Fans of the classic BBC One children’s show Grange Hill will have been thrilled by the news that the hit series is said to be returning as a film later this year – over 40 years after it first hit our screens.

Former cast members of the series will be seen in the movie playing the role of grandparents and parents.

Grange Hill was a BBC series that aired for thirty years as a children’s television show between 1978-2008.

Tucker Jenkins was played over the years by Todd Carty and Benny Green as well as Zammo McGuire and Justine Dean.

And this month it emerged that Grange Hill creator Phil Redmond, 72,  the TV producer and screenwriter also behind Brookside and Hollyoaks, reportedly completed the script for a film based around the children’s programme set in a school.

It is believed that the film about the proposed closure of school will also address issues surrounding social media and children’s grief.

Todd Carty, aged 57, was the actor who played Tucker Jenkins. One of the most prominent alumni is still present, having been on television screens ever since 1978’s first series. He was most well-known for his role as Eastenders’ Mark Fowler.

Unfortunately, not all stories are successful. Terry Sue-Patt (the popular Benny Green character) was tragically killed in London at the age of 50 after succumbing to alcoholism.

FEMAIL explores the story of the film’s cast following Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which made them famous in the Seventies. 

Lee MacDonald 

Played: Zammo McGuire

Lee MacDonald played Zammo, who became addicted to heroin. At 52, he owns a locksmith shop and appears on TV on Celebrity Pointless as himself. 

Lee MacDonald (52), was the main character in one of Grange Hill’s most dramatic storylines, when Zammo, his heroin-addicted character, became addicted to it. 

In the end, he was able to get involved in anti-drugs campaign encouraging young people not to say no.

After six years as Zammo, Lee left Grange Hill with critical acclaim for his portrayal of Zammo. 

Lee was always interested in boxing. He continued his training to the highest level, but was unfortunately forced to stop by a car accident in 1990 that left him without the ability to continue the sport.

Lee MacDonald, who played Zammo, now manages a London-based locksmith firm.

Zammo was a heroin addict in the storyline that is most prominent on school drama.

Lee was always interested in boxing, and he continued his training to improve. 

Lee was unfortunately forced to stop by the sport after a car accident in early 1990s.

Lee made several TV appearances after leaving Grange Hill. One of them was an episode on The Bill, in which his love interest Melissa Wilkes played – Melissa Wilkes also played Jackie Wright’s girlfriend in Grange Hill. 

In April 2019, it was announced that he would appear in the BBC soap opera EastEnders as Terry. 

He continues to be seen on TV, including shows like Celebrity Scissorhands. He is also the owner of a locksmith shop in Wallington (Surrey).  

Todd Carty

Played: Peter Tucker Jenkins

Todd Carty’s role in Tucker Jenkins, the mischievous and charming character of Tucker Jenkins is well-known. He even created his own series spin-off which lasted three years.

Todd Carty (57) is still a well-known alumni of the series. He has been on television screens ever since 1978’s first series. Grange Hill’s character was so beloved that Tucker’s Luck was created in his honor from 1983 to 1985.

From 1990 to 2003, he starred in EastEnders as Mark Fowler. This series featured a unique storyline that saw his character being diagnosed with HIV.

After his exit from the square, he snubbed the role of the evil PC Gabriel Kent in The Bill.

Incest and raping his colleague were part of a deranged revenge plot Gabriel devised against his mother. He eventually killed himself.

He continues to perform on the stage, screen and in film. In 2009, Dancing On Ice was his memorable performance.

Uncoordinated moves were a big draw, and one routine saw him accidentally skip through the exit.

Todd Carty had a great career with several TV soaps, including Eastenders.

For 13 years, Mark Fowler was his character. He is pictured with Wendy Richards, who played Pauline Fowler, at her funeral.

As well as starring in panto, he appeared on Celebrity Masterchef in 2014 and in 2015, the actor and his eldest son James filmed a documentary, Dangerous Adventures For Boys, for Channel 5 based on the book by Conn and Hal Iggulden.

Carty and James, Carty’s eldest child, were together in factual TV series Dangerous Adventures For Boys on Channel 5 based upon the book Conn and Hal Iggulden.

He was most recently seen in Silver Birches, 2017, a film about an author who struggles to rebuild his life following the death of his wife.   

Todd is married to Dina Clarkin, his childhood sweetheart. They have two children: James and Thomas. 

Susan Tully

Played: Suzanne Ross 

Susan Tully starred as rebellious school girl Suzanne Ross (seen on the show in 1982) in Grange Hill from 1980 to 1984, and was the daughter of Mrs Ross

Susan Tully played the role of Suzanne Ross, a rebellious high school girl. She was seen on the show from 1982 to 1983 in Grange Hill.

After getting her first taste of directing on EastEnders in the 90s, she went on to direct and produce episodes of Tin Star, The A Word, Britannia, Musketeers and Silent Witness, and more recently Line of Duty (seen last year)

She had her first experience of directing EastEnders back in the 90s. Later, she directed and produced episodes of Tin Star and The A Word. Silent Witness was also her directorial debut. Line of Duty, which was last year, is another of her productions.

From 1980-1984, Susan Tully played the role of Suzanne Ross, a rebellious high school girl. She was also the daughter Mrs Ross.

When she was 17, she was cast in the role of Michelle Fowler as a teenager on Eastenders. She plays the 16-years-old role of Michelle Fowler after getting pregnant with ‘Dirty,’ a 39-year-old man. A role that she kept in 1985 through 1995.

At the age of 17 she was cast as teenager Michelle Fowler in Eastenders, playing the role of a 16-year-old single mother after becoming pregnant with 39-year-old adulterer 'Dirty' Den Watts (seen on the show in 1995), a role which she stayed in from 1985 to 1995

She was 17 when she played the part of Michelle Fowler, a teenager in Eastenders. In the role of Michelle Fowler’s 16-year old single mother who became pregnant by 39-years-old ‘Dirty” Watts in Eastenders. This role she kept from 1995 to 1995

Actress Susan Tully pictured during the filming of her characters wedding scene on the set of the BBC soap opera 'EastEnders', September 29th 1986

Susan Tully, actress was photographed during filming the wedding scene of her character on set of BBC’s soap opera EastEnders. September 29, 1986

Susan declined several opportunities to play Michelle in Eastenders and gave permission for Michelle to be recast. 

In the late 90s she got her first exposure to directing EastEnders. She went on to produce and direct episodes of Tin Star. 

The final episode of Line of Duty was the highlight of Line of Duty’s talented director Tully. 

John Alford

Played: Robbie Wright 

John Alford as Robbie and George Christopher as Ziggy Tuesday in 1986

John Alford portrays Robbie, George Christopher is Ziggy Tuesday 1986

John Alford was the actor who played Robbie Wright, a happy-go lucky character between 1985 and 1991. 

Jaqui’s younger brother Robbie, Robbie is most remembered for his love stories with Calley Donington and his friendships with Ziggy Greaves. 

He left the show to become a regular host on ITV’s London Burning as Billy Ray.

Following his television success, he also had several hit singles in the top 40, which were produced by Stock/Waterman.

However, his luck changed after he was arrested in a drug sting.

The News Of The World’s Fake sheikh caught the former teenager pinup and sentenced him to a six-week term.

John Alford was jailed for nine months last year after being convicted of supplying cocaine and cannabis to a bogus Arab prince in 2000

John Alford, a man convicted in 2000 of providing cocaine and cannabis to an Arab prince, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment.

In 1999, a London jury found him guilty of one charge of providing 2.036 grammes cocaine to Fake Sheikh Mazher Mahmood. A similar charge was filed involving 11.9 grams of cannabis resin.

Although he was unable to achieve the same success as before being released, he has played small parts in a few shows. In Casualty and CBBC’s Mile High he has appeared. He also had a relationship with Tina Mahon, who was Ronnie Birtles. 

Mahmood’s was discovered in 2016. It was alleged that the accused plotted to pervert the course justice. Following the case it was suggested Up to 72 people could be charged in cases in which they played an important role in a criminal case. 

Alford was one of the cases taken up by Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Erkan Mustafa 

Roland Browning

He was bullied for being obese on the show

His obesity was a reason he was bullied during the program.

Erkan Mustafa found fame in the Eighties as Roland 'Roly' Browning

Erkan Mustafa was a well-known actor in the Eighties, as Roland ‘Roly’ Browning

Erkan Mustafa was a well-known actor in the Eighties, playing Roland ‘Roly’ Browning. Browning was bullied because he was obese. 

He was a part of the cast for six seasons and quickly became an icon in the series.

Roland had a gift for learning foreign languages and was ready to take on the world six years after he left Grange Hill. 

In 1987, after leaving school drama, he acted in two seasons of Chef! Lenny Henry and several episodes on Blackadder.

He is still a team member with Lee ‘Zammo’ MacDonald, for charity appearances and public appearances.

Erkan also helped bring the cast together to reunite at Sound in London’s Leicester Square in 2009.

He is now 50 and continues acting, writing, and directing according to his profile on Twitter.

Simone Nylander

Played:  Janet St Clair

Actress Simone Nylander played kind school girl Janet St Clair from 1982 to 1986, seen on the show. Her character was known for trying to get her friend Roland to fit into Grange Hill

Simone Nylander was Janet St Clair, a kind-hearted schoolgirl who appeared on the series from 1982 to 1986. It was her character who tried to help Roland fit in at Grange Hill.

The actress, seen recently, left the show after four years, and ended up living with university and celebrity pal Russell Brand for a time

Recently, the actress was seen leaving the show after being on it for four years. She ended up moving in with Russell Brand, a celebrity friend, to live with her university.

Simone Nylander was Janet St Clair, a kind and caring school girl from 1982 through 1986. Her role was all about trying to make Roland, her best friend, fit in at Grange Hill. 

The actress quit the show after four seasons and settled down with Russell Brand, her celebrity and university friend. 

Simone has also been a member of Simon Fuller’s 19 Management Organisation and is a professional model. 

John Holmes

Luke ‘Gonch’ Gardener 

Luke 'Gonch' Gardener stepped into the shoes of Pogo Patterson as Grange Hill's 'ginger entrepreneur', joining the cast in 1985 (seen in 1985 on the show)

 Luke ‘Gonch’ Gardener stepped into the shoes of Pogo Patterson as Grange Hill’s ‘ginger entrepreneur’, joining the cast in 1985 (seen in 1985 on the show)

John gave up acting after Grange Hill and now works as the manager of a casino (seen recently)

John stopped acting after Grange Hill, and now manages a casino.

Luke “Gonch” Gardener was cast as Pogo Patterson’s “ginger entrepreneur”, joining the cast of the film in 1985. 

Gonch, who was always full of money-making schemes, was a wheeler dealer and ran a Toast Bar, a Dating Agency, a Homework Service, and a Pe Kit lending Scheme all out of the classroom. 

Mandy Freemont fell in love with Gonch during Gonch’s final series of 1989. 

John Holmes was an actor who left the show in order to pursue his education. Holmes studied at University of East Anglia where he became President of the Student Union. 

John has given up acting since Grange Hill, and now manages a casino.

Benny Green 

Terry Sue Patt  

As Benny Green, Terry Sue-Patt was the first black character to ever be seen on the show and became one of the most popular characters

Terry Sue-Patt, who played Benny Green on The Simpsons, was the first ever black actor to appear on the series and quickly became a favorite character.

As Benny Green, Terry Sue-Patt was the first black character to ever be seen on the show and became one of the most popular characters

Terry Sue-Patt, who played Benny Green on The Simpsons, was the first ever black actor to appear on the series and quickly became a favorite character. 

Terry Sue Patt played Benny Green and was one of the most beloved characters on the show.

At the age of 14, he was found by a talent scout playing in the park. He enjoyed great success in The Firm (1989), starring with Gary Oldman, Phil Davis.

He explained that he basically played himself in Grange Hill. At that time, there weren’t many actors of color on television. 

“It was a wonderful experience, being able to take time from school to play football. This was really a miracle.

His roles included minor ones on other television shows, such as Desmonds, General Hospital, and Jackanory.

Terry died in October 2015 at the age of 50 after succumbing to alocholism.  

He was lying down on his side in bed. According to reports, his body could have been left undiscovered for up to a month.

Todd Carty stated that he is ‘deeply disturbed’ at the death of Grange Hill star.

He took to Twitter and said, “Deeply disturbed by the news that Terry Sue-Patt has passed away.” Thinking of his family.  

Tucker Jenkins and Benny Green were their best friends. They were best friends for their entire careers, but they left the show just four years later.

Alison Bettles

Fay Lucas

After Alison Bettles' stint as Fay Lucas (pictured), she continued acting with small roles in The Bill and No Strings in the Eighties and Nineties and last appeared on TV screens in 2001

After Alison Bettles’ stint as Fay Lucas (pictured), she continued acting with small roles in The Bill and No Strings in the Eighties and Nineties and last appeared on TV screens in 2001

Alison Bettles, now 51, played Fay Lucas from 1982 to 1987 in six series of the show

Alison Bettles (now 51) played Fay Lucas in six series.

Alison Bettles is 51 years old and played Fay Lucas between 1982-87 in six episodes of the television series.

Bettles was among the cast that took part in Just Say No Single, which promoted an anti-drugs message following the controversial storyline about Zammo McGuire’s addiction to heroin as a kid.

The single reached the top five on the charts in 1986. 

Alison starred in Civvy Street (1988 Eastenders Spin-Off), a role she played as a young Ethel Skinner.

She continued to act with smaller roles in The Bill and No Strings throughout the Eighties and Nineties, and she last appeared on British TV in London’s Burning in January 2001.

Married with four children she’s a certified beauty therapist. She also reportedly started a freight company. Her acting career has been continued by her two sons, both of whom have landed roles on EastEnders or Doctor Who.

Paula-Ann Bland 

Played: Claire Scott 

Actress, entrepreneur and PR boss Paula-Ann Bland played edgy Claire Scott in the hit show, who had a crush on teacher Mr Hopwood

Paula-Ann’s edgy character Claire caused a stir by fantasising about teacher Mr Hopwood in her diary, who was then attached by her overprotective father. 

Stewpot also had a relationship with her, and she discovered that he was dating Annette Firman.

Paula-Ann was a star on small screen and record company bosses were interested in her as a British Kylie. She even recorded a cover of The Locomotion. 

After leaving the series, in 1985 she continued acting and appeared in TV series like Spender and Only Fools and Horses. 

She posed topless in 1988 for Mayfair, a men’s magazine. 

In the 90s, she quit acting to open two shoe stores called Paola in Knightsbridge & Chelsea. Then she started her PR business.

A mother of two, she is an ambassador for The Good Grief Trust. 

Donald Waugh 

Played by Joseph Hughes 

Joseph 'Hughesy' Hughes actor Donald Waugh starred on the show from 1978 to 1980

After the show his life began to spiral out of control and he turned to alcohol, and was eventually forced to live on the streets

From 1978 to 1980, Donald Waugh (seen right) was a star on the show as Joseph Hughes ‘Hughesy. His life spiraled out of control after the show and he began drinking and eventually was forced to move to the streets.

The show starred Donald Waugh, actor for Joseph Hughes ‘Hughesy.’ Hughes from 1978 until 1980.

 After the show his life began to spiral out of control and he turned to alcohol, and was eventually forced to live on the streets. 

Donald spoke out about his experience as homeless and said that he was able to see the talent and potential in this society after being homeless.

“In all this I have discovered that helping others is the best way to learn. This is something I hold dear to my heart.

Grange Hill stars (pictured L-R: creator Phil Redmond, Paula-Ann Bland, Lee MacDonald and Lisa York) left fans feeling nostalgic when they reunited on This Morning in 2018

Grange Hill’s stars (pictured L to R: creator Phil Redmond and Paula Ann Bland; Lee MacDonald, Lisa York, and Lee MacDonald) made fans feel nostalgic after they were reunited for This Morning 2018