Granddaughter shares the heartwarming moment her 93 year-old grandpa with Alzheimer’s reacts to her piano playing

  • Sheela Awe, 28 years old, played JS Bach’s Prelude In C Major in Alsace (France) on video
  • Her 93 year-old grandfather with Alzheimer’s is there and gives her a thumbs down 
  • The video was viewed more than 10,000,000 times on her social media channels 

This is the heartwarming moment that an Alzheimer’s grandpa gave a thumbs up for his granddaughter who was playing the piano.

28-year-old Sheela Awe filmed herself performing JS Bach’s Prelude In C Major in Alsace (France) with her grandfather, 93, sneaking into the room to listen.

He comes up to her and gives her a thumbs up. 

Ms Awe’s video has been viewed a total of 10.7 millions times. It has also been viewed more than 429,000 times on Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Sheela Awe, 28, filmed herself playing JS Bach's Prelude in C Major in Alsace, France

Sheela Awe, 28 years old, filmed herself performing JS Bach’s Prelude In C Major in Alsace. France

Her 93-year-old grandfather, who has Alzheimer's, walks in and gives the youngster a thumbs up when he hears her playing

Her 93-year old grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s, walks in and gives her a thumbs-up when he hears her play.

The talented pianist wrote this Instagram post: “My grandpa, 93, has Alzheimer’s. He doesn’t know my name or whereabouts I live.

“This is us, sharing a moment in happiness, where memory doesn’t have to play any part in the experience.

“Life is too short, y’all.” Make space for love, and cherish the moment with your loved one. 

The social media star, who has racked up more than 10 million views with this video alone, looks visibly pleased and smiles at the camera

The social media star looks happy and smiles at camera 

Many people left comments praising the young woman and the video.

Melanie Wilking said that the video was “just beautiful all around.”

Melissa Molinaro stated, “And she plays piano!” WHO ARE YOU !!!!!!’WOMAN A string of clapping hands emojis is also included.

Julissa Prado, a social media user, added: “Wow you’re so talented !!!’

Ms. Awe was born in Los Angeles and is currently traveling around Europe. The clip was filmed in France. 

The Alzheimer’s Association describes the condition as the “most common cause” of dementia. This is a general term for memory impairments and cognitive abilities that are severe enough to affect daily life.

People flooded the comments on Instagram with praise for the young woman and the tear-jerking video

Ms Awe is originally from Los Angeles but is currently travelling around Europe and filmed the clip in France

Many people flooded Instagram with praises for the young woman and her tear-jerking video. Ms. Awe hails originally from Los Angeles. She is currently traveling around Europe and filmed the clip there.

It’s not the first occasion music has brought back memories for someone with Alzheimer’s.

Marta C Gonzalez, who passed away in 2019, was a former prima balleterina with Alzheimer’s. She transforms when she hears Swan Lake music, as shown in footage shared in November 2020.  

A carer places headphones on her, as she sit in a wheelchair at a care home in Valencia and begins playing Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake – which Ms Gonzalez danced to in her youth. 

Within moments, her hands instinctively reenact the graceful movements she had performed on stage in 1967

Within seconds, her hands instinctively mimic the graceful movements she had displayed on stage in 1967.

Ms Gonzalez, who was a prima dancer in New York in New York’s 1960s, is visibly moved as the music flows through her. 

Within seconds, her hands instinctively recall the graceful movements she performed in 1967 on stage. She also remembers the music from decades ago.