Grandfather has to have BOTH legs amputated after pet dog bit him and he developed sepsis – weeks after same animal killed his brother-in-law

  • Mark Day, who is 62 years old, was bitten in the stomach by the dog that also killed Barry Harris (48).
  • Day got sepsis after Mr Day bit on the funeral day for his brother-in-law.
  • He had to have his legs amputated, and some of his fingers removed.
  • Ted and I were released from the hospital after 82 consecutive days. 

Granddad of a brother-in-law who was attacked by and killed by a pit bull has both his legs amputated. The same dog bit each leg.

Mark Day suffered from sepsis when Ted, the Japanese Akita that Ted called him, bit him the day before his brother in law’s funeral.

His brother-in-law Barry Harris, 46, died from a cardiac arrest after Ted – described as a giant teddy bear when he was bought for £1,500 – bit him on the arm. His heart failed three days after his bite was infected.

Following Mr Harris’ death in July,  Pauline and Mark Day, sister and brother-in-law to Mr Harris, took in the dog and cared for it.

The dog bit Mr Day (62 years old) as well.

Pauline and Mark Day have spoken of their devastation after Mr Day has had both legs amputated from being bitten by Ted the Akita, after brother-in-law Barry Harris was killed by the same dog

Pauline Day, Mark Day and Barry Harris’ brother were both bitten in the leg by Ted the Akita. Mark Day had to have his legs amputated. 

Mr Day, 62, from Colchester, spent 82 days in hospital being treated for his injuries

Colchester 62-year-old Mr Day spent 82 days at the hospital, being treated for injuries.

Ted the Akita has had to be put down after biting Mr Day and killing his brother-in-law Mr Harris

Ted, the Akita was forced to surrender after biting Mr Day’s brother-in law Mr Harris and killing him. 

Sepsis was caused by the bite. He had to have both his legs, and all his fingers in his left hand, and also two fingers in his right.

They are both devastated, and claimed that Ted was not in their family. 

Ted has been placed to rest after being blamed by doctors for his injuries. 

Mr and Mrs Day in hospital. The husband and wife have spoken of their devastation after Mr Day was bitten and had his legs amputated

The couple Mr. Day and Mrs Day at the hospital. After Mr Day got bitten, the husband and wife spoke of the devastation they felt and had their legs amputated.

Mrs Day said:  ‘It’s like something out of a nightmare. This is something you don’t believe has ever happened. 

“The shock of my brothers was one, but then it was my husband. It is surreal.

His temperature rose and his legs felt like frozen blocks.

He was suffering from organ failure and was placed in a 10-day coma. He woke up to horrific sights.  

He said to the Mirror: ‘My feet were black almost a third of the way up.

“I was unsure if it would keep coming up in my body,” she said.

Mr Day is waiting for prosthetic legs so he can go fishing and walk with his granddaughter

Mr. Day awaits prosthetic legs to be able to go fishing with his granddaughter and walk with him. 

They claimed Ted died from his injuries after the death of Mr Harris.  

Mrs Day stated that the dog had just “broken the skin” on her brother and husband. She said it was soft but aggressive when eating.

They believe Ted was maltreated as a puppy. 

Mr Harris, Pauline Day's brother, died in July after he was bitten by Ted the Akita, who was just 7 weeks old

Pauline Day’s brother Mr Harris died after being bitten by Ted the Akita in July. He was only 7 weeks old.

Seven weeks prior to Mr Harris’s death, the dog was purchased through Facebook. It was then sold by a London-based seller.

Harris got bitten when he tried to extract a bone from an animal’s tooth.   

He suffered from headaches and cold sweats.  

He spent 82 days in the hospital, and was finally discharged.

According to him, he hopes to soon get prosthetic legs and that his injury has not affected his ability to think rationally.

Mister Day looks forward to taking his granddaughter for a walk and going fishing.  

Although he would like to have a puppy, he will ensure that the vet takes care of it. 

Pictured: Mr and Mrs Day, in happier times, who did not know the dog had caused the death of Mr Harris

Pictured: In happier times Mr. and Mrs. Day did not realize that the dog had killed Mr Harris.