost ended up being more than double this amount

There is a guest room, 2 additional bedrooms, and a huge family bathroom on the ground level. Both the guest suite and third bedroom have direct access to the garden.

You can access the large mature walled gardens via a cobbled walkway that winds through to Shaldon’s beaches.

The property front has double Iroko gates that open to a private brick-paved driveway, which offers parking for multiple vehicles. 

The four-bedroom property was designed as part of the garden, to appear to 'corkscrew out of the ground'

This four-bedroom home was created as part of the gardens, so it appears to “corkscrew out the ground”.

The angular conservatory has double-height windows that let the light flood into the area and rest of the property

Double-height windows allow light to flood the conservatory and the rest of the house through the double-height glass.

The front door leads into a circular domed hallway, which has a curved staircase that leads to the lower floor that includes a glass wall

From the front door, you will find a domed circular hallway that opens onto a spiral staircase leading to the lower level with a glass wall.

Kevin McCloud stated that this place is “so quirky” and that he was unsure what to do with it. Some bits I like and some I don’t. 

“But I am certain it was only possible because of one woman’s generosity and adventure. Pat designed an innovative house to be enjoyed by her future family members. It is an exceptional legacy in every way.

At the front of the property, double Iroko gates open onto a brick paved private drive, that provides parking for several vehicles

Double Iroko doors open to the private brick-paved driveway at the front. It can park several cars.

The colour of the cobbles outside co-ordinates with the walls in the garden and on the house

Outside, the color of the cobbles coordinates well with the colours used on the walls.

There is an extensive mature walled garden with a cobbled path and a lawn area surrounded by plants and trees

An extensive walled mature garden has a cobbled pathway and is surrounded by trees and plants.