What is safety? These mind-boggling photos show that people aren’t afraid to take risks.

  • The most terrifying scenarios people have seen in public were shared by others 
  • Bored Panda shares snaps around the globe that will make you anxious 
  • One person shared a truck that was so tilted from a large load, one side even touched the road.
  • A university in another location decided to install an emergency alarm system in its student residences

There are many safety hazards that can be found in the vicinity of a plug socket, including one covered with damp grime or a bottle containing acetone. 

The most shocking safety failures that people have seen from all over the globe were shared by individuals around the globe. Bored Panda has compiled the best images in a gallery.  

While one “innovator” decided hanging from a digging vehicle was the best way of cutting down a tree using a chainsaw and another thought that cardboard would work better than hot metal boxes, the other free-thinker decided that cardboard is the best substitute for the old box.

Elsewhere, four men were seen using two precariously-placed ladders to change a lightbulb that was high up, and a bright spark propped themselves up on several crates placed on a greasy kitchen floor. 

FEMAIL has some great examples.

Wood you believe it? This rickety arrangement of wood pallets on top of a truck in the US looks like it would tip off at the nearest corner

Wood you believe it? It looks as though this rickety pile of wooden pallets on the top of a US truck would fall at every corner. 

These grimy US plug sockets are more than a little damp, and for anyone who knows anything about how electricity travels they're best avoided

This is why US plug sockets can be so grimy and should not be used.

The managers of this US university accommodation may have grown tired of students pulling the emergency switch for fun, but locking it perhaps isn't the wisest idea...

Although the managers at this US university accommodation might have had enough of the students using the emergency switch to make them laugh, locking the button is not the best idea.

These men in South America should probably be told (and soon) that flip flops and rooves don't go well together

This is what South American men need to be taught (and they should learn it soon). Flip flops are not the best combination for South America.

Not only does dangling from a crane pose many potential deadly risks while chainsawing a tree, but if the lever got any tighter this man would be in two parts

Dangling from cranes can pose deadly dangers while chainsawing a tree.

How many men does it take to change a light bulb? Apparently four, and not ones that know how to use ladders. Pictured in the US

It takes how many men to change a bulb. It takes four men to change a light bulb, not just those who know how ladders work. Photographed in the USA

Would you feel comfortable climbing under a temporary home being held up by a forklift truck? This answer is no

Do you think it would be okay to climb under temporary homes being lifted by forklift trucks? No.

This fire exit written in Hebrew definitely doesn't advise adding a pull up bar at head-level in the event of a fire

In Hebrew, this fire explanatory doesn’t suggest adding a pullup bar at the head level in the case of a fire.

Ah yes, a double acetone and tonic please! This UK person has better quickly take the gin label off and make the 'acetone' more visible

Oh yes! Double acetone with tonic, please! The UK citizen should quickly remove the label on the gin and make the “acetone” more prominent.

This US kitchen employee is better off not standing on precariously stacked crates on a slippery floor, but what do we know...

The US kitchen worker is safer not to stand on precariously stacked boxes on slippery floors. But what can we do?

This UK venue manager must have assumed that fires don't get through doors that use chairs as locks

The UK manager of this venue must have thought that fires can’t pass through chairs that are used as locks.

Only hopes and prayers are holding together these two ladders. Surely no job is worth risking your life for?

These ladders are held together by only prayers and hopes. It is not worth risking your health for a job that you don’t want.

Ah yes, what could be a better replacement cover for a box that gets hot, than cardboard? At leats one UK worker thought so

Yes, cardboard is a good replacement for hot boxes. One worker in the UK thought so