After being stranded for 2 years in the UK by Covid’s travel ban, this 64-year-old grandmother from Britain finally flew home to Australia.

  • After being stranded for 2 years in UK, her grandmother is now on the way to Australia.
  • Diane Vennix (64) was trapped so much she purchased a home in Salford 
  • To meet her grandchildren, a British grandmother flew from Britain to Manchester in February 2020.
  • Victoria’s Melbourne, where she lives, has seen some tough restrictions. 

An Australian grandmother from Britain, who had been stranded in the UK nearly two years ago due to Covid restrictions, is now flying home.

Diane Vennix is a Salford native who now lives in Melbourne. Due to restrictions on travel, she was stuck in Britain for so long that she purchased a Salford three-bedroom semi-detached property.

In February 2020, the 64-year old flew from Manchester to assist her children Joanne (and Christopher) in preparing for their new grandchild’s birth.

However, Ms Vennix was ‘trapped” here when much of the planet became shut down by the pandemic.

This grandmother lives in Melbourne, Victoria. The State of Victoria has seen some of the strictest curbs around the globe. Dan Andrews, the Prime Minister of Victoria has recently secured the crucial vote to approve a controversial bill that would allow him unilaterally to impose restraints.

After Victoria opened its borders to the public at the beginning of November, Ms Vennix will fly back to Melbourne.

Diane Vennix (centre), pictured with her grandchildren Jacob and Amber

Diane Vennix, center (pictured with Jacob and Amber), is

Ms Vennix was born in Salford but lives with her husband Martin in Melbourne

Ms. Vennix was born and raised in Salford. She now lives in Melbourne, with Martin her husband.

Victoria’s Covid rules require all international competitors to self-isolate within 72 hours. Travellers must obtain an international passport and pass a PCR exam within 24 hours after arriving in the country. The fifth and seventh days after arriving in the state, they must pass another test. Travellers who are not vaccinated must stay 14 days in quarantine.

“When lockdown occurred, I was basically stuck here,” she said. While I initially wasn’t worried, I believed that I would soon be able get on a plane. But as the months passed by it never happened.

I had planned to be with my friends and family for a while, but eventually I found myself feeling like I was overstaying my welcome.

“That was the moment I began to consider buying a home. However, it was also a surprise because that was during a time when prices for houses were high. In November 2020, however, I managed to purchase a three-bed Semi in Eccles.

Ms Vennix (centre), pictured with her children Christopher and Joanne

Photo of Ms. Vennix, centre (with Christopher and Joanne),

The 64-year-old originally flew to Manchester in February 2020 to help her children Joanne and Christopher each prepare for the birth of her two new grandchildren

The 64-year-old originally flew to Manchester in February 2020 to help her children Joanne and Christopher each prepare for the birth of her two new grandchildren

She flew originally to Manchester, England in February 2020 with her children Joanne & Christopher to prepare for her new grandchild’s arrival.

‘I came to England with nothing but my clothes, so it really was like starting from scratch – because of lockdown I had to order furnishings online which weren’t available until the March.

“So my only possessions were a mattress from my daughter and a Dunelm Chair. 

“Friends, family and colleagues helped me borrow things to get organised until then.”

Over the last 22 months she has kept in touch via WhatsApp with her husband. They hope to be able to return next year, so that he can visit the grandchildren. The couple plan to divide their time in Australia and Eccles.

Ms Vennix missed two of Martin’s birthdays including his 70th while stuck in Eccles for 22 months – and he’s just missed her 64th birthday this week.