We are all relieved to see the end of 2020 and are hoping that the New Year sees some form of normality return to daily life. If you have had to endure weeks or even months of lockdown, here are a few great day-out ideas to celebrate the end of the pandemic.

  • Whale Watching in Sydney – If you live in NSW, the whale watching season is fast approaching and you can book a seat on one of the professional whale watcher vessels that leave the harbour on a daily basis. There is a wide range of surface behaviours that the Humpback Whale exhibits, including a spectacular full body breach, something that has to be seen to be believed! The season starts in March and booking early is advised to avoid disappointment, while the seasoned skippers know the best watching spots and can get quite close to the amazing creatures of the deep.
  • Tour Sydney Harbour – If you fancy climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge for a spectacular view of the bay, you can book online, with the early mornings a popular time for this activity. Spend the afternoon browsing the many small shops to be found down the narrow alleyways and finish the day off with the best fine dining in Sydney at Catalina Rose Bay, the leading waterside eatery.
  • Bondi Beach Film Festival – This runs until January 31st and if you make it in time, the festival shows lots of short films made by local artists and if you’ve never been to Bondi Beach, it should be on your list of attractions to see in Sydney. The outdoor setting for films is a great idea, especially in these hot summer months, plus you can enjoy ice cold beer at one of the many bars. If you run your own business, here are a few good reasons to add a blog page to your website.
  • A Helicopter Tour – The best way to see Sydney is most definitely from the air and chartering a helicopter can be arranged online. Of course, helicopter tours are extremely popular, especially in the summer, so you need to book as soon as your dates are confirmed. Typically, the tour takes about 90 minutes, with lunch at one of the fine vineyards in Hunter Valley and you get to enjoy amazing views of the famous Blue Mountains, while also sweeping over Bondi Beach on the way back to the airport.

If you fancy inviting a few friends, this will reduce your costs and hiring a party boat in the evening would be the icing on the cake. Of course, weekends are much busier than weekdays and for a day out in Sydney, perhaps a weekday is more practical and there might be a performance on at the Sydney Opera House, which would be a perfect way to end a very special day out in the amazing city of Sydney.

By Tolbert