Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is taken to hospital and left needing operation on his face after falling off his bike near his Home Counties constituency – and credits his helmet for stopping it being ‘much worse’

  • Grant Shapps said that he underwent a lip operation after falling off his bicycle.
  • He expressed his surprise that he had a helmet on at the time.
  • Shapps claimed that he was ‘patched up by’ two NHS employees at two hospitals. 

Grant Shapps said that he suffered a serious injury to his face when he fell from his bicycle while on weekend in the Home Counties area. 

He expressed his delight that the helmet he was wearing at the time had stopped him from getting worse injuries.

Shapps is the Conservative MP representing Welwyn Hatfield in Hertfordshire. He revealed that he had a procedure on his lips after falling from his bike.

Following the incident, he claimed that he had been “patched up” by the ‘brilliant NHS staff.

Grant Shapps was taken to hospital and left needing an operation on his face after he fell off his bike while out at the weekend near his Home Counties constituency

Grant Shapps, who fell from his bike during a weekend ride near his Home Counties constituency, was admitted to hospital.

The Transport Secretary voiced his relief that he was wearing a helmet at the time as it stopped his injuries from being 'much worse'

As a result, he felt relieved to have a helmet.

Shapps tweeted: “In and out hospital after I fell off my bicycle while on the weekend. Thank you to QEII’s and Lister Hospitals NHS for patching me up yesterday. Then, today I needed a small operation on my lip. 

“Thank God for the bike helmet. Without which, it could’ve been even worse!”

Numerous people expressed their wish for Shapps to recover quickly. Others urged him to increase public awareness about the necessity of using helmets to cycle.

Karl Turner, Labour MP: “Hope you heal quickly.”  

One twitter user wrote: “Please share this Grant. Lots of people on pushbikes this weekend valued at £5k and yet won’t pay £20 for a helmet. I am glad that you are well and are recovering.

One user said, “Perhaps this can be used to make these laws. Thankfully you’re safe, but not everybody will wear one.