Great-great-grandmother, 100, is ‘tremendously happy’ as she meets first baby girl to be born in her family for 75 years

  • Gwen Smith and Maeva first met at Dene Holm Residential Care Home. 
  • The great-great-grandmother, 100, of Kent, holds Maeva in a touching picture
  • For 75 years, this is the first time a girl has been born to the family. 

Incredible photographs have captured the moment a 100-year-old woman meets her great-great-granddaughter for the first time.

The family’s 75th anniversary is even greater. 

Gwen Smith met Maeva for the first time at Dene Holm Residential Care Home, Northfleet.

It was a moment of great joy when the Smiths were able to witness the 100-year old holding Maeva in an extraordinary way, with five generations surrounding him.

Incredible photographs have captured the moment a 100-year-old woman meets her great-great-granddaughter for the first time (pictured)

The new arrival is the first girl to be born into the family for a staggering 75 years. Pictured, Gwen with her family, spanning over five generations

This is Gwen’s 75th birthday. Gwen and her extended family of five generations are pictured here

Gwen spoke about the day just before Christmas and said that it was an exceptional occasion for all five generations to be together. This is especially true during the pandemic.

“Strict protocol are still in effect, but Chris the manager of the home allowed us to visit, for which all are extremely grateful.”

Next month will mark 101 years old. The resident of the care home already had six great-grandsons and eight great-grandsons. She was also extremely proud to have met the new addition to her family.

Gwen has cataracts that make it difficult to see clearly. However, her family says she is still extremely happy to have the baby.

Gwen, born in Essex 28 February 1921. After moving to Gravesend in her youth, she began dancing and performing at local events. Her father was a seed merchant in Kent.

Gwen married Ron in 1940 (pictured) after the Royal Engineer managed to get a special leave of just eight hours while stationed at the Isle of Grain

Gwen was married to Ron in 1940 (photo courtesy of Ron). Ron had been stationed on the Isle of Grain and managed to obtain a eight-hour special leave.

Ron, her 16-year-old apprentice electrician at Blue Circle Cement Works, was the moment she met Ron.

Ron, a Royal Engineer sent overseas to assist the newlyweds in the Second World War.

After Ron was stationed on the Isle of Grain, Ron obtained a unique leave of eight hours and the couple married.

The couple parted ways after saying goodbye. They didn’t see each other for five more years.

The war ended and they were reunited. They enjoyed many happy years together, traveling, and raising their two daughters Gloria (and Sandra) – the oldest girl born to the family in 75 years.