Thai man hacked to death a British tourist for listening loudly while they were enjoying beers in Thailand.

  • A man with a mental disorder allegedly murdered a tourist in Thailand, Saturday
  • This man was found in his shirtless state, wearing a pair black shorts and a pair of jeans. At the scene, the victim was declared dead
  • According to some reports, his friend was nearby. critical condition nearby and taken to hospital
  • According to police officers, the man was a local resident with mental health problems.
  • The pair had been playing too loud music until the early hours, he claimed.

According to local reports, a man attacked a tourist and his friend in Thailand with a sickle. He allegedly killed the tourists because they were listening to loud music while they were drinking.

The victims – thought to be British men – were attacked in the early hours of Saturday in Kanchanaburi, central Thailand, according to local media reports.

Officers arrived at the scene on Saturday around 3.50 AM to discover the victim, who was wearing nothing but a black shirt and shorts. He had also suffered from knife injuries to his neck.

His friend was nearby and was taken to the hospital. Police said that they also found two shows and a sickle at the crime scene, which was suspected of being the murder weapon.

According to police, a local 23-year old man was arrested in connection to an attack. He had also sustained knife-related injuries.

Following their drinking at 9pm, they became angry that the suspect was playing loud music through a radio.

Mueang Police discovered a pair show and sickle (photo) that they believed were the crime weapon at the scene

It was alleged that the attack happened outside a rented space at Soi Sri Lanka Mueang, Kanchanaburi.

Police were contacted by the relative of the girlfriend of the deceased victim to report that his neighbour was awakened early Saturday morning by loud music.

When he went to see what the commotion was, he found the two victims, the Bangkok Post reported.

Photographs showed the scene as swarming police officers, filled with red blood streams and littered walls.

Mueang Police claimed that the suspect is a local resident. The suspect was placed in custody for injuries consistent to a knife fight.

However, the police later revealed that the man who was taken into custody had been injured by his neighbours. They believed he was responsible for the attacks.

Police Colonel Somkiart Chomchai said a team of police, including forensic officers, were dispatched to the scene to collect evidence.