We all love to read blogs; indeed, you probably have a favourite blogger whose website you bookmarked for easy access, with content on a wide range of topics that is largely informative and entertaining to read. You may have noticed while surfing the World Wide Web that many companies have a blog page on their website and if you are wondering why, this is a proactive way to engage the user by offering useful content that is industry-related.

Outreach Blogging

Much like search engine optimisation, outreach blogging is a very effective way to drive web traffic to a specific website, indeed, most SEO agencies offer this service, alongside many others. Outreach blogging involves the creation of industry-specific articles that are then posted on popular blogging platforms, preferable ones with a very high readership and within these blogs are carefully placed links that take the reader to the client’s website.

Range of Packages

Whether you would like 10 or 1000 blogs created, the SEO agency has a team of professional bloggers that create informative and engaging articles that cover every aspect of your industry and in many ways, outreach blogging is a numbers game – the more you send out on the Internet, the more traffic will be driven to your landing page – and you can commission any number of blogs per month. Ideally, the SEO agency would post such an article on a very busy blogging platform that might be read by 20,000 users in a single month, and should a reader click on the link, they will be directed to your landing page.

Create a Blog Page on your Website

It doesn’t matter what business you run, creating a blog page offers you a platform to post useful and informative articles concerning all aspects of your particular sector and people like to return to sites where they gained useful knowledge. If you are not a creative writer, you can hire a freelance blogger who would write an agreed number of articles per month, all of which can be posted as guest blogs on your blog page. Click here for further reading on blogging, which is a recommended read.

Engaging the Visitor

When someone lands on your website, you need to offer useful information, not only about your products but the industry as a whole and by offering quality content, you will see a lot of visitors returning to your platform, thanks to the blogs. It might be installation advice, or troubleshooting information that helps the customer fault find, or even aspects to consider when planning a project such as the quality of materials and components. Simply put, you are not selling your products with this content, rather you are giving something of value to your site visitors, which will increase the odds of future visits. Click here for the UK government website regarding digital partnerships in business.

If you would like to feature a blog page on your website, or invest in an outreach blogging campaign, search online for an SEO agency and they can work their magic and drive thousands of users to your website.